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Why It Ended with Robbie E

Summary: Join Robbie E and Matt Koon as they talk with your favorite and most curious wrestling stars about... WHY IT ENDED.


 Tommy Dreamer! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4411

Today on WHY IT DIDNT END… we have Tommy Dreamer and for a man who has done so much and has such a great memory, we had to limit this episode to the WWE portion of his career, and it is a fascinating story and a fascinating listen! And it hasn't ended… just ask Tommy. This week on Why It Ended!

 Chris Masters | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3807

Talented dude, super young, big push, big future. What happened to the man formerly known as Chris Masters and why the future is bright for this STILL young man as he recounts his incredible WWE story, and tells us how it came to an end, this week on Why It Ended with Robbie E!

 Tony Schiavone | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5062

He's the greatest announcer in the history of our great sport according to some and his podcast live shows definitey put butts in the seats, without question a guest we are honored to have on this week, the great Tony Schiavone. Tony tells the story of how he got started, relays classic stories from the glory years of Crockett, his year in the WWF, is brutally honest about Turner, and how negative he was about the future of WCW even in it's hey day. We talk Starbucks, What Happened When, and the harrowing tale of the night Matt Koon almost let him die. It almost ended for Tony, but thank goodness it didn't because this week we have one of the nicest guys in the world of wrestling, the legend himself, Tony Schiavone!

 The Headbangers | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5694

This week we have two guests. Mosh AND Thrasher, the headbangers! Hear how the met, how they starved minis, how they were named, how they starved minis, how they found out about their title win, how they starved minis, and of course why it ended.. this week on WHY IT ENDED with Robbie E. Also, if you want to hear the story of how they accidentally starved mini vader and mankind to death.. you might want to check it out.

 Lanny Poffo - The Genius, The Poet! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4766

There was once a wrestler named Lanny Whose brother was savage and manly He wrote many rhymes, debuted moves many times, a virtual genius vigilante. This week on Why It ended!

 MVP | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5266

This week on Why It Ended, we are joined by Montell Vontavious Porter, otherwise known as MVP. He came in with tons of hype and a great gimmick and the ability to pull it off. He had a great run and unforgettable feuds with Chris Benoit, Matt Hardy, and many more. But what happened? Hear all about his training opportunities borne from his decades long prison stint, his ascent through developmental, his debut, that terrible outfit, his ill fated switch to Raw, his passion for japanese wrestling, and of course Why It Ended… this week on WIE with Robert Strauss??

 Rico Costantino - The whole story! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4170

Rico was a guy we all remember. He had a short, but memorable run in the ruthless aggression era of WWF, and is remembered for his flamboyant style, and his real life heroics… but what really happened? Hear all about his late start, his quick ascent, his crazy gimmicks, as well as his recent health problems and all points in between as we interview the great Rico Costantino.. on Why It Ended with Robbie E!

 Daniel Puder is Tough Enough!! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3820

Daniel Puder joins us this week as he tells his story of a short, and news making run as a contestant and WINNER of Tough Enough. The man beat The Miz and Ryback, and had every tool to make it, so what happened? Hear the real story of the Kurt Angle incident, the Royal Rumble Beatdown, and the PPV shoot fight with the Miz, the lessons he has learned, and why it all went away, and why he is the person he wants to be.. this week on Why It Ended with Robbie E!

 Bull Dempsey aka Bull James | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3426

Bull! Bull! Bull! This week we are joined by someone who not only back in the day rode the Robbie E gravy train to tag team supremacy, but was a high profile member of the early days of NXT, whose sudden release caused many of us to ask "WHY?" From his early days as Baby Huey, to his last days at NXT, and all points in between, the Bull Dempsey story is a great one with many fun stories and interesting insights into the early days of WWE PC.  Some great Dusty stories, NXT San Jose, and of course the end of his first run with WWE are covered THIS WEEK on Why it Ended with Robbie E!

 Chavo Guerrero | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5431

Chavo Guerrero joins us this week on Why It Ended, talking about his upbringing, going to WCW with 15 matches under his belt, Pepe, MIA, going to WWF, and of course Eddy, Los Guerreros, and much more.  We also get into the difference between "Chris Benoit" and his friend "Chris", and of course Why It Ended. It's a fascinating look at an awesome career, this week on Why It Ended with Robbie E!

 Ken Patera | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4494

This week we are joined by an all-time great with an all-time great story. From his beginnings as an Olympian to the first "World's Strongest Man" to breaking in with Flair to an illustrious & infamous WWF career, this episode has it all. Hanging with a young Vince at Studio 54, the McDonalds incident, cutting Andre's hair, and finally what made him decide to walk away from the WWF and more importantly how he did it.  It's another entertaining episode full of backstage insight and fun as we welcome Ken Patera to Why It Ended with Robbie E!

 Shawn Stasiak | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5193

Shawn Stasiak, AKA "Meat" joins us for this episode and does not disappoint.  From his beginnings as a son of a WWWF champion all the way to his days in the dying years of WCW and his last run with the WWF.  We cover "Meat", the video taping incident, the difference between the power plant and Funkin Dojo, on this, another Can't miss episode of Why It Ended with Robbie E!

 Clips, bonus content, and announcement for Why It Ended Live from Starrcast! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 472

Here is a fun clip showing all the fun we had at Starrcast and information on how you can listen to the entire show AND support Why It Ended at the same time! Even if you just listen to this, you will laugh and enjoy! Thanks to all of our listeners!

 Santino tells all! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3387

 This week on Why It Ended we are joined by the very popular Santino Marella who tells us his story of how he broke into the business, rising up the ranks of OVW, finally breaking in to WWE, and his journey all the way until we find out Why It Ended. Of course we will talk about the Cornette thing, the miracle in Milan, comedy, title wins, cross dressing and so much more as we explore the career of Santino Marella, this week on Why It Ended with Robbie E.

 Jimmy Korderas | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4148

If you want all the inside info you can handle told in an entertaining way, today's show is for you. Referee Jimmy Korderas joins us to tell us how he broke in, what a ref does, getting knocked out in the ring at Wrestlemania 4, the Angle/Puder situation, how he saved the day and Angles reaction, the scene in the headset following the Cena/Batista Royal Rumble match, and of course the impactful, sad and tragic first hand account of the untimely demise of the rocket Owen Hart. It's an episode that has it all and one you definitely don't want to miss this week on Why It Ended with Robbie E.


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