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Scotland: Amidlife Traveler

Summary: Discover stories of Scotland, culture, history, tours, sightseeing advice and travel tips through the voices, humor and opinions of locals who live there or travelers who have been there. Topics include Scottish Culture, History, Whiskey, the Kilt, Brexit, Vikings, Highland Games and other fun stories...

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 Opinions on British Royal Family, Queen Elizabeth is a Great Lady and Prince Harry is my Favorite | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 712

In this podcast, we're back in Scotland again exploring the culture and the country through the stories, opinions and voice of a Scotsman. With Britain's Royal family all over the news these days with new babies and upcoming weddings, this short podcast episode is about the Royal Family from a different view. Through story and opinion, hear a Scotsman share about how he thinks Queen Elizabeth is a great lady... and why Prince Harry is his favorite. Along the way, you get to hear a story about a dinner party and a finger bowl, plus thoughts on how overbearing it could feel for the royal family to have to live their lives open to public visibility and scrutiny. With Britain's Royal Family all over the news these days, sending quick congratulations from our little podcast to out to Prince William and Kate Middleton for their newest family addition and to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for their upcoming wedding. May every one of you enjoy love and happiness together...

 Remembering Gaelic in Scotland's Modern Culture | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 534

Hear a Scotsman share about Scottish culture and Scottish Gaelic translation. More specifically about the historic divide and differences between mainland Scotland culture and history knowledge and the more remote Scottish Highland and Hebrides Islands where things like Scottish Gaelic language has remained woven into daily life and regional culture. This travel podcast episode is a is a rare treat that combines a personal story and also a brief audio lesson in Scottish Gaelic translation. For the Scottish Gaelic audio lesson, you’ll hear specific examples going back to city names in Scotland that were named originally in Gaelic and have certain meaning, but in today’s English speaking world we just think of that as the name of that city, without realizing the Gaelic roots and significance of why the city has that name. By personal story, you will hear a Scotsman's concern over the loss of Gaelic in Scotland over time, coming from a person who grew up speaking Scottish Gaelic. …QUOTES:“So, I do worry about the loss of certain things within the language.”“As the language changes, people just think it’s the name of something rather than having a meaning.” “Inver, in the Gaelic language means, at the end of water.” “So, it was a way of not just naming places, but giving them a description so that when people were traveling they could see it and they would find it.”“I worry that, through that, we'll lose, forget, why things were named and what they were called.”“Portree… it's called Port, as in harbor, and Ree as in the old Gaelic for king.”“I don't want them to be forgotten for that.For more detailed show note transcription of this travel podcast episode, please visit #travel, #travelpodcast, #visitscotland, #gaelic, #scottishgaelic, #scottishhistory, #scotland, #scotlandculture, #inverness, #portree, #alnwick, #learnaboutscotland

 The TripAdvisor Effect: Can We Trust Online Reviews & the Myth of Scotland's Fairy Pools | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 537

The TripAdvisor Effect: Should we trust all online reviews we read? And are the famous Fairy Pools in Scotland a made up story from tour guides? TripAdvisor has been in the news this week with breaking story across media sites about how one London man managed to get his garden shed listed on TripAdvisor as a restaurant then through a series of fake photos and reviews earned the coveted #1 ranking for best restaurant in London. If you haven’t heard the story, there are four articles at our website that you can get the details of, and it’s a good story. But what is the after-affect of this? Will it make people question or wonder more about the accuracy of online travel planning websites with ratings and reviews, such as TripAdvisor?3 TAKEAWAYS(1)Tourists have Monkey-See / Monkey-Do habits Tourists tend to follow other tourists. While it can start at vacation planning by choosing destinations, hotels, and activities based on ratings of others, it continues into the vacation often with mindless tourist photo safari mentality that has so many people taking pretty much the exact same photos.(2) The internet is drastically shaping travel and setting expectations of tourists.  Travel booking sites with robust ratings and reviews are hugely influential for travelers for travel planning, for better or for worse.  (3) “The Fairy Pools” on Isle of Skye was a story made up by tour guidesAccording to this pioneer tour guide who has led tours to the area for more than 10 years, there was not a place in the Isle of Skye named the Fairy Pools, until guides started to call it that. What began years ago as a story to share with groups of backpackers, has today evolved into a place topping many ‘must see’ lists for Scotland. For show notes and more information please visit #visitscotland, #travel, #travelpodcast, #FairyPools, #IsleofSkye, #Scotland, #scotlandtravel, #vacationplanning #tripadvisor

 Edinburgh; The Most Haunted City in the World? + Ghosts, Whiskey & Travel w/Get Your Guide | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 440

Did you know Edinburgh is one of the most haunted cities in the world? Neither did we. Hear about this gem, plus get the inside scoop on the ultimate vacation plan tool: Get Your Guide (GYG). Barely known to US travelers (but big in Europe!) GYG is a treasure chest of things to do worldwide from big attractions to small local authentic tours... like ghost tours, and whiskey tours, brewery tours, food tours, history tours, beach tours, hiking tours, walking tours....and on.

 Experience the Viking Coast, Lindisfarne & Alnwick Castle, UK | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 376

Viking tours are kinda cool, and the Viking Coast & Alnwick Castle day tour out of Edinburgh Scotland is no exception. As a follow on the previous Viking episodes, this one features the place... Lindisfarne. And the historic significance and story of Lindisfarne and St. Cuthbert which pre-dates it's later fame as the first known landing point of Norse Vikings in Europe.

 Norse Vikings: Accept or Attack the Christian religion? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 424

Did early Vikings attack Christian churches to grab their wealth, or destroy the religion? An interesting perspective explaining how the multi-God beliefs of the Norse faith enabled their acceptance of Christianity as Norse Vikings both raided and settled across Europe.

 Vikings: Dirty Pirates, Savages, or Noblemen? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 401

Going viking? Or being a viking? Dirty pirates? Or noblemen?A short perspective on vikings as viewed from within their own time, and how today's modern history may remember them wrong. Recorded during a walk with a Scotsman at Lindisfarne UK, the first known landing point of Norse vikings in Europe.

 What does a Scotsman Wear Under His Kilt? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 304

What's the fascination about a man in choosing to wear a kilt. One of the first topics the podcast host was asked about when I returned home from a trip to Scotland was kilts. And in particular, what do they wear under them? Here to satisfy your curiosity are two very different replies from two authentic Scotsmen.

 Men in Kilts! Tweed, Pink, & Leather; Scotland Fashion | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 419

A Scotsman from the Highlands shares how he grew up wearing the kilt as normal part of life, plus the story of an awesome fashion-forward company, 21st Century Kilts.

 Competing in Gathering of the Clans, Scotland | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 317

Hear from a Scottish Highlander the continued importance of the Clan structure in Highland Islands area of Scotland, plus the honor and importance of being selected to compete in The Gathering of the Clans.

 Highland Games Vs. Gathering of the Clans; Scotland | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 503

Hear a Highlander Scotsman's heartfelt opinions and experiences about The Highland Games and it's origins as The Gathering of The Clans in Scotland.

 Brexit: A Scottish Opinion | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 473

A humorous story of how one Scotsman first learned about Brexit... opinions on Brexit being a shambles and some challenges should Brexit happen. An episode on modern UK culture from the A Midlife Traveler season 1; Scotland.

 "Going for a Wee Pint" in Scotland & Trevor Noah is hilarious | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 382

After comedian Trevor Noah visited Scotland for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, he shared his interesting experiences and observations in a show that you can find on Netflix. In this short podcast, listen to a Scotsman named James as he talks the truths embedded in Trevor Noah's observations... particularly on how the Scots have replace the word 'little with the word 'wee' in order to make things sound innocent. So what's the difference between "Going for a wee drink" and "Going for a pint"? Listen and find out.

 A Scots First Whiskey & Mum's Advice | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 364

From a farm in Scotland and a boy's first taste of whisky, to a mom's advice and witty observations, this short story just might make you smile.

 Warning: A Whiskey Shortage is Coming! Scotland | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 348

Attention single malt whiskey drinkers; a shortage is coming in 2019/2020... and it's predicted that the Scots won't take it well.


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