Decoding Healthcare show

Decoding Healthcare

Summary: Join athenahealth CMO Kevin Ban, M.D. and athenaInsight editor-in-chief John Fox as they explore the places where the dots are finally connecting for healthcare transformation.

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 Battling physician burnout, one rap at a time | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:38:36

ZDogg MD, freestyles on how to fix the “moral injury" inflicted by modern healthcare

 Introducing the brick-and-mortarless hospital | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:25:58

Intermountain Healthcare CEO Marc Harrison on telehealth, virtualized care, and the art of self-disruption

 Prabhjot Singh: A street-level view of community health | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:35:32

We take (virtually) to the streets of New York with Mount Sinai’s Prabhjot Singh, M.D., who’s learned hands-on that frontline caregivers are the key to building a solid ground game for population health in the U.S.

 Silicon Valley, meet healthcare | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:25:11

In this episode: the healthcare API revolution, a Silicon Valley vet-turned-healthcare innovation officer, and… wait for it… disruption. Prepare to get your geek on.

 Saving lives with data sharing and $10 sketch pads | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:29:00

We drill down to the local level to see what happens when traditional competitors decide to connect care across a community network.

 Of llamas and interop | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:30:38

John Halamka, M.D., on data liquidity, artificial intelligence ... and barnyard animals.

 Connecting the Dots | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:06:36

Co-hosts Dr. Kevin Ban and John Fox tee up the theme of our second season, exploring the places where the dots are finally connecting for healthcare transformation.

 Putting pop health into practice: Making it work | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:21:17

Closing out with a peek into building an ACO and a retrospective look at season one through our "snow globe".

 The past and future of value-based payments: The voice of doom | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:24:12

Winter is here: a discussion on the difficulties on building bundled payments based totally in reality.

 Innovations in chronic care: A cure for loneliness | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:20:39

Episode 4 of Decoding Healthcare - The future of writing an Rx to combat loneliness is closer than you think.

 Managing a network: Where healthcare meets Moneyball | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:19:49

Episode 3 of Decoding Healthcare - Betting on baseball? What about a clinically integrated network? They're basically the same.

 Building care teams: The universe is expanding | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:22:12

Episode 2 of Decoding Healthcare - In a year of astrological events, we're talking about universe-level management of care teams.

 The pop health transformation: Serving up the orange | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:20:58

Episode 1 of Decoding Healthcare - Taking scurvy and relating it to population health. It's all about the citrus.


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