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Summary: Have you every asked yourself, "Is there more to Retirement than money?" If so, then this show is for you! Rock your Retirement is a show that is all about Retirement Lifestyle. Rock Your Retirement is a show that doesn't talk about money or investments. We explore how you can have a great retirement by taking a look at the following lifestyle areas: Social and Family Life in Retirement Adventure and Travel in Retirement Volunteer and Philanthropy Spirit, Soul, and Health Sex in Retirement Sandwich Generation Issues (helping your children and parents at the same time) Make your retirement lifestyle better by listening to the Rock Your Retirement Show! Get more information on the show at

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  • Artist: Kathe Kline and her guests discuss Retirement Lifestyle, not money.
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 Dementia Symptoms: Episode 095 - Rock Your Retirement Show | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 32:31

One in three people over the age of 65 in San Diego have dementia. Today we are talking about dementia symptoms. Ana González Seda is the Program Director for the San Diego/Imperial Valley Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association.  Her position is instrumental in providing face to face and online education and programming for caregivers, people living with Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias. Ana has been working in the non- profit sector for leading health organizations in San Diego for over 15 years. I asked Ana to come on the show to tell us about dementia symptoms. If you have a parent or loved one that gets diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, I  want you to know what to expect. If you lose your keys, that is not a sign of dementia. But if you find them in the refrigerator, that could be a sign of dementia What are the early signs and symptoms of Dementia? * Memory Loss that disrupts daily life * Challenges in planning or solving problems * Difficulty completing familiar tasks at home, at work, or at leisure * Confusion with time or place * Trouble understanding visual images and spatial relationships * New problems with words in speaking or writing * Misplacing things and losing the ability to retrace steps * Decreased or poor judgment * Withdrawal from work or social activities * Changes in mood and personality If you would like a copy of our freebie, 10 Early Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer’s, go to this gives more detailed information on dementia symptoms. Contact information:  * 800-272-3900- Master level consultants with extensive training regarding dementia. They can help with short term and long term planning. If you are interested in learning more about Trial Match go to This post about retirement and Retirement Lifestyle first appeared on

 Avoid an Unhappy Retirement: Episode 094 - Rock Your Retirement Show | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:12

I interviewed Hank Coleman on how we can avoid an unhappy retirement Hank Coleman founded several popular personal finance websites such as Money Q&A, Own The Dollar, Military Money Might, The Dividend Pig, and many others.  He is a freelance writer. Hank focuses on personal finance topics such as savings, investing, retirement, and many other money topics. I asked Hank to come on the show to talk about his parents and how much they hated the reality of retirement. It’s never too early to plan for retirement Hank has never spoken with his parents about their retirement, however, as an only child, who visits often, he can see that their retirement isn’t as amazing as they thought it would be. His parents had a grandiose idea of what retirement would be like, but when reality set in, it wasn’t as good as the dream they envisioned.  I talk with him about his parents’ retirement over the past 10 years and what he thinks went wrong. For Hank, it was heartbreaking to watch. So what are Hank’s tips on how to avoid an unhappy retirement? * Make sure your spouse knows your retirement dream. Many husbands and wives don’t talk to each other about what they want to do during retirement. Maybe they don’t want to do anything at all. Having a successful retirement starts with communication. * If you can, plan a mini-retirement before you retire. Hank recommends taking a few weeks off and act like you’re retired. Have you ever dreamt of writing a book during retirement? You may want to consider taking your idea for a spin. You’ll never know if you have what it takes to live the retirement of your dreams unless you try it out * You need a plan for your retirement. Now isn’t the time to start winging it.  The key to a perfect retirement is to have a plan and share with your loved ones. * Don’t be too firmly rooted in your plan. Be open to flexibility as situations and circumstances do change * Before you retire, you should look at how much money you’ll need in retirement. There are several useful online calculators that can show you a quick view of what your retirement will look like. Contact information for Hank: Email: * Website: This post about retirement and Retirement Lifestyle first appeared on

 Stages of Life with Ted Carr: Episode 093 - Rock Your Retirement Show | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 40:28

Ted came onto my show as a guest to talk about stages of life, namely the 6 stages of retirement. Mr. Carr is a podcaster himself, with the show, Retirement Journeys, which discusses similar topics as this show, but he also includes financial topics on his show. In case you’re wondering, the stages of life (retirement life) include: * Pre-retirement * Retirement * Disenchantment * Reorientation * Retirement Routine * Termination of Retirement (death) Ed was young (mid-50s) when he retired in 2010 from a biotech company in San Francisco.  Because so many people had asked him how he was able to retire so young he decided to take his story online. Let’s look at some of these stages of life that Ted went through: Pre-retirement: This is the time while you are working that you are saving and investing for the time when you will be able to stop working.  Ted did a good job at this, or he wouldn’t have been able to retire in his mid-50s.  Many people don’t plan far enough in advance, for whatever reasons, and so the other stages of life become more difficult for them.  However, that’s not what the Rock your Retirement show is all about so we’ll let you reach out to your financial adviser for help with this. Retirement: This is fun for most, but can be the shortest stage of life (retirement life) for many.  That’s because it’s really only a day, a week, a month, or six.  A retirement date.  The retirement stage of life is the party.  You may go out to dinner with your work buddies.  Or you might have a cake on your last day of work.  The parties, balloons, and dinners have become a rite of passage for our actual retirement date. It can be a second “honeymoon” where you hike, garden, bicycle or create art.  Many people read or catch up on their yard work. Ted took the “honeymoon” path when he first retired, and he describes this in his blog: “After I retired in May 2010, I took the “honeymoon” path. In Retirement Journeys, I refer to this as “Arriving in Retirement”, a bridge from work life to retirement life. My wife and I moved from the Bay Area to Arizona in June 2010. Our first few months were spent settling into a new house and community. We had many home improvement projects to work on. We returned to the Bay Area frequently. When I look back at our calendar, I am reminded of the variety of ways that we spent our free time. We attended financial seminars, concerts, car auctions, baseball games and community-based meetings. In May 2011 we bought hybrid bikes and began riding once or twice a week”.1  But there is only so much hiking, gardening, and bicycling you can do. So that led Ted to the next stage of retirement: Disenchantment: This is the letdown stage of life.  The honey moon is over.  It’s when many retirees become depressed. They can feel lonely, bored, useless, and disillusioned.  When they were working, people returned their phone calls.  People respected them.  Now, in this stage, many feel disrespected. It’s this stage of life that the Rock Your Retirement show tries to help out. Ted went through this stage too, as we discussed in the interview.  In 2011 he started worrying about whether he had made the right decision.  He didn’t feel productive and started writing in his journal to vent. For many, when they hit this stage, marriage problems can ensue.And it was affecting Ted’s marriage.  So he  looked at some preemptive steps: * Volunteer * Work * Meetup * Deeper Confrontation

 How Senior Services Can Get You Your Heart’s Desire Ep 92 - Rock Your Retirement Show | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 28:52

Ellen Williamson retired in 2007 after 36 years of Federal service with the Department of Defense.  She was also a professor for 15 years as a “jobby”.  I love this combination of hobby and job, or a hobby with pay! Anyway, she continues to consult with firms interested in Federal Government Acquisition on an ad hoc basis. Although she has varied interests, including travel, hiking, charity and cultural events, we spent most of our time talking about a senior services club she belongs to called I took the liberty of going on the website to see what this senior services club was all about.  Here is a list of currently available activities: * Biking.  Every Monday * Bowling.  The second and fourth Thursdays * Camping * Chair Yoga * Charitable Work * Cultural Events * Foot Golf (I’d never heard of this before now!) * Golf * Hiking (once a month on Fridays) * Kayaking and Stand Up Paddle Boarding * Potlucks * Sailing * Skiing * Social Hours * Tennis * Travel * Ushering (volunteering at a theatre) * Walking (every evening) If you can’t get your heart’s desire with GOYR, then you are a tough nut to crack for sure! Not only does this senior services club help her get out and do what she likes to do, but it also helps her keep in touch with friends, and make new ones. In addition, it provides support for people who are recently retired, or just thinking about it.  You can hang out with someone who’s already retired, and you can talk to someone who can help you recognize that retirement doesn’t have to be scary. Ellen reminded me that change of any kind, including retirement, can take up to a year and a half to be OK with it. We’ve had many guests say the same thing.  I think joining a club like this is a great way to go. But what if your town doesn’t have a senior services club like GOYR?  You can start one of your own.  These days, Meetup makes it easy, and we’ve had other episodes that talk about Meetup. Go check them out and then start or join a club of your own. This post about retirement and Retirement Lifestyle first appeared on

 Retirement as a surviving spouse: Episode 091 - Rock Your Retirement Show | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 34:30

Life is a journey. Lot’s of retirees think about retiring as a couple. But what about retirement as a surviving spouse? In this interview, I talk with Ann Nelson. After suddenly finding herself a widow in 2009, Ann needed to learn – and fast – about finances, survival, and ultimate retirement. Ann is the author of Retire Well, Retire Happy. On her journey, she has found that in the end, it is not all about the money. Living a happy and worthwhile life is extremely important. Her book is about how she navigated through the retirement maze and found her way after being left a widow. In 2009, Ann was semi-retired but still working part-time flipping houses with her husband when he passed away. Ann knew she had to figure out her retirement as a surviving spouse We talked about the very sudden and surprising passing of her husband who had a heart attack at the dinner table. This was the catalyst for the following chain of events in her life: * She found herself making burial and funeral arrangements * Anne had to continue renovating homes herself. She worked for about a year before fully retiring. She did find working helped keep her mind busy. * Then she also realized she had to learn how to sort out finances due to her husband’s death It wasn’t until she went back to her and her late husband’s home town, she began to grieve.  You have no control over grief and you have to allow yourself the time to grieve. Even though it’s been over 8 years since her husband passed she still grieves sometimes. She had to reimagine herself and where she was going since her life had changed so much Ann has been keeping herself very busy in her retirement. She is writing and has her own podcast. Ann is also a retirement consultant and has taken courses to learn about investing. She is also a member of a variety of groups: * Lions Club * Toastmasters * Australian Independent Retirees Association * National Seniors In her book she not only talks about the investing and finances in retirement, she also talks about being happy in retirement. (You know I LOVE that!) The non-financial aspects of retirement such as traveling, learning and living arrangements. Her book is called Retire Well, Retire Happy and can be found on her website: Ann’s advice: Unless you are involved in outside activities, retirement can be a struggle. Prepare for retirement as a couple but also prepare and think about retirement as a surviving spouse. This post about retirement and Retirement Lifestyle first appeared on

 An Expert Interview About Senior Games…Ep 090 - Rock Your Retirement Show | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 28:58

Alan was nicknamed “Motorbutt”. How did Alan Mindell get his nickname?  After dancing for years, Alan started running.  He wound up with some injuries, but got into shape.  At age 76, Motorbutt runs three times a week.  How often do you run?  (I don’t run. Ever.) He wanted to come on the show to talk about the Senior Games. The Senior Games are San Diego’s (and other counties) answer to the Senior Olympics. They are 50 years old in 2017 and there is a wide list of sports that are covered. These sports include Track & Field; Pickleball; Archery; and Ping Pong to name a few.  If you do a Google search, you can find a list of contests and sports.  In San Diego, for the 2017 games, there will be 25 sports, including individual and team sports such as softball, volleyball, and soccer. Alan’s sport is the 400 meter. That’s once around the track.  He said that the coolest thing he ever saw was a 100 year old man who competed in the Pole Vault.  Because he was the only participant, he was able to set a world record.  Listen to the episode to hear how he did it…it’s pretty interesting! And, if you are looking to make friends, it’s a great place to do that too! Attend the monthly luncheon.  Check your local Senior Games to see what they offer. Exercising is one of the best ways we know to stave off disease in our older years.  It’s one of the best ways to stay young and healthy.  Why not take that knowledge, along with some friendly competition, to keep in shape? I asked Alan for his advice for someone who has never exercised before. He said to start slow. Spend a few weeks going “light”.  We at the Rock Your Retirement Show don’t give medical advice, except for this:  Before starting any exercise routine, see your physician. After you get the OK, go out there and have some fun in the senior games!

 Putting Relationships Back Together: Episode 89 - Rock Your Retirement Show | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 33:04

In this episode, I interview Michelle Brelaz who is putting relationships back together. Michelle puts relationships back together and her goal is to reduce the divorce rate one couple at a time. She is a certified coach, trained through the official school of Anthony Robbins. Michelle also has a Diploma of Counseling and a Degree in Psychology. She has a deep desire to understand the differences between men and women so that she can provide training that facilitates respect between the genders. In time, she would like to take her training to schools – to help prevent relationship problems before they start. Michelle had no intention of going into this line of work, but an incident where her husband lashed out and hit their daughter was the catalyst for her starting this path for her career.  She felt the counseling they went to “un-did” them and pulled them apart. She decided she wanted to focus on putting relationships back together. Pain talks. Pain has a language all of its own. People say things when they are in pain, they don’t say when they’re in love. So how is Michelle putting relationships back together? Michelle feels that counseling for couples should be done individually rather than partners going to counseling together and she will never counsel a husband and wife together. People say things when they are hurt that aren’t really part of the problem or important to the relationship. Words can hurt and they are difficult to take back. She has her clients send her a list, in order of importance, of things they want to discuss. Women multi-think and they to need a few extra sessions to process everything. She typically has 6 sessions with women and 3 with men Do not blame each other. There is no one to blame. Michelle gives us some great tips to stay away from Divorce. Some of those tips are:  * People rush into relationships before talking about big issues such as money and children * Once people marry they become selfish. Keep that “What can I do for my partner” attitude you had in the beginning. * Sit down every 2 weeks and review the last two weeks. Talk about feelings, fun things, what made them happy, good things that happened. * Your relationship is a small part of your life. Don’t give up your life, friends hobbies, sports etc. * Take care of yourself first and then help your partner and children * Keep Respect Michelle’s advice: Your relationship in retirement can almost seem like a newly wed stage of getting to know each other again and spending a lot of time together. If you think you want to get a divorce, go and get as much help as possible. You are going to lose money, relationships, extended family, and dating at a later stage in life is very difficult. To get today’s Freebie, 3 tips for improving your relationships immediately, go to: Contact information for Michelle: Mentioned in the interview: Allison Armstong Tony Robbins (Robbins-Madanes Training)  Joan Price Rock Your Retirement Episode 061 This post about retirement and Retirement Lifestyle first appeared on

 Organizing Your Home: Episode 088 - Rock Your Retirement Show | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 34:12

In this episode, I talk with Lisa Woodruff on organizing your home Lisa Woodruff believes organization is not a skill you are born with. It is a skill that is developed over time and changes with each season of life. She has helped thousands of women reclaim their homes and finally get organized with her practical tips, encouragement, and humor through her blog and podcast at Got clutter? I Do. I am the “queen of clutter” or, as Lisa put’s it, “I have a hard time separating the memory from the object”. Makes perfect sense right? Since listening to Lisa’s show, I have been making progress. I am a HUGE fan of Lisa’s show and wanted YOU, my listener, to be able to learn tips on organizing your home. Paper.. how to deal with all of the paper! When you look at a stack of 100 sheets of paper, you think that is 100 different items that you need to deal with. Lisa looks at your stack of 1000 pieces of paper and she knows that there are no more than 8 categories in that stack of paper and she can go through it super quickly. Lisa gives an amazing tip on how to go through the archived paper. You know, the mounds of paper you have in your filing cabinet or scattered all over your desk, or taking over your kitchen table..that paper. Using Lisa’s method, you can be completely through an entire filing cabinet in just a few months. The Sunday Basket The Sunday Basket is a system for processing mail, kitchen counter “to do” papers, and ongoing household projects. Some examples of things you might put in the Sunday basket are: * Mail * Receipt for some prescriptions that you picked up * The dry cleaning ticket * The little card you get from the doctor’s office telling you it’s time for your next visit * A birthday card you bought for your granddaughter * Let’s say you planned on re-hanging some pictures and you went and got command hooks. You would put those in there. The rule is that you pick a day of the week (Lisa does hers on Sunday) and you take every single thing out of the basket. You then ask yourself one question; can this wait until next Sunday?  If the answer is yes, the item goes back in the basket. If the answer is no, it is left out to be taken care of. She even suggests making a Sunday basket for your spouse or for your loved one that you are caring for! Lisa gives so many tips on organizing your home in this interview there is no way I could write them all here. If you have any great ideas or tips on organization feel free to post them in the comments below! Lisa’s Books: The Mindset of Organization, Take Back Your House One Phase at a Time If you would like to contact Lisa you can email her at or you can go to her website Or you can check out her virtual Sunday Basket Classes at Websites mentioned in this interview: Zoom This post about retirement and Retirement Lifestyle first appeared on

 The Emotional Aspect of Retirement: Episode 87 - Rock Your Retirement Show | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 33:07

In this interview, we talk about the emotional aspect of retirement. Becky Kueker was 69 years old when she decided to retire from a 20-year career as a partner in a successful woman-owned commercial architectural firm in St. Louis. This was all part of her grand plan. It was the “Plan” she had created and was totally invested in since she was 40 years old. She was ready to close that door and walk out embracing a whole new chapter in her life. She and her husband had saved, invested, researched and carefully planned their retirement. They even kept a “retirement binder” for all those years with laminated financial spreadsheets, great places to retire, exciting long-awaited trips to take, and all the “how to self-help” retirement books she could read. What she never expected was that her retirement plan had covered everything expect the emotional aspect of retirement. Becky became depressed after she retired. She lost a lot of self-esteem and self-worth. Becky’s husband still works and she was spending a lot of time alone. She talks about an AARP Article called Out-of-Sync Retirement Syndrome. I think there are many retirees that go through sadness or even depression after retirement. Becky felt like she went from running a 25 million dollar a year company to the newly retired pack of old people. When you walk out and close that door on your work life, part of you literally disappears. Over-the-Hill Cards aren’t as funny when it’s you that receives them It took Becky 2 years to get over her depression. She did some silly things during this time, all while hiding most of it from her husband. * Becky would put on her pajama’s, Elmo slippers, and a ratty old robe. She used a hairbrush as a microphone and walked around the house singing to Elvis CD’s * Stayed in bed all day reading books she had never read before. * Watched Netflix and old movies * Discovered and online shopping Becky made her “retirement binder” but what people really need is an “Emotional playbook Binder”. Plan for the emotional aspect of retirement as well as what you want to do with your life and your marriage before you retire. How did she get out of her depression? Becky wrote her book called Hiding in my pajama’s. In talking with people for research on her book, she discovered so many people that go through the same thing. She and her husband also decided they needed their own space. So they bought a new home that allowed them space if they needed it. Becky says it is also important to find hobbies for each of you to do separately, but also plan activities and dates together. Discover the best version of yourself and get dressed and comb your hair every day. Becky’s Book- Hiding in My Pajamas Email: This post about retirement and Retirement Lifestyle first appeared on

 RE030: Vintage Dresses and Gowns RE030: Vintage Dresses and Gowns - Rock Your Retirement Show | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 47:01

In this episode, Henry talks with Dorothy Nicol about her vintage dresses and gowns. Dorothy is 87 years old. She has lived her entire life in the small town of  Lismore which is located in Victoria Australia. She absolutely loves her hometown and she wanted to do something to help the town and the community when she retired. Dorothy says her hobby is living in the 20th century Dorothy has an amazing collection which includes thousands of 20th-century vintage dresses and gowns. She began collection many years ago and the collection grew so much, she needed more space! Henry and Dorothy talk about how she purchased a property she had cherished since she was a young girl, and turned it into a small tourist attraction. Sometimes Dorothy feels like she is unorganized because she has so many items! She admits she isn’t like a boutique shop, she prefers the quaint, charming feeling of her store. She likes for people to come into her shop and be able to look around and touch the items. Touching most often is not allowed with vintage garments. There are a lot of fascinating stories that go along with vintage dresses and gowns Dorothy is very sentimental. You can hear her well up with emotion as she talks about these stores and the wonderful people she has met throughout the years. Henry also takes a walk down memory lane with Dorothy as she reminisces about growing up in the town she loves so much. She began working at the age of 16 as a telephonist which was a manual switchboard Operator. She held that same job until she married in 1950 and never worked anywhere else. If you have seen old movies where the operators are pulling plus, that is what Dorothy did!. She has never learned to use the computer and is full of nostalgia. She prefers a time when lives were a lot more uncomplicated and there was more of a community feeling. This post about retirement and Retirement Lifestyle first appeared on

 Always Being Together: Episode 086 - Rock Your Retirement Show | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 33:57

Always Being Together: Episode 086 - Rock Your Retirement Show

 RE029: Passion for Art in Retirement - Rock Your Retirement Show | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 38:14

RE029: Passion for Art in Retirement - Rock Your Retirement Show

 Marriage Advice After Retirement: Episode 85 - Rock Your Retirement Show | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Marriage Advice After Retirement: Episode 85 - Rock Your Retirement Show

 RE028: Selling Deer Antler Velvet in Retirement - Rock Your Retirement Show | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 33:38

RE028: Selling Deer Antler Velvet in Retirement - Rock Your Retirement Show

 Dealing with Pet Loss: Episode 84 - Rock Your Retirement Show | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Dealing with Pet Loss: Episode 84 - Rock Your Retirement Show


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