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Summary: The Fan Bros Show are the Multicultural Maestros. Fan Bros discusses the week in geek while keeping an ear to the street for the topics and controversies that affect the world of fandom--all from the perspective of people of color. Show hosts DJ BenHaMeen and Tatiana King Jones serve as the cultural guides for this unique show, along with a revolving cast of guests that run the gamut of industries--from hip hop and politics, to comics, movies, television and video games. FanBros is part of the LoudSpeakers Network ( and is published every week on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, Google Play Music, and iHeartRadio. Visit for more greatness. Email us at: contact at fanbros dot com

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 Castle Black - "Spoils Of War" (Game Of Thrones Recap) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:57:55

From the minds behind FanBrosShow comes Castle Black, thee Blackest Game Of Thrones Podcast In All Of The Realms. On the premier episode FanBros alums Tatiana King & BenHaMeen are joined by their OutlawBarzPod sistren Deadly Diva to discuss one of the most fire episodes in history of Game Of Thrones. Fire as in dragon fire, see what we did there. Listen as Diva breaks down the episode from the perspective of the book reader, while the FanBros contingent approaches from loyal tv viewers who haven't read more than a book between them. Thank you for checking out Castle Black and get ready for much more from the team as we approach the end of this season as well as the upcoming final season of #ThronesYall .

 Domino Effect | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:57:26

Its another episode of FanBrosShow, the premiere geek podcast featuring the perspective of people of color! Tatiana King takes over the reigns this week as BenHaMeen has been sidelined with some Martian Flu and is stuck in quarantine. But she had to bring in a ringer so everyone's favorite devils advocate Illa YC joins the spaceship in a starring role! Like he's always wanted! They speak on #BlackAmerica vs #NoConfederate , why Zazie Beetz is looking incredible as Domino and much more in this jam packed episode!

 Outlaw Barz - It's A Smexy Celebration (NSFW 1st Anniversary) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:05:36

Do you know what today is? In the words of a certain 90's R&B group, it's our anniversary! That's right folks, it has been one whole year since you started rocking with the ladies of Outlaw Barz! So what better way to celebrate such a momentous occasion than to get the band back together. That's right -- Jade is back! In this anniversary episode of Outlaw Barz, It's A Celebration, Jade meets Tam and the ladies chat directly about something they've been dancing around for a year, smexy anime content. From Naruto's Sexy no Jutsu  to Bible Black, there is no shortage of adult content in anime. Heads up, this is definitely a **NSFW** episode. Don't say we didn't warn you. Anime Mentioned in this Episode:    Not this time sweetie... But we do have a recommendation from Sope: Knight's & Magic Music: Intro - @killing-spree-1 Outro - @musicality-beats

 Confederacy Of Dunces (FanBrosShow Special Delivery) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:02:49

It's an extra special Special Delivery this week as Illa YC, Deadly Diva & Benhameen convene to speak on the uproar over #NoConfederate and why hashtag activism matters. But first up we have to break down "The Queen's Justice", one of the most action packed and game changing episodes of Game Of Thrones. If you thought that Dany & Jon meeting was as good as it gets, wait until you hear Outlaw Barz own Deadly Diva break down what really matters in the episode. Plus Benha & Illa speak on Insecure and why it is simply one of the best shows on television, and how Power is still one of the most entertaining shows on television. What a conundrum.

 Slambros: Problematic Gimmick Matches | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:51:22

Somehow the Slambros, Boman12L and Illa YC, survived WWE Battleground (one of the worst PPVs all year) and are able to give you the 32nd/36th edition of the show! The dirt sheets return this week on a somber note. After 21 years, Mark Henry will be hanging up the boots to transition to a backstage role. Shane McMahon somehow took a bump from a helicopter. Also, Brock Lesnar may be returning to the UFC – again. No Slambros would be complete without the latest episode in our longest running drama series - ¡Las Aventuras de Alberto El Patrón y sus Amigos! Boman ponders some new problematic gimmick matches the WWE can use after the terrible Battleground; plus, there are recaps for RAW and Smackdown Live inside. We have more, so stay tuned to the Slambros! 1:43 Diggin’ in the Dirt 13:31 ¡Las Aventuras de Alberto El Patrón y sus Amigos! 21:37 Battleground Recap 28:50 RAW Recap 41:11 Smackdown Live Recap 49:33 Question of the week

 Malcolm X Files Featuring Matt Ruff | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:25:42

We had to delve deep into the Malcolm X Files on this week's episode, as we welcome Matt Ruff, the author of the novel Lovecraft Country! If you didn't know Lovecraft Country has been optioned by Jordan Peele & Misha Green to be a new series on HBO and we get into exactly why it could have the AKA Malcolm X Files. Plus it's the Geekquently Asked Questions, Comics I Copped, Tech Talk With Tatiana, and much more on this latest banger! Remember if you're in NYC come out to THE ART SHOW at Pink's Bar & Grill!!!

 The Scream Squad - Belmonts In The Belfry | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:45:44

We're sure you've heard a lot about Netflix's Castlevania series from everywhere, including our very own OutlawBarz anime podcast. Now its Los Leo's turn to analyze and critique the series, but this time from the horror perspective. Join in now as Leo Faierman and Chico Leo take a critical lens to Castlevania, and explore if it was a great addition to the sub-genre of vampire horror--or if it just sucked. Plus, the two Leos say their farewells to the master of horror cinema, George Romero.

 Infinite Civil War | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:16:01

Infinite Civil War seems to be what HBO wants to sell us, but the For All Nerds crew is not having it today or any day for that matter. We break down exactly why Confederacy, the new series from Benoiff & Weiss on HBO, is a huge effing mistake to say the least. While there is a slim chance that this show will redeem itself, Tatiana & Benhameen break down exactly why this might not have been the best choice for these creators to follow Game of Thrones. One of our deepest Geekquently Asked Questions ever this week, plus Tech Talk with Tatiana, SDCC special Comics I Copped preview, our thoughts on the Infinity War trailer, plus much more on this jam packed episode of the worlds most popular podcast, FanBrosShow.

 Outlaw Barz - Whip It Good | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:53:04

If you are of a certain age, you may have played a certain side scrolling game where you fought, as member of the Belmont family, against Dracula and his minions. That game, you may or may not remember was called Castlevania. It spawned a ton of sequels, one of which Diva still plays. Word on the street is she was fond of the Belmont whip and those lovely flying crosses. But that is neither nor there.  Because in this Episode of Outlaw Barz, Whip It Good, the ladies chat about the latest incarnation of Castlevania as presented by Netflix --  full of pretty new baes and rife with commentary about the evil that men do and corruption in the church. Anime Mentioned in this Episode: - Castlevania - Magical Girl Raising Project - Katsugeki TOUKEN RANBU Music: Intro: @killing-spree-1 Outro: @andrezoworks

 SlamBros: We Told You Alberto Was That Dude | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:49:52

No matter what happens, remember the Slambros always told you Alberto was that dude! Boman12l and Illa YC return for the 31st /35th episode! Could we be witnessing the series finale of Las Aventuras…? Our Hero Alberto has gotten into some messes before, this latest one could see is marriage to Paige delayed once again but also strip him of his new unified title he won not two weeks ago. What really happened in Orlando? Is this the strike to finally tear down the house of Patron? There’s no dirt sheets week to make room for this super-sized episode of ¡Las Aventuras de Alberto El Patrón y sus Amigos! Great Balls of Fire was a really good show, meaning RAW has a lot of momentum this Week. Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar continue to show great chemistry together, while Roman appears to be out of place. The Hardys may or may not be broken soon and Bo Dallas won an award! Smackdown Live continues to build its roster up, even when wrestlers are not wrestling with great backstage interactions and prerecorded videos. Still WWE’s gauntlet of PPV means Smackdown Live has Battleground to build too and feuds featuring AJ Styles, John Cena, Rusev, Jinder Mahal, Naomi and Kevin Owens, it has a lot of work to do in two hours. We have more inside so stay tuned to the Slambros! 02:25 ¡Las Aventuras de Alberto El Patrón y sus Amigos! 14:42 RAW Recap 36:31 Smackdown Live Recap 47:45 Outro

 Secret Origin Of The Asian Sidekick Feat. Ki Hong Lee | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:13:01

The Secret Origin Of The Asian Sidekick? Well perhaps part one of the origin as we speak with Ki Hong Lee, the star of the upcoming horror flick Wish Upon. Not our longest of interviews but we still managed to get into whether or not it's a problem that Asian characters play the sidekick role in cinema. Plus we get into what makes Wish Upon one of the scariest movies of the summer so make sure you check it when it drops. I mean but what would a week be without speaking on the news from Black Panther, A Wrinkle In Time, as well as the standard and always excellent segments you know and love on FanBrosShow, the Voice Of The Urban Geek. For All Nerds.

 Slambros: Great Balls of Fire | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:32:55

WWE’s Great Balls of Fire has went from horribly named too to one of the best stacked RAW Branded PPV all year. Roman Resigns vs Braun Strowman, Alexas vs. Sasha Banks, Brock Lesnar vs. Samoa Joe, These are huge clashes for the first ever Greats Balls of Fire events. No worries, the Slambros Boman12L and Illa YC, return for the 30th/34th time with previews and predictions for the whole PPV; plus, the latest in the adventures of Alberto El Patron! We have more inside so stay tuned to the Slambros! 00:56 ¡Las Aventuras de Alberto El Patrón y sus Amigos! 03:06 Kick off show 07:01 Enzo vs Big Cass 09:47 Bray Wyatt vs Seth Rollins 14:35 Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman 17:53 The Miz vs Dean Ambrose 19:50 Alexa Bliss vs Sasha Banks 21:32 Sheamus & Cesaro vs The Hardys 25:53 Brock Lesnar vs Samoa Joe

 Superhero Sellouts Featuring Laura Harrier | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:32:50

It's another one with the F.A.N. Bros, as the For All Nerds team welcomes Laura Harrier to the spaceship. You may not know the name just yet but after this weekend Laura is going to be a household name as she is starring in Spider-Man:Homecoming as Liz Allen! We get into what it feels like to go from relative obscurity to being the star of one of the most anticipated super-hero films of all time! Plus we speak about her interactions with the rest of the cast and how she handled playing the love interest of Tom Holland himself. Much more on this episode as Tatiana breaks down her trip to the Essence Festival, BenHaMeen explains why Omarosa would make a great super villain and of course we attempt to answer the unexplainable in Geekquently Asked Questions. No, we don't know why Rob Kardashian is shocked.

 Outlaw Barz - Excuse Me Who Are You | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:01:30

Diva just got her recommendation privileges back with Voices of a Distant Star and she is on the fast track to getting them revoked again. Diva, determined to shed her good girl recommendation image, offered up a bonafide anime classic for the more mature anime viewer. In this episode of Outlaw Barz, Excuse Me, Who Are You?, the ladies discuss Satoshi Kon's psychological thriller Perfect Blue. The ladies, as well as the main character Mima, fall down a rabbit hole of mental instability, complex set-ups, and situations more uncomfortable than showing up at your best friend's wedding to find out she's marrying your boyfriend who supposedly lived overseas. Anime Mentioned in this Episode: Perfect Blue Magical Girl Raising Project Chaika - The Coffin Princess Music: Intro: @killing-spree-1 Outro: @musicality-beats

 Slambros: Samoa Magic! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:04:45

Say his name and with Samoa Magic, Samoa Joe will appear. Be prepared because an ass whooping is not far behind. No worries though, the Slambros, Boman12L and Ila YC, put all the respect on Joe’s names and are able to return for the new episode! Leading off the dirt sheets this week, we have a returning Mauro Ranallo to NXT, Kurt Angle has a rumored opponent for his return to the WWE ring and once again Shelton Benjamin is in talks to return to the WWE. On the other side of the wrestling world, Cody Rhodes wins the Ring of Honor World Title. New Japan Pro Wrestling revealedf the blocks for the G1 Climax and any combination of matches could be amazing. Oh course, no episode of Slambros would be complete without the latest adventures of Alberto El Patron! RAW invites the Ball family on air so some questionable TV, while Braun Strowman continues to be a hero to the people, by beating up Roman Reigns with his signature weapon, an ambulance. Paul Heyman continues to test Samoa Magic and got his client Brock Lesnar choked out my Samoa Joe. While Nia Jax was looking super strong in the main event. Smackdown Live, prepares for the return of John Cena next week. Before then, Breezango continue to be “great cops,” while the rest of the show focuses on redoing and correcting the finishes to a both women’s matches from Money in the Bank. We have more inside so stay tuned to the Slambros! 3:47 Diggin in The Dirt 17:33 ¡Las Aventuras de Alberto El Patrón y sus Amigos! 23:49 RAW Recap 49:15 Smackdown Live Recap 1:03:21 Question of the Week/ Outro


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