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Summary: The Fan Bros Show are the Multicultural Maestros. Fan Bros discusses the week in pop culture and geek, while keeping an ear to the street for the topics and controversies that affect the world of fandom--all from the perspective of people of color. Show hosts DJ BenHaMeen and Tatiana King Jones serve as the cultural guides for this unique show, along with a revolving cast of guests that run the gamut of industries--from music and politics, to comics, movies, television and tech. FanBros is a member of the LoudSpeakers Network ( and is published every week on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Stitcher, Google Play Music, and iHeartRadio. Visit for more greatness. Email us at: contact at fanbros dot com

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 Not In The Week Of Wakanda Feat. Ato Essandoh | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:40:41

Not In The Week Of Wakanda. Not today and not ever. We asked for a battery in our back last week and the f**kbois behind Comicsgate have given it to us. Don't bother googling what Comicsgate is, just press play and listen to Benhameen and Tatiana break it down to the very last compound. A f**kboi by another name is still a ... well you get the rest. But oh no, we didn't just tear apart the clowns, we also had to celebrate the crowning of Black Panther with our brother Ato Essandoh. You might have peeped him this weekend when you were binge watching Altered Carbon, so listen as he breaks down what separates it from Blade Runner and other media like it. Plus we talk about what is next for Ato, including Chicago Med and X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Oh did we mention that we are in the New York Times? Tatiana told you, 2018 is the year where we get ours.

 Crown Wakanda Curriculum | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:57:41

The Crown Wakanda Curriculum. Yup we had to reach into our bag of SAT words to describe this episode. Tatiana King and Benhameen continue to react to wonder of Wakanda and Black Panther as well as the haters that have sprung up since the first reactions dropped. Still no spoilers for the film, so listen as we discuss this and other topics including Uma Thurman's Revenge, the Han Solo movie and much more. Plus we did our Geekquently Asked Questions segment live on Instagram! If you missed it we get asked one of our most intriguing questions ever. Listen and weigh in with your answer in the comments.

 Slambros: Point to the WrestleMania Sign | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:05:14

Its WrestleMania season, meaning someone somewhere is pointing at the WrestleMania sign. The Slambros, Boman12L and Illa YC, return pointing as well for the 43rd/ 47th episode! The dirt sheets have been filled with news of the WWE opening up their pocket books, signing a new wave of talent. We breakdown some of the biggest faces being added to the WWE various rosters. Turns out Mark Henry has a lot more in tank and is not fully retired yet. And the latest ¡Las Aventuras de Alberto El Patrón y sus Amigos! has a twist neither of the Slambros could have predicted. The Royal Rumble was a fun event for once and didn’t leave fans foaming out the mouth. Both Rumbles were fire; however, the WWE saved the most surprised for the first ever women’s Royal Rumble. The Slambros breakdown the rest of the card along with recaps of RAW and Smackdown Live as well. Stay tuned to the Slambros! Remember to tell a friend to tell a friend! 4:13 Diggin’ in The Dirt 19:18 ¡Las Aventuras de Alberto El Patrón y sus Amigos! 24:45 The Royal Rumble 2018 Recap 47:27 RAW Recap 54:18 Smackdown Live Recap 1:03:57 Outro

 Black Girls Are Born Magic Feat. Cree Summer | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:32:01

Cree Summer. Do we really have to say anymore? The name alone should have you pushing play but just in case you need more convincing this is one of our hottest interviews ever as the legend herself joins BenHaMeen & Jamie Righetti in the spaceship. Listen as we discuss her illustrious career, from A Different World to Aniamaniacs to the Rugrats. One of the best interviews we've ever had and we don't say that lightly. You know how we do. Plus we finally break down the Oscars and what do we hope takes home the trophies, more news on Crown Wakanda, and a VERY SPECIAL announcement about Black Panther. Press Play.

 Outlaw Barz: Anime House Party | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:01:28

While Mama Deadly Diva is out minding the kids of Thunderbolt Fantasy, Tam and Sope have taken to their mics and have taken over the show to talk about their favorite anime of the past year. The ladies chat about what they enjoyed in anime and manga in 2017, how their tastes in series have changed, and what viewers should add to their 2018 watch lists. Let us know--Why do you watch anime? Music- Intro: Outro: @musicality-beats

 Slambros: Grappling Hooks on Deck | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:07:39

It’s 2018 and one thing is for certain, everyone should follow Braun Strowman’s example and keep a grappling hook with them at all times. The Slambros, Boman12L and Illa YC, return for 42nd/ 46th episode! It’s a humble start to the new years as the dirt sheet are packed with shocking retirements both unexpected in various ways. Cody, last name unknown, is “All In” and has a few big names backing him for his indie super show happening in Chicago later this year. And of course, 2018 could not begin with the latest chapter of ¡Las Aventuras de Alberto El Patrón y sus Amigos! RAW’s highlights include Braun, once again, adding to his legend while also, once again, attempting murder on live T.V. Smackdown, on the other hand, has taken its most popular segment and regulated to “web exclusive content.” The Slambros have full recaps for both shows and more inside, so keep it tight! 1:30 Diggin in the Dirt 27:51 ¡Las Aventuras de Alberto El Patrón y sus Amigos! 33:48 RAW Recap 53:42 Smackdown Live Recap 1:06:34 Outro

 The Andre 3000 of Journalism feat. Bomani Jones | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:59:12

You've been asking where we've been--so we're back! It's 2018 and we had to let the goodness cook a lil bit before we gave you that new flavor for the new year! In this episode, Captain DJ Benhameen and First Officer Chico Leo break into the new year with their thoughts on what we left behind in 2017, what's to come for 2018, how our favorite shows will end their seasons (or series), and reflect on the passing of Combat Jack. This episode is also incredible as we interview the ONE and ONLY Bomani Jones! You may know him as a sports journalist who stays laying the smackdown on trolls on Twitter. However he also hosts the Evening Jones podcast, three time winner of Around The Horn and Professor of Common Sense. LISTEN NOW to this fire episode and get your headtop lit #FlameOn

 Slambros: Bronchitis Filled | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:57:27

Even with a chest filled with bronchitis, the Slambros, Boman12L and Illa YC, return for the 41st/45th edition! Rumors are running wild this week that Vince McMahon is possible trying to relaunch the XFL of all things. Boman ask Illa “what’s up with Star Wars?” And join us for the season finale of ¡Las Aventuras de Alberto El Patrón y sus Amigos! We have recaps of RAW, Smackdown Live and more inside. Stay tuned to the Slambros! Remember to tell a friend to tell a friend! Rest in power, Combat Jack. 03:46 Diggin in the Dirt 10:00 Star War: The Last Jedi (Spoilers) 16:16 ¡Las Aventuras de Alberto El Patrón y sus Amigos! 24:03 Raw Recap 42:32 Smackdown Live Recap 56:12 Outro

 Outlaw Barz - BahHumBugCuli | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:53:53

Yes, we are still talking about Fate/Apocrypha. Have you seen it? It deserves all the words we have. Now the ladies are getting deep into their #OutlawViewz session of Fate/Apocrypha. It's getting so deep that they are pondering what it is to be human. Are homunculi human? Do they deserve the same rights and considerations as the humans who created them. And what about those homunculi from Fullmetal Alchemist? Surely there is something to be learned from their plight. So in this episode of Outlaw Barz, Bah Hum-bug-culi, the ladies opine on the treatment of homunculi and why they deserve better. This may be the start of a movement. Anime/Manga Mentioned in this Episode Fate/Apocrypha Fullmetal Alchemist Tokyo Ravens Juni Taisen

 Scream Squad - Krampus Crushes Wendigo | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:36:09

On the latest episode of @thescreamsquad, in honor of Native Heritage month, (last month) Los Leos talked about The Burrowers and Wendigo: 2 movies that bill themselves as delving into Native American mythology. One came through, at least (though it’s a fictional mythology)... the other?

 Last Jedi Best Jedi | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:09:19

It's the last episode of the year so we had to talk about The Last Jedi! The original three FanBros are back in the spaceship to speak about The Last Jedi and whether or not it's worth putting in the hallowed realms of fantastic Star Wars films. Plus we get you ready for this week's FOR ALL NERDS AWARDS happening this Tuesday night at 8pm EST with special guest Orlando Jones!! It's the end of the year so listen as we reflect on what made this year great for us and what we can all expect from FanBrosShow in 2018! Get ready, if you thought this year was incredible you ain't seen nothing yet. FULL ON SPOILER TALK ON THE LAST JEDI FROM 13:00 to 34:00 SKIP IF YOU DON'T WANT SPOILERS FOR THE LAST JEDI. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED YOUNG PADAWAN.

 Outlaw Barz - Are We Talkin Teams | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:09:55

Once upon a time, the ladies of Outlaw Barz journeyed to a land called Outlaw Viewz and were scarred by Berserk The Golden Age Arc III - The Advent.  The ladies needed an intense and immediate palate cleanser. And the gods heard their prayer in Fate/Apocrypha. In this episode of Outlaw Barz, Are We Talkin Teams, the ladies discuss their first impressions of Fate/Apocrypha and choose their Holy Grail champion. Anime/Manga Mentioned in this Episode: Fate/Apocrypha Infini-T Force Kino's Journey Elegant Yokai Apartment Juni Taisen As always, subscribe, rate, and comment on SPOTIFY, Soundcloud, iTunes, and Stitcher!

 Slambros: Invisible Law Suits | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:59:17

We may be late, but the Slambros, Boman12L and Illa YC return for the 40th/ 44th episode of your favorite wrestling podcast! While John Cena couldn’t see that lawsuit from Ford coming, you can expect plenty of hits from the Slambros. Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks are shooting for the stars and are looking to hold the largest non-WWE wrestling event since WCW closed down in 2001. Invisible man John Cena is being sued and allegedly needs help paying his bills. Matt Hardy maybe losing his mind and we should all thank the 7 deities. Plus, this week on our favorite problematic telenovela “¡Las Aventuras…!” there could be an end in sight for our hero – Alberto El Patron! We have full recaps for RAW and Smackdown Live plus more inside, so stay tuned to the Slambros! Remember to tell a friend to tell a friend! 02:02 Diggin’ in the Dirt 17:08 ¡Las Aventuras de Alberto El Patrón y sus Amigos! 20:59 RAW Recap 37:32 Smackdown Live Recap 57:35 Announcements and shouts out!

 Gawds Must Be Crazy Feat. Michael Green | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:01:29

The Gawds Must Be Crazy because as soon as we recorded this incredible interview with the one and only Michael Green, the news broke of Bryan Fuller and Michael leaving American Gods. WHAT? Listen as we talk to the man behind Logan, Murder On The Orient, Blade Runner 2049, Alien: Convenant, Sex And The City and we won't blame him for Green Lantern. One of the top screenwriters in the game today joins us for this masterclass in how to make it in Hollywood. But that's not all because we had to get the Trinity back together to speak about Infinity War, Thanos, whatever in the hell is going on at Marvel Comics and much more in this jam packed episode of FanBrosShow. For All Nerds of course.

 Cancel Black Panther | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:54:50

Cancel Black Panther. Haha! Wait you thought we were for real? You just went and got mad before you listened to the episode? The team discusses the "controversy" around the latest issue of Black Panther, and why sometimes we need to let creators tell their stories before we react. This one is extra spicy as BenHaMeen brings the heat and the hammer down on the controversy and Tatiana King tries valiantly to keep it under control. Press play, and the only way we would ever Cancel Black Panther was after fifty eleven sequels when they make him a white dude.


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