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Summary: THE place for ALL things Doctor Who and BEYOND! Featuring Doctor Who news, reviews, and interviews! With classic Doctors, former companions, guest stars, villains, and even celebrity fans of Doctor Who. New episodes usually come out on Wednesdays.... Be sure to check out our website at for more Doctor Who fun. And please contribute to our podcast, to help cover the costs that we spend to bring you the best coverage of Doctor Who:

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 episode 191 - Cos-ing A Commotion on the Road to Florida Supercon | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3929

Florida Supercon is upom us and MarkWHO42 will be there. But so will the cosplay guests Cos A Commotion. Mark and Christian interview Shellane and Dean Demarest and talk about their start in dressing up at conventions, the meaning of "setplay" and more. But first, Mark and Iggy give you all the latest news from the world of Doctor Who including more on the casting of Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor! MarkWHO42! More fun than dressing up as Fish Mooney and The Penguin... oh wait, Cos A Commotion already do that!!!

 episode 190 - Daphne Ashbrook - Part 2: Doctor Who and Beyond! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4689

MarkWHO42 continues our two part interview with Daphne Ashbrook who played the 8th Doctor's companion on the 1996 Doctor Who TV Movie. Last week was all about her career before Doctor Who. This time we talk about her experiences making the TV movie, appearing at conventions, and what is coming next! But before the interview, we talk about the news of Jodie Whittaker being named the 13th Doctor. The net has been going crazy with people for and against this decision for days, but Mark, Christian, and Zion give their reactions mere minutes after the story came out on Sunday, July 16th at around noon EST. MarkWHO42! More fun than the internet exploding!!!

 episode 189 - Daphne Ashbrook - Part 1: Life Before Doctor Who | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5224

Well, Series 10 of Doctor Who has ended and now there is a dryspell until December for Whovians... unless you listen to MarkWHO42, that is! We promise we will bring a lot of fun and excitement to carry you over. This week, we start with the latest news from the WHOniverse and beyond. Then cohost Patty Hawkins starts his 2 part interview with Daphne Ashbrook. You may remember her as companion Dr. Grace Holloway in the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie. This week we focus on her life and career before her entrance into the world of WHO and it was definitely a fun ride. We also talk about our upcoming convention appearances including Florida Supercon this month and Time Lord Expo in Dayton, Ohio in October featuring a ton of Doctor Who guests and a video Skype Q&A with The Tom himself, Tom Baker! MarkWHO42! More fun than visiting the Eye of Orion with the Fifth Doctor!

 episode 188 - The Doctor Fell on MarkWHO42 & Gallifrey Stands | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 6488

Wow, what a season. Series 10 of Doctor Who has come to an end, and what an ending it was. The Doctor Falls was what it was meant to be. And now it's time for MarkWHO42 to review it. Join Mark, Christian, Iggy , and Zion as well as special guests Jeremy Radick (Gareth from the 1996 Doctor Who Tv Movie and writer on The Capeless Crusader website ), and Doctor Squee (The Gallifrey Stands Podcast) as they review the penultimate Peter Capaldi episode (the Christmas episode is still coming) and have the definitive chat on Bill's sexuality. MarkWHO42! Where podcasts collide and Gallifrey Stands!

 episode 187 - The World and Time is Not Enough | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4715

Wait... What's going on?! Missy's in the TARDIS? Bill's been shot? What's with a spaceship in front of a black hole... and... what? Haven't you watched the episode yet?! NO! Well, before you listen to this episode of MarkWHO42 and give away any more spoilers, you may want to watch "World Enough and Time." We are one giant step away from the series 10 finale and the team have a lot to say about this episode. So, if you haven't watch the latest episode of Doctor WHO. Do it now. The stakes are higher. The feels are stronger. And in the end... WHO will survive? Then, listen to this episode of MarkWHO42 as we take you to the end of series ten... and beyond! SPONSORS: The Infinite Mushroom Comic & Game Shoppe, 9.9 Comics, Famous Faces and Funnies, Cosplay Convention Center, Harlequinarts Cosplay and Crafts, Space Coast Comixx, iHeart Radio,, & CONVENTIONS in July: ICCON3 & Florida Supercon #DoctorWHO #DrWho #TimeForHeroes #Whovian #MarkWHO42 #iTunes #Itunespodcast #iHeart #iHeartRadio #iHeartPodcasts #Spreaker #Stitcher #BBC #BBCOne #BBCAmerica #PodernFamily #Scifi #ScifiRadio #ScifiPodcast #KryptonRadio #Capaldi #BillPotts #Nardole #Missy #TheMaster 

 episode 186 - When in Rome, Dress as Arthur Dent! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4730

Strap yourself in as we get closer and closer to the series finale and Peter Capaldi's swan song with an all new review episode of MarkWHO42. This time, the gang review the episode "The Eaters of Light," and are rejoined by co-host a fully recovered Iggy Matthews who has recently brought in a new WHOvian in the world. The gang are joined once again by Charles Martin of the Happiness Patrol and Space Javelin podcasts. They dissect the episode written by classic WHO writer Rona Munro, who also penned the final classic series episode after its 26 year run, "Survival." So, what did the team think about the episode? Only one way to find out. Hear it for yourself on iTunes, iHeart Radio, Stitcher, Spreaker, download the MP3 from, no matter how or where you listen to your favorite Doctor WHO podcast, you don't want to miss out... as we come one step closer to the end of series10... taking you to the WHOniverse and BEYOND! #DoctorWHO #MarkWHO42 #BBCAmerica #BBC #iTunes #iTunesPodcast #iHeart #iHeartRadio #iHeartpodcast #Stitcher #Spreaker #PodernFamily #DrWHO #Whovian #TimeForHeroes #TARDIS #TravelingTARDIS #PeterCapaldi #Scifi #ScifiPodcast #ScifiRadio #podcast

 episode 185 - A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Mars | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4168

This week's heavy hitting episode of MarkWHO42 has the team reviewing the "Empress of Mars." This time, Christian and Zion are joined by MarkWHO42 Convention Team Member, Rebekah Underwood and the return of Kyle Duce of "Happy Hour with Johnny and Duce." First, the team pays tribute to the passing of the original t.v. Batman himself, Adam West and discuss his influence in the world of geekdom. Then, the team take a look at the episode that brings back the Ice Warriors and introduces the Ice Empress. How did the team take to the 2nd return of the classic monsters in the new series? Only one way to find out. Listen to this and every exciting episode of MarkWHO42. "Same Bat Time. Same Bat Channel."

 episode 184 - Truth in Broadcasting | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3600

On this all new MarkWHO42 Double Review episode, the team take the reviews to the extreme. Christian and Mark invite Neisha T Mulchan of Diversely Geek and Juan Sanmiguel of OASFiS (The Orlando Area Science Fiction Society) to join in the review and you won't believe what you hear next. The team dissect the episodes "The Pyramid at the End of the World" and "The Lie of the Land," and this is one review that you've got to hear as things get pretty intense with the discussions. And you'll never believe who gave one of the episodes a not so nice review. Listen in on this episode of MarkWHO42, as we continue to review the episodes to the end of the series (and Capaldi) and BEYOND! SPONSORS: 9.9 Comics, Famous Faces and Funnies, Cosplay Convention Center, Space Coast Comixx, iHeart Radio, (Go to for link),, CONVENTIONS in June: Time Lord Fest - Jacksonville #DoctorWHO #drwho #timeforheroes #whovian #capaldi #tardis #markwho42 #iheart #iheartradio #iheartpodcasts #itunes #itunespodcasts #spreaker #stitcher #scifi #scifipodcast #scifiradio #podernfamily #megacon #billpots #moffat

 episode 183 - Truth in Breathing | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4217

On this week's episode of MarkWHO42, Mark welcomes a new panel to review episodes 5 & 6 of Series 10 of Doctor Who. Join Kathryn Sullivan (Chicks Dig Time Lords, Outside In), Simon Brett (Starburst Magazine, Seasons of War) and Christopher Baggott (admin of Gallifrey Rising and's reviewer of Big Finish audios) as they give their insight on Oxygen and Extremis. Our hearts go out to those affected by the terrorism in Manchester. Be safe... SPONSORS: 9.9 Comics, Famous Faces and Funnies, Cosplay Convention Center and iHeart Radio. CONVENTIONS in May: MegaCon Orlando #MarkWHO42 #DoctorWHO #DrWHO #WHOvian #TimeForHeroes #Podcast #PodernFamily #iHeart #iHeartRadio #iHeartPodcasts #iTunes #iTunesPodcasts #KryptonRadio #Capaldi #BillPotts #Oxygen #Extremis #BBC #BBCAmerica #TARDIS #Spreaker #Stitcher

 episode 182 - "When Amelia met Jamie" | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3966

On this awesome packed episode of MarkWHO42, the team takes a break from reviews for this special episode. Christian is joined by guest co-host Charles Martin or The Happiness Patrol and Space Javelin Podcasts to interview the cast and crew of the upcoming short film, Sundown. Christian and Charles bring on Caitlin Blackwood (Amelia Pond), Frazer Hines (Jamie McCrimmon) and BAFTA nominated writer and director, Ryan Hendrick. The team discuss their love for and lives after Doctor WHO, being on the convention circuit, and what to expect on this upcoming and beautiful short film. Help fund the film for perks at: Sponsored by 9.9 Comics, Famous Faces and Funnies, Cosplay Convention Center LLC & iHeart Radio. #MarkWHO42 #DoctorWHO #DrWho #TimeForHeroes #Whovian #Sundown #CaitlinBlackwood #FrazerHines #RyanHendrick #BAFTA #Whovians #TARDIS #SecondDoctor #TheDoctor #iheart #iheartpodcasts #iheartradio #itunespodcasts #scifiradio #scifipodcast #scifi #bbc #bbcamerica #TravelingTARDIS

 episode 181 - WHO's There? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2600

aka: 'When the Tardis is a rocking then don't come a knock-knocking (or you'll get space lice)' This week we had recorded a live show directly from WHOlanta but unfortunately the recording didn't take. We apologize to those who participated. However, we still have a show for you this week and it's a doozy! In a break from our regular "panel" reviews of Series 10, Patty, Zion, and NEW MW42 commentator Kathleen David review Knock Knock, discuss the return of Torchwood, & attempt to figure out how K-9 is going to possibly beat Omega in a new Australian TV movie! SPONSORS: 9.9 Comics, Famous Faces and Funnies, Cosplay Convention Center and iHeart Radio. CONVENTIONS in May: Oasis 29 and MegaCon Orlando #MarkWHO42 #DoctorWHO #DrWHO #WHOvian #TimeForHeroes #Podcast #PodernFamily #iHeart #iHeartRadio #iHeartPodcasts #iTunes #iTunesPodcasts #KryptonRadio #Capaldi #BillPotts #KnockKnock #BBC #BBCAmerica #TARDIS #Spreaker #Stitcher

 episode 180 - Blue Ice | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4791

As we get closer and closer on the countdown clock to the end of Peter Capaldi's time as the Doctor, the team continue to bring you the latest reviews and this week is no exception. This week, Mark and Christian, bring in special guests Dan Harris of the Doctor WHO/Sci-Fi Sea Cruise, the return of Charles Martin of from The Happiness Patrol and Space Javelin podcasts and Kyle Duce from Happy Hour with Johnny and Duce. The team assemble to review the latest episode, Thin Ice. The team themselves hit the ice and break down the episode and give their different takes on the story, Bill and the Doctor's awesome right hook. If you really want different takes on this episode and how it stood up to our panel of experts, download or click and listen to the latest episode. SPONSORS: 9.9 Comics, Famous Faces and Funnies, Cosplay Convention Center and iHeart Radio. CONVENTIONS in May: WHOlanta, Oasis 29 and MegaCon Orlando #MarkWHO42 #DoctorWHO #DrWHO #WHOvian #TimeForHeroes #Podcast #PodernFamily #iHeart #iHeartRadio #iHeartPodcasts #iTunes #iTunesPodcasts #KryptonRadio #Capaldi #BillPotts #ThinIce #BBC #BBCAmerica #TARDIS #Spreaker #Stitcher #DuceIsOnTheLoose

 episode 179 - Soylent Green is Fertilizer | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4502

SMILE! It's time again for another episode of MarkWHO42. This time Christian heads the review team of Doctor Puppet herself, Alisa Stern. Co Show Runner of WHOlanta, R Alan Siler. And A Couple of Geeks, Alida Miller and Talon Steinhauer. The team pick apart the Emojis and delve into the 2nd episode of series ten, "Smile." Listen to hear what the team has to say about the episode and how they feel it relates to other movies and t.v. shows. Also, stay tuned for convention updates for the month of May as it's going to be a busy month for MarkWHO42. This episode of MarkWHO42 was sponsored by Famous Faces and Funnies, Nine Point Nine Comics, Cosplay Convention Center and iHeart Radio #MarkWHO42 #DoctorWHO #PeterCapaldi #Bill #PearlMackie #Tardis #PodernFamily #iheart #itunes #iheartradio #BBC #BBCAmerica #iheartpodcasts #itunespodcasts #DoctorPuppet #WHOlanta #smile #billpotts #nardole #capaldi #timeforheroes #ACoupleofGeeks #TravelingTARDIS #whovian #drwho #iTunes #Spoilers #WHOvian

 episode 178 - The Pilots | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5472

On this fully packed episode of MarkWHO42, Mark and Christian are joined by Krypton Radio's Gene Turnbow, The Happiness Patrol Podcast's Charles Martin and Jeremy Radick, who played Gareth, from the Doctor WHO TV movie. First, we delve into MarkWHO42 News, talking about the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer. Also, the reason why Peter Capaldi may have left Doctor WHO, and what the tabloids are betting to be the next Doctor. After the news, the gang review "The Pilot." Is Bill worthy of being the Doctor's next companion? Did "The Pilot" rise above or crash and burn. Only one way to find out. Listen to this exciting episode of MarkWHO42 as we continue to review series 10 and BEYOND! This episode of MarkWHO42 was sponsored by Famous Faces and Funnies, Cosplay Convention Center and iHeart Radio

 episode 177 - A Second Sip of Peri, eh? (part 2) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4536

MarkWHO42 presents Part 2 of our interview with Doctor Who's Peri, Nicola Bryant!


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