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Summary: Ben Rogers and Mark Mruss discuss tech, culture, and ideas with a dash of comedy. By focusing on mobile and new ideas in the technology space, our hosts attempt to figure what's happening, why it's happening, and what's going to happen next. If you are interested in technology, big ideas, and a few laughs this is the podcast for you.


 Episode 010 – Bullish or Bearish: The Apple Watch | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:21:34

Here is the tenth episode of The Incoherent Podcast, in which we planned to talk about Mobile World Congress ( and the Apple Spring Forward event ( and instead spent all of our time talking about Apple and the new Apple Watch.First we revisit the fancy Sony SD card ( and discuss some feedback we got on our previous commentary in episode 8 Loopy Apple Car ( it's into the Apple pring Forward event, where we spend a little bit of time going over the Apple TV portion of the event (the HBO partnership is quite interesting) and then go into deeper depth on the newly announced MacBook ( waxes poetically on the lack of ports while Ben remains sceptical that he could ever use a computer with only one port. We both agree that the colour choices (particularly) the gold makes a lot of sense and go over some of the other new MacBook features.( we do a deep-dive into the Apple-Watch ( We take a look at the features, the apps demoed, the battery life, the pricing, and try to figure out whether we are bullish or bearish on the the future of the Apple Watch.In the end we are pretty bullish on the Apple watch, although Ben decreases his first year predictions to 11 million in the first quarter and 22 million in the first year, and refuses to admit that he really wants to buy one. Mark sadly forgets to answer Ben’s question and his prediction of 10 million in the first quarter and 30 million in the first year still stands. He's also thinking of picking one up.If you are feeling bullish or bearish on the Apple Watch let us know in the comments below or on twitter: @IncoherentPod ( If you think you know how many Apple Watches will be sold in the first year we'd love to hear that as well.('s Note: The Chromecast actually costs $39.00 CDN, making the Apple TV that much better of a deal in our ever so humble opinion.

 Jaunting WordPress | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:17:58

Welcome to the much delayed WordPress episode, where we cover the best WordPress plugins and tips for what to do when starting your first WordPress blog. We tried to make this podcast into a little bit of an interview, so let us know if you enjoy that format.Note: This was originally slated to be the eight episode but due to an Audacity crash we had to postpone the episode while we recovered the recording. We had to tweak the playback speed so things might sound a little bit off. Also we switch to our backup recording near the end, which corresponds to when Audacity decided to up and quite.Here are a list of the plugins recommended by Ben in the episode:* 404 Redirected ( * Akismet ( * Broken Link Checker ( * Disqus Comment System ( * Google Analytics by Yoast (* Google XML Sitemaps ( * Jetpack by ( * JM Twitter Cards ( * Page Builder by SiteOrigin ( * UpdraftPlus - Backup/Restore ( * W3 Total Cache ( * WordPress SEO ( * WP Open Graph (

 Incoherent Podcast Episode 008 – Loopy Apple Car | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:05:17

Ben and Mark are back in the studio after our special live episode. In this episode, Ben talks about his fun at Festival du Voyageur, IFTTT and HTTP2. Mark talks about Microsoft's relevancy and the mystery surrounding the Apple Car. Ben even starts a new segment "Is this an unnecessary tech?". So grab your tea and turn on your Pebble, because we are about to "deep dive" into some newsworthy important tech and fun! Greetings from Ben at Festival du Voyageur:( Dali and Masterworks from Beaverbrook ( on Pubchat: Episode 83: He’Brew Bittersweet Lenny’s R.I.P.A ( Organic Fair Trade Green Tea:( becomes IF and DO ( A Story of Relevance and Irrelevance ( By MarkMaterial updates to Google Docs ( Google bringing card layouts to Chrome mobile ( search results tagging mobile friendly pages ( 500,000 downloads of Android Wear ( actionable notifications ( ( Car:( The experts Apple hired to build an electric car ( mysterious minivan sightings proliferate, rumored 'Apple Car' seen as $50B US opportunity ( Samsung buys Apple Pay competitor LoopPay, Loopy ( Samsung Galaxy S6 tipped to ship with Microsoft apps ( and Aladdin's flying drones: ( Is this an unnecessary tech? Sony releases quieter high quality audio SD card ( Elastic hard drive and old-style microphone:(

 Incoherent Podcast Episode 007 – LIVE – Lawnmower Man | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 25:34

We are officially a weekly podcast! We go live on location to the downtown streets of Winnipeg to record a hard-hitting show from our headquarters at Parlour Coffee! Ben talks about drones in the form of the Millennium Falcon and a cat, as well as Mozilla helping out the TOR Project. Mark talks about Apple's record breaking fourth quarter, Samsung's future plans, and the weirdness that is Microsoft. So grab a coffee; mind the clinking and hissing of the awesome coffee shop in the background; and get ready for a quick 25 minute talk on tech fun!  Parlour Coffee ( donates hardware to TOR Project ( anomanomanizing on your Raspberry Pi ( Raspberry Pi Version 2 with special Windows 10 goodness ('s do not track cookies ( Falcon drone ( Dead cat carcass drone ('s Note: Mark is a vegetarian and finds this photo more than a little creepy) Record breaking quarterly report from Apple ( hugging an Android bugdroid:( Microsoft purchases Sunrise Calendar ( Calendar ( sales in China ( shipments fall for the first time in Q4 2014 ( Unpacked poster for the Mobile World Conference ( Leaked Samsung Galaxy S6 chasis ( Possible Apple stylus ( sales down ( via: Benedict Evans ('s Blog: Apple, Google, Facebook, Samsung, and Microsoft Earnings ( announces who charted on Google Sheets ('s crazy lifelogging on Goodreads ( Man:( 

 The Incoherent Podcast Episode 006 – We Go to CES | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:16:22

CES 2015 is over and done, so we talk about all the highlights, new products, awesome news, and more that we learned from the huge electronics event. Mark gets excited all over again about bandaids. Ben reminisces over Human Target and finally figures out Microsoft’s product naming scheme. Ramp Up Manitoba ( PHP ( ( Taste of Mardi Gras contest ( Bowman conducting:( Ladies Learning Code ( Handshake ( Altman ( Trail Mutual ( Almond Documentary ( Black Coffee ( Target ( Rob Thomas ( WeMo Sensors ( Auto ( CES Car CoverageThat one HD nature channel:( Comcast Gigabit Internet ( talks about Internet speeds ( TV ( Phone: ( Bluetooth Band-Aids (,2817,2474632,00.asp)Techbeans podcastIt’ll ding if I am going to hit you( Sir MonkBent of Benedict ( at CES ( Browser:( Halo ( spiral:( Seamen:( Stadium Events ( Trident Engine ( 10 ( Halo Lens ( many journalists does it take to replace a lightbulb?( Human Target:( Jackie Earle Haley:( A Nightmare of a Remake:( Doug Bradley:( Robert Englund:(  Human Target using the Surface:(

 The Incoherent Podcast Episode 005 – Facebook Is Dead | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Our first episode of 2015! Ben talks about his Vegas vacation and what he did for new years. Mark brings up his top tech stories of last year, then we start predicting the big changes we will see in 2015. We discuss big disruptive social media services and one of us even all-out announces that Facebook is dead!( Selfie Stick (see larger photo above):( ( Ben puts his high school friends on notice ( Rift bought by Facebook ( Mark’s 2015 predictions – part 1 ( and 2 ( Google Glass:( Scoble in the shower:( parts inside Rift ( The Campfire Union ( and the Small Farms Conference ( Andy Rubin leaves Android ( Facebook buys whatsapp ( The Interview and the Sony Hack ( Snakes on a Plane:( Lawrence 4Chan "hack" ( Steve Ballmer CEO search ( Bill Gates drinks poo water: in Winnipeg ban ( Apple Watch:( Bitcoin block chain ( The right to be forgotten ( Beyonce’s silly faces:( Steve Ballmer dancing with Fergie: promotional products:( Under the Influence with Terry O’Riley ( Edward Snowden’s TED Talk: Adam Carolla fires Alison Rosen ( Clap boards:( Ben’s prediction of streaming video ( HTC handlebar periscope camera streams live to YouTube:( Social media technology trends by Brian Solis ( Twitter’s What you Missed (

 The Incoherent Podcast Episode 004 – Malcom McGladwell | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:12:21

Welcome to episode 4 of The Incoherent Podcast, in which our heroes make a triumphant return, this time with a brand new Microphone and a new recording studio: Mark's living room. Prepare to be dazzled by more Mobile statistics, thoughts on why folks spend more on iOS, what's happening in Winnipeg, and Timeline (* IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark Reports - Black Friday Results 2014 ( * How many people really care about Google Services? ( * Shopify ( * Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra Soundcheck Program ( * ScientiaMobile MOVR (Mobile Overview Report) ('s Note: I was wrong about Shopify losing money. They appear to be doing quite well ( I must have been thinking of another company. Mea Culpa. Also sorry for the delay and short episode notes, we're currently plagued by sickness around here. More next time!(

 The Incoherent Podcast Episode 003 – Weird Statues | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:21:37

It's our third episode and we finally find out what's inside Ben's mind when he imagines our podcasting studio. We also try out a couple new segments - one about famous tweets, and also some competitive tech predictions! We also must have been hungry because it's a fairly food-heavy episode too - we talk about a pizza chain neither of us have really heard of, black burgers, green tea, beer and some maple syrup.So, put on your Google Goggles, grab your green ketchup and get your room filled with weird statues, because it's time for the show! * Winnipeg's Santa Clause Parade ( * Complex Games ( * Secret Handshake ( * Ben's Famous First Tweets ( * Techpinions - A Future Only Possible Because of Mobile ( * The Microsoft Ribbon ( * Android Lollipop (screenshots) ( * The Apple bounce patent ( * .NET Core is Open Source ( * The Black Burger ( * Google Glass future clouded as some early believers lose faith ( * Gmail Inbox ( * Why Japanese Web Design is NOT so different ( * Virtual reality ( * The Incoherent Podcast YouTube Channel ( * Apple Watch ( Credit: JanneM (

 The Incoherent Podcast Episode 002 – Huawei Five-O | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:12:15

Book em Zhengfei! Our heroic nerds return for the second episode of The Incoherent Podcast. In this episode Mark surprises Ben with a pop quiz on the state of the mobile industry. Questions and answers in hand, the two hosts do a deep dive into some exciting mobile statistics, how to pronounce Huawei, and the merits of Canadian cinema.Topics Covered in this episode:* Benedict Evans: Mobile is eating the world ( * IDC Q3 2014 Smartphone Shipment stats ( * iPhone Mobile Profit Share ( * Microsoft's Percentage of Connected Devices:* The irrelevance of Microsoft ( * Microsoft exec admits new reality: Market share no longer 90% — it’s 14% (* Moto X Gets Lollipop before Nexus Devices ( * Google Play paid app support expanding into new countries ( * Paul Gross ( * Michael Gross ( * Tremors ( * Men With Brooms ( * Passchendaele ( a shout-out to our favourite listener: Benedict Cumberbatch


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