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The Netrunomicon

Summary: The Netrunomicon is a podcast dedicated to Android: Netrunner the Card Game published by Fantasy Flight Games.

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  • Artist: The Netrunmancers : Phil & Jeremy
  • Copyright: Copyright © The Netrunomicon : 2013


 Episode 003 : Bob the Builder | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:34:59

Thanks to some fancy CLICK manipulation and eleven hours of binge drinking Diesel, the third episode of the Netrunomicon is online!!! In this episode the Netrunmancers, Phil and Jeremy, talk about deck building in Android: Netrunner with Robbie, their resident deck building monster. SHOW GUIDE: 0:00 Introduction 5:27 Bob the Builder 1:04:04 Deck Building Steps to Success 1:19:13 CLICK CLICK Don't Flatline Me! LINKS: Transformers Card Game DB Deck Builder Asmor's Deck Builder Meteor Decks Send us feedback at!

 Episode 002 : Core Values | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:18:13

The second episode of The Netrunomicon Podcast is jacked in!!! Huzzah! In this episode the Netrunmancers, Phil and Jeremy, with their gaming guru friend, Jimteki, discuss the Android: Netrunner Core Set with the occasional tangent thrown into the mix. During this second episode we do our very first listener mail segment and we introduce another brand new surprise segment that is sure to please! SHOW GUIDE: 0:00 Introduction 26:05 Listener Mail 30:26 Announcements 52:33 Core Values 2:01:07 New Surprise Segment!!! LINKS: Mine is an evil laugh! Netrunner LCG World Championship - Game 1 Hera and Zeus Napoleon's Triumph Twilight Struggle Combat Commander: Europe A Few Acres of Snow 2013 Geek Madness Tournament & Summary Planet Steam Baby in Box Picture Crossroad Games Meteor Decks Team Covenant Netrunner LCG Store Transmetropolitan Send us feedback at!

 Episode 001 : For the Love of the Game | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:22:45

The Netrunomicon is jacked in!!! This is the inaugural episode of the Netrunomicon Podcast where the Netrunmancers, Phil and Jeremy, introduce themselves and discuss why they are totally head over heels about this new game on the block called Android: Netrunner the Card Game published by Fantasy Flight Games. SHOW GUIDE: 0:38 Introduction 2:50 The Netrunmancer's Backgrounds 20:48 Announcements 32:53 For the Love of the Game LINKS: Dark Tower Card Game DB Deckbuilder Send us feedback at!


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