The Judge Neil Show show

The Judge Neil Show

Summary: The Judge Neil Show is a spiritual comedy where Judge Neil does Fun Psychic Readings and gives Mostly Good Advice. Call into the show at 417-800-2999 Mon,Tue,Thur,Sat at 9pm PST and Sundays at 5pm PST. Visit the website at or his facebook page at

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 The Judge Neil Show #423 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Show 423 February 2, 2013 9pm PST Sandy calls in and gives Judge Neil a warning about messing with Raspberry Gatoraid. So you're saying I SHOULD piss off Techno Gatoraid? Nok there are are good things that have come out of a bad situation. You're twisting my words again. Annette calls in to the Show after breaking up with her hoey man. DJ Malone calls in. He is such a patient man and his new single derriere is going to be a hit and BTW don't watch Paranormal Activity by yourself late at night. Don't piss off Candy aka Metro Micrograve. Miranda calls in a starts picking on everyone. Judge Neil you were psychic before the womb. Oh Sheila calls in on the correct number.

 The Judge Neil Show #422 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Show 422 Thursday, February 28, 2013 9pm PST. Judge Neil and Sandy discus Mercury's Retrograde. (there he said it. It's his gift to you Sandy.) Courtney calls back for more punishment and some advice about her job hunt. If your mom says you look like a tramp, then you know you're dressed right for the interview and go and buy a red thong. What about a job as a phone sex operator? You could make a lot of money from home lying in your Bed. That sounded sooo wrong. Sharon calls in a show us how to do it. WWSD What would Sharon do? Lie, lie and lie. Rate the Judge Neil Show on iTunes give it five stars. Fill out the podcast survey and praise the Show to the sky. No constructive criticism needed here. Just say wonderful things and remember WWSD. Jenny/Grimace calls in to hang out. You know you've made it big when people ask "Aren't you Grimace?"


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Rickthunder says:

The Judge Neil Show is a one of a kind Spiritual Comedy Call-in Talk Show. Judge Neil reads from a custom tarot deck that he made himself and dishes out advice ranging from mostly good to somewhat inappropriate. His specialties are psychic stalking straying lovers, clearing booby chakras and whoring out his Facebook page. An entourage of regulars call in to help with readings and new callers are encouraged to call in, but please "don't molest the psychic". Tons of fun.