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Summary: NextStuff Now is hosted by Chris Tolles Vice President of Topix.Net. Each week get a sneak peak behind closed doors to speak with the people who are developing new technology, products and services for the internet. You need to plan ahead for your success...this is where to start!

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 Understanding Financial Modeling to Create Better User Experiences with Soren Ryherd | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 00:31:33

Understanding Financial Modeling to Create Better User Experiences with Soren Ryherd as Tim Ash speaks to the founder of Working Planet about the need to better understand the value of your customer segments, and how that informs your CRO and what you should be willing to pay for traffic. He also explores how Soren was arrested for accidentally wandering across the border into Saudi Arabia.

 Biggest Mistakes and Best Moves You Can Make In Affiliate Marketing Today | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 00:34:05

Listen as Jonathan Miller, CEO of Forge Business and OfferForge.com, Shares with James Martell the Biggest Mistakes and the Best Moves You Can Make In Affiliate Marketing Today! Miller has been working in the online marketing and the affiliate management industry since 1997 as an affiliate marketing mavin. He is a popular international conference speaker, blogger, and strategist. He is based in South Africa and he founded his business out of his garage in 2001 with no funding and no employees.

 The Little Book of Big Change | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 00:28:12

Byron White speaks with the author of The Little Book of Big Change: The No-Willpower Approach to Breaking Any Habit, Amy Johnson. Johnson is a psychologist and life coach who works with clients worldwide through individual coaching, workshops, and retreats. She has been a regularly featured expert on The Steve Harvey Show and Oprah.com, as well as in The Wall Street Journal and Self magazine.

 Is Gender Diversity Profitable | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 00:44:37

Today on Purse Strings Maria Reitan is joined by Marcus Noland, executive vice president and director of studies at the Peterson Institute for International Economics and a nonresident senior fellow at the East-West Center. He co-wrote the working paper from PIIE called “Is Gender Diversitiy Profitable? Evidence from a Global Study.” His co-authors are Tyler Moran is a research analyst at the Peterson Institute. Barbara Kotschwar is adjunct professor of Latin American studies and economics at Georgetown University. She was research fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

 Hacking the Core with Tom Nora | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 00:48:12

Internet Entrepreneur,  Front End Consultant, Tech Business Strategist, Nighttime code monkey, Author, Photographer and Blogger Tom Nora returns to CLBR to discuss his new e-book, “Hacking the Core” Tom joins us today to talk about his soon to be released book, “Hacking the Core” which deals with key themes such as innovate, entrepreneur, Porsche, Steve Jobs and Apple, robots, Google and fear.  Tom explains that: Hacking The Core (HTC) is a term I hacked from software engineering, specifically from pre-built CMS Open Source projects that advise the opposite.  “Don’t Hack The Core.” It’s the foundation of my structured theory of innovation.

 Bing Reports One-Quarter Of Searches Are Voice Search Queries | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 00:44:02

Bing reports One-Quarter Of Searches Are Voice Search Queries as one in four searches on the Windows 10 taskbar using Bing are voice queries. Plus: The State of Mobile Web – US 2015  Google is testing a radical change by turning people's search results blackLocal Businesses: How Google Displays Search Analytics Data in Search Console  Google Search Console updates the Search Analytics report & adds Knowledge Graph, local & Rich Snippets  Google: We prefer short URLs   and  Don’t Nofollow Your Own Internal Links  How to Build an SEO Strategy for E-Commerce

 SEO and Its Connection to Social Media | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 00:29:10

The Bruce Clay team discusses SEO and Its Connection to Social Media. Though marketers do not use social media for PageRank or link equity, social media is still critical to digital marketing The team focuses on how search engines are taking into account the social media footprint of a brand.

 Google AdWords Expanded Headlines Now Live | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 00:39:56

Google AdWords Expanded Headlines Now LiveGoogle Adds New “Instant Content” Feature in Search ResultsGoogle brings back in-depth articles to search results after 17-day outagePPC spend impacting SEO CTR for generic termshttps://lseo.com/5-essentials-creating-content-strategy/Creating a Content Strategy? Don’t Forget These 5 EssentialsGoogle Webspam Report: Google Manually Penalized 500 Sites Per Hour In 2015Prominence as a New Local SEO Ranking Signal

 Mapping Content to Buying Stages with Arnie Kuenn | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 00:32:22

Mapping Content to Buying Stages with Arnie Kuenn as Tim Ash speaks with the CEO of Vertical Measures about creating appropriate content for each stage of the buying journey, millennial content consumption, and Arnie's dream of living on a sail boat... don't miss it!

 Patent on Reasonable Searchers | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 00:55:56

Jim and Dave interview patent guru Bill Slawski from SEO By The Sea on a recently granted patent on reasonable searchers. They discuss the significant impact on link calculations this patent introduces as well as what webmasters need to know to maximize the impact on their energies. Plus, Jim and Dave also discuss : Getty Images EU Lawsuit against GoogleFTC Anti-Trust investigation against GoogleThe announcement that Webmaster Radio has re-branded as Cranberry Radio

 Spend Less to Earn More with OfferCraft | File Type: audio/x-mp3 | Duration: 00:34:11

Today on Mobile Presence Shahab Zargari and Peggy Anne Salz are joined by Aron Ezra, Chief Executive Officer of OfferCraft. Most incentives fail, OfferCraft is an extraordinary new incentive platform that creates more business and higher customer satisfaction. OfferCraft begins generating repeat visits, prompting additional spending, and unlocking key insights about your organization. They help you spend less to earn more.


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