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Summary: Welcome to the TeacherCast Podcasting Network. Join host Jeff Bradbury (@TeacherCast) and the worlds finest educators and educational technology creators as we discuss the latest in educational tech and pedagogy. Our goal is to help you find and use the right educational technology for your classroom. Subscribe today to this podcast feed to receive all of our shows in one single location.

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 Reimagining Schools: Featuring Greg Goins | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 30:47

In this episode of Educational Podcasting Today we welcome school administrator and podcaster Dr. Greg Goins on the podcast to discuss the importance educational leadership and podcasting on school administrators and how they they can bring podcasting and personalized professional development into their inner circle.  Dr. Goins is the host of the brand new Reimagine Schools Podcast that can be found on Apple Podcasts and other fine audio platforms. If you are a new listener to TeacherCast, we would love to hear from you.  Please visit our Contact Page and let us know how we can help you today! In this episode, we discuss: The Reimagine Schools Podcast New Podcast Brand new show vs updating your original concept Learning from your first show to create an even better second show The difference between K12 and Higher Ed Are HigherEd Schools ready for today's digital students? Are students ready for today's Higher Ed colleges and universities Podcasting for School Administrators How to reimagine your school district or buildings How to define challenges How to sell the concept of change How to be a leader amongst leaders Ted Dintersmith – New Book The Difficulty of creating change in a culture How to find the next leader amongst a school of teachers How to find the next leader in an interview process About our Guest Dr. Greg Goins is the Director of the Educational Leadership Program at Georgetown College (KY) and serves as a Professor in the Department of Education. Prior to working in higher education, he spent 15 years as a school district superintendent in Illinois and has a wealth of K-12 experience as a former teacher, coach, athletic director, principal and elected school board member. Dr. Goins is a popular speaker and presenter on Digital Leadership and is the host of the Reimagine Schools Podcast. Links of Interest * www.drgreggoins.com * Voxer: ggoins * Twitter: @DrGregGoins * Twitter (Podcast): @RSPodcast_ * Facebook: www.facebook.com/drgreggoins * Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drgreggoins Subscribe to Dr. Goins Podcast Hosted by Dr. Greg Goins, the Reimagine Schools Podcast features many of the nation's top educators, authors and innovators in P-12 education. Join the conversation as we “reimagine” how Future Ready Schools can transform learning for a new generation of connected students. Follow our Podcast The TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Network | @TeacherCast Educational Podcasting Today Podcast | @PodcastingToday Follow our Host Jeff Bradbury | @JeffBradbury Explore these Resources In this episode, we mentioned the following resources: Learn how to create your own Podcasts with these great resources from TeacherCast

 The Importance of being organized while working in Multiple Buildings | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 28:08

In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Nick and Jeff take a look at several great ways to stay digitally organized while being an Instructional Technology Coach in multiple school buildings.   In this episode, we discuss: Reflections from Episode 11: “Three Things Every Tech Coach Needs To Start The School Year” Website Thoughts Free vs Paid Websites For School For Home To Build a Brand Recommendations Preparing Staff Members for the New School Year Creating Summertime PD that has a year-long effect on classroom instruction How to keep Digitally Organized when working in multiple buildings Adding things to you (Nick Add Here)Schoology now has a Google Assignments feature that will create a folder in your Google Drive with all assignments created within. Add Links to Schoology Posts Organizing at the Top Level First Naming Digital Files Properly Understanding the “DELETE ME” File Naming system Adding (not moving) files and folders Just 10 Minutes a day keeps the craziness away On the Next Episode How to create an Instructional Technology Self-Assessment for your staff Follow our Podcast The TeacherCast Educational Network | @TeacherCast Ask the Tech Coach Podcast | @AsktheTechCoach Website: www.AskTheTechCoach.com Follow our Hosts Jeff Bradbury | @JeffBradbury Nicholas Amaral | @NamaralEDU Join the Conversation Our favorite part of recording a live podcast each week is participating in the great conversations that happen on our live chat, on social media, and in our comments section.   This weeks question is: When working with teachers in your school district, what advice do you give them for keeping digitally organized? When working with teachers in your school district, what advice do you give them for keeping digitally organized?#ETCoaches #EduCoach #EdTech #Edchat #LearnWithTC #AskTheTechCoach@NamaralEDU @TeacherCast @ISTETC — Jeff Bradbury (TeacherCast) (@AskTheTechCoach) August 14, 2018 Explore these Resources In this episode, we mentioned the following resources: Google

 Successful Marketing for the New Podcaster | Featuring Dorothy Illson | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:33

In this episode of Educational Podcasting Today, we welcome podcaster Dorothy Illson on the program who shares successful marketing tips for podcasters and teachers looking to build a brand from their podcast.  Dorothy is an experienced Facebook advertiser and product marketer with a brand new podcast called Do Well and Do Good. If you are a new listener to TeacherCast, we would love to hear from you.  Please visit our Contact Page and let us know how we can help you today! In this episode, we discuss: Starting a New Podcast Lessons learned as a new podcaster Best advice given Best advice you could give someone Podcast Movement 2018 Marketing and Branding 101 Beating the Algorithm Should Podcasters Market Themselves on Social Media? How to successfully navigate Facebook How to create value from your podcast, website, or brand Should we charge for our products and services? How to create an ever-evolving podcast About our Guest Dorothy is a digital marketer and podcaster who aims to show people that creating massive financial success and making a massive impact can go hand in hand. Dorothy abandoned her planned career as an accountant to work for a start-up after college instead. At 25 years old, after just over 3 years there, she ventured out on her own founding Needle's Eye Media, a full-service Facebook advertising agency. Dorothy's agency broke through 5 figures a month in revenue in its first 5 months and has continued to grow from there – succeeding in her goal of building an annual six-figure business in her first year. More recently, Dorothy launched the podcast Do Well & Do Good, which tells the stories of people who have not only created success professionally but who have chosen to leverage that success to increase their positive impact on the world. She gives back 10% of her income to charities voted on each month by her Do Well & Do Good podcast audience. Links of Interest Website Facebook LinkedIn Instagram Subscribe to Dorothy’s Podcast http://dowellanddogood.co/links Follow our Podcast The TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Network | @TeacherCast Educational Podcasting Today Podcast | @PodcastingToday Follow our Host Jeff Bradbury | @JeffBradbury Explore these Resources In this episode, we mentioned the following resources: Learn how to create your own Podcasts with these great resources from TeacherCast Join our brand new Facebook Page! Join our PLN Are you enjoying the TeacherCast Network, please share your thoughts with the world by commenting on iTunes today? I enjoy reading and sharing your comments on the podcast each week. Let’s Work Together Host: Jeff Bradbury @TeacherCast | @JeffBradbury

 3 Things Every Technology Coach Should Have Set Up BEFORE The School Year Starts | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 35:08

Congratulations, it’s a new school year and you are about to walk into the new term as an Instructional Technology Coach.   The first thing that usually goes through your mind is a ton of questions. What is a Tech Coach? What does my school district think a tech coach is? How will my staff find me and my thoughts and ideas? What is most important to any Tech Coach is the ability to hit the ground running on the first day.   But how do you do this? There are many blog posts that agree that the most important thing that you need when starting your school year is an open mind and the ability to make positive relationships?  I absolutely agree that strong working relationships are the key to any successful Instructional Technology program. But what can we do before we meet our staff members?   The best thing that we can do when we meet our staff members is to be completely engaged in their needs and be ready to meet their challenges hand in hand.  Your role as an Instructional Technology Coach is to make the teachers life a little bit easier and the only way you can do this is if you walk into the new school year with these three things neatly tucked into your back pocket. 1) Instructional Technology Website When starting off the school year, it’s important to have an organized collection of resources from which you can not only deploy at a moment’s notice but share with your staff when they are seeking support.   When planning your website, it’s important to remember that you are creating this website for your teachers and NOT for yourself.  You don’t want to make the mistake of creating the perfect website that you adore but is not useful and friendly to your teachers. When planning your website, think about the low hanging fruit in your district and ask yourself if THEY will be able to find what they need when you send them a link to your resource site. Here are a few options from which you can build your resource website WordPress Over the last few years, WordPress has grown into a pretty amazing platform. So much so, that WordPress as an online environment now incorporates more than 29% of the entire internet.   So why not use it for your Tech Coach website? For many, it’s simply overkill.  Too many things moving around and too much time to keep it all organized with its many plugins and website themes.  However, if you are looking to use WordPress for your Tech Coach blog, then here are some solutions that you might be interested in. For more information about WordPress, check out our online resources today. Edublogs If you are seeking a very easy to learn WordPress solution, I strongly suggest checking out EduBlogs.  Hosting more than 4 MILLION educational websites, it’s one of the easiest and safest ways to create your home blog, or your tech coach website. WordPress.com A few years ago, I wouldn’t consider sharing WordPress.com on a review post such as this.  However, recently, the mighty home of all things WP has grown up greatly.  For free, WordPress.com has several free themes and options available for using the world's most popular web platform.   *

 Bethany Petty: How to enhance learning through technology integration | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:30

In this episode of the TeacherCast Podcast, we welcome teacher and author Bethany Petty on the podcast to discuss how teachers are creating engaging and dynamic lessons with technology in their classrooms.  Together we discuss Blended Learning, Flipped Learning, Gamification, and her new book Illuminate from EdTechTeam Press. In this episode, you will learn: What is the state of Instructional Technology in today's classrooms? Much easier for students to be creators Music easier for students to use the technology they carry with them “Technology is an awesome tool to enhance learning” Where do teachers start if they are scared to start? Technology is not “one more thing to do” it really is about student learning Great Educational Resources Google Classroom Student and Parent Feedback Makes digital teaching easier Easy to share work with parents EdPuzzle Embed questions and formative assessment in a video Flipgrid Interactive Video Platform Teaching students to reflect and provide feedback Flipped Learning In-Classroom vs Out of Classroom How to Flip your Flipped Classroom Hyperdocs vs Classroom Website Blended Learning Using Technology purposefully and with a specific intent to enhance learning Gamification About our Guest Bethany J. Petty is a Christian, mother, wife, full-time high school teacher, adjunct instructor of educational technology, reader, runner, blogger, and coffee junkie. She regularly blogs at Teaching with Technology, where she shares resources, ideas, EdTech tools, tips and tricks, and reflections from her flipped/gamified high school social studies classroom. Petty’s blog was recently listed as one of EdTech Magazine’s 50 K–12 IT Blogs to Read. She was named a finalist in EdTech Digest’s 2017 Awards in the School Leader category and was listed as one of the top one hundred Flipped Learning teachers worldwide in 2017. She was a Spotlight Educator at the 2018 METC conference and was recently awarded the 2018 VFW National Citizenship Teacher of the Year Award. Links of Interest http://usingeducationaltechnology.com Twitter @Bethany_Petty Facebook Pinterest Instagram Follow our Podcast The TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Network | @TeacherCast Follow our Host Jeff Bradbury | @JeffBradbury Join our PLN Are you enjoying the TeacherCast Network, please share your thoughts with the world by commenting on iTunes today? I enjoy reading and sharing your comments on the podcast each week. Let’s Work Together Host: Jeff Bradbury @TeacherCast | @JeffBradbury Email: info@teachercast.net

 Minecraft Education Edition 2018 Updates LIVE from ISTE | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 21:33

In this episode of the Microsoft Innovative Expert: Spotlight Series Podcast, Jeff sits down with Sara Cornish and Trish Cloud from the Minecraft Education team at the Microsoft Education booth.  The big announcement at this years ISTE Conference revolved around the two new updates for Minecraft Education Edition. Topics Include * Minecraft Aquatic Edition * Filing the oceans of Minecraft with marine life * Constructing underwater ships and coral reefs. * How do you “code” a coral reef? * What is Minecraft and how can we use it in the classroom? * An open world game that uses the imagination using unlimited materials * Minecraft Education Website * Integrating Minecraft into your curriculum * How to setup Minecraft servers for your classroom * Minecraft EDU vs Minecraft Commercial * Using Minecraft as an assessment tool * How to “live the history” of your lessons through Minecraft * What can I find on the Minecraft Education website? * Finding Lessons and Resources * Aligning Minecraft to the Standards New Minecraft: Education Edition Lesson Plans This week, the Microsoft Education team released brand new lesson plans to help teachers “dive in.” Learn more about these great resources here. https://www.facebook.com/microsoftineducation/ What’s New In Microsoft EDU Check out the latest episodes of What’s New in Microsoft EDU What’s New for Microsoft Education What’s New in Office 365 What’s New in Minecraft: Education Edition Join the Microsoft EDU TweetMeet on August 21 Join us for another #MSFTEduChat TweetMeet on August 21st at 10 a.m. PDT. This will be a live Twitter chat focused on assisting educators and IT on school and classroom setup in preparation for the new school year. Stay tuned for more info! Read more here Follow our Podcast iTunes: http://www.TeacherCast.net/MIEAudio YouTube: http://www.TeacherCast.net/MIEVideo Show Notes: http://www.TeacherCast.net/MIESpotlight The TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Network | @TeacherCast Follow our Host Jeff Bradbury | @JeffBradbury About our Guests Trish Cloud Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Trish has been working with Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools for ten years first as a Technology teacher at Grand Oak Elementary now as Coordinator of School Partnerships at the district level. She began with a Minecraft club seven years ago and has been growing the use of Minecraft: Education Editon across curriculum ever since. She is a Global Minecraft Mentor, MIE, and Google Certified Educator. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram @trishcloud Links of interest

 Coding for K12: A useful teaching tool for all teachers | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 6:40

Welcome to Beyond the Hour of Code, I am your host Dr. Sam Patterson, makerspace teacher and author of Programming in the Primary Grades, Beyond the Hour of Code. Not everyone is super excited about coding, especially teachers. My love is learning, self-directed, creative, expressive learning. Code and things you can code are just one of the many tools I use in my space. (I have not yet written the beyond material for sewing and puppets, it is coming)- So what I want to chat about today, the conversation I want to start is about what code is doing in our classes, and how we, as teachers, can respond to the public pressure to code in a way that serves our highest pedagogical goals. I talk about those a bunch my “Highest Pedagogical Goals” These are big picture goals like “Teach kids to read” “help kids develop the social skills to treat each other with kindness” The simple fact is that unless you are teaching a computer science class, you won’t be teaching your kids to code so that they can learn about coding. Also- You will have to teach some of your kids to code. My school is an award winner in tech integration, and my students complain that I don’t teach them enough code before asking them to do things with it. This is true. I give direct instruction and practice short shrift and I rush to building something that does something for someone. I interrupt them as they work to show them specific things and as they learn things I didn’t know I have them teach the class. This isn’t comfortable for most of us. Have you seen the drawing of a person with a circle around them labeled “comfort zone” and the  X far outside the circle that says “You Are Here?” This is the land of coding in elementary school. While some of the kids and some of the teachers enjoy the challenge of logic puzzles and the rewards built into them, for many teacher and students the coding games and tutorials we find have little relationship to the world beyond the screen. They feel disconnected, and generic, and cutesy, like a worksheet. What I strive for instead is a learning experience that takes a simple concept and uses the code platform to play with the concept and connect with other learning we have been doing. Sometimes this might be a ScratchJr “code the aquarium” challenge to have the kids learn loops and apply what they have been learning about fish. Other times we might use a hummingbird robotics kit to recreate a scene from the Berenstain Bears classic  “The Spooky Old Tree.” Instead of relying on the leveled app or challenge to engage the kids, I build my own frame. I create a lousy sample program.* (Always make a minimum, or don’t show them your fancy work,  I find that “I could do better than that” is a really productive mindset for kids, especially when compared to “I could never do anything that cool”) I show the kids the lousy sample and leave the code where they can get it to copy, modify, remix, etc. I do this because I want the kids in my class to spend the time in my class to do things that are specific to my class. I don’t want kids sitting in an app they could do anywhere clicking through screens, that is just giving my time away to an app builder in hopes that their app meets my learning goals. Often the only goal this meets is the external demand for coding. When our schools and communities call for “coding for all” or “coding in every classroom,” our job as teachers is to make sure that coding, like every other tool that enters our classroom, serves the highest goals we have for our students during the time we share. I find that focusing on the job the coding is doing (to show, to explain, to model, to storytelling, to control something) more than the code itself – keeps my kids focused on the higher goals. This allows them access to success even if there is something not yet working with the programming. If you only define success by who makes it to level...

 Should education come to tech ... or should tech come to education? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:00:26

What is the value of educational technology in the classroom? Should EdTech companies be spending more time in our classrooms learning how we teach? Or … should they be coming up with new and innovative programs and gadgets for us to be teaching … with? In this episode of the TeacherCast Podcast, we take a look at the ISTE Conference.  Joining me on the program are three educators with unique perspectives on not just today's educational landscape, but on how edtech should be used in today's classrooms.   We you at the ISTE Conference this year? We would love to hear your thoughts on today's podcast or on how you found this years conference. Please leave us a comment below. In today's episode we discuss: What excited you about ISTE this year? New to ISTE 2018 EdTech Advisor Program powered by LearnPlatform Standout Presentations / Sessions How do you spend the majority of your time at ISTE? What trends did you notice on the show floor or in presentations? Are school district and educator needs being met by today’s edtech marketplace? What can edtech companies do differently to make sure they are meeting the needs of students? What do you hope to see at ISTE next year? Advice for anyone thinking about going to ISTE or another mega-conference in the future? Follow our Podcast The TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Network | @TeacherCast Follow our Host Jeff Bradbury | @JeffBradbury About our Guests Michele Haiken Currently middle school English teacher at Rye Middle School in Rye, New York, and an adjunct professor in the Literacy Department at Manhattanville College, Dr. Haiken has been teaching for the past twenty years.  She is the author of Personalized Reading: Digital Tools and Strategies to Support All Learners (ISTE, 2018) and editor of the book Gamify Literacy (ISTE: March 2017). Dr. Haiken is the author of the blog The Teaching Factor and has presented at numerous conferences including the National Council of Teachers of English, ISTE, and many others on topics relating to literacy, technology, and global collaboration. * Website: http://theteachingfactor.com * Twitter: @teachingfactor Dr. Amanda Cadran Director of Implementation, Lea(R)n Amanda Cadran leads the implementation team for Lea(R)n, the creators of LearnPlatform. She uses her 10+ years of classroom teaching, curriculum development and technology director experience to empower educational organizations of all shapes and sizes to organize, streamline and analyze their edtech. Amanda earned her BA and MA from Lehigh University and her PhD from North Carolina State University in curriculum and instruction with a focus on instructional technology. In her work, she most enjoys finding the intersection between research, educational policy and classroom practice. Amanda has worked as a research fellow and consultant with the International Association of K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and has experience deploying school, district and state-level edtech-focused initiatives. * Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/amanda-cadran-phd/ * Twitter: 

 Microsoft Education and Flipgrid LIVE from ISTE 2018 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 25:32

On this episode of the Microsoft Innovative Educator Spotlight Series Podcast, we are LIVE from the ISTE Conference from Chicago Illinois.  I had the opportunity to learn about what is happening today with Microsoft Education with two great conversations with members of the Microsoft Education team. My first interview is with Corporate Vice President of Education, Eran Megiddo.  Together we talk about the landscape of education and how Microsoft technologies are fitting into the hands of students of all ages. My second interview is with Joey Taralson from Flipgrid.  In this conversation, we discuss the new partnership between Flipgrid and Microsoft and what it means for thousands of teachers and students worldwide. What's New at Microsoft EDU? What’s New in Microsoft Education BBC Movie “BBC Oceans” Ocean Lesson Plans / Hacking STEM / Minecraft Microsoft Hack the Classroom Microsoft Education has #FlipgridFever Why should students be engaged through Audio and Video? STEM Education / STEM Saturdays Microsoft Retail Stores The MIE Program What is the vision of education for Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella? Windows 10 S Devices and Accessories “Empowering Everyone to Achieve More” What is Flipgrid? Created a few years ago in Minnesota, Flipgrid is a video platform that allows students and teachers to share ideas and learn together.  Building on the concept of personalized learning, Flipgrid has grown into the goto video learning platform in more than 150 countries. The mission of Flipgrid is to “Empower learners of all ages to define their voices, share their voices, and respect the diverse voices of overs.” In a message heard around the world, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced that Flipgrid would be joining the Microsoft family on June 18. Follow our Podcast * iTunes: http://www.TeacherCast.net/MIEAudio * YouTube: http://www.TeacherCast.net/MIEVideo * Show Notes: http://www.TeacherCast.net/MIESpotlight * The TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Network | @TeacherCast Follow our Host * Jeff Bradbury | @JeffBradbury Join our PLN Are you enjoying the TeacherCast Network, please share your thoughts with the world by commenting on iTunes today? I enjoy reading and sharing your comments on the podcast each week. Let’s Work Together * Host: Jeff Bradbury @TeacherCast | @JeffBradbury * Email: info@teachercast.net * Voice Mail: http://www.TeacherCast.net/voicemail * YouTube: http://www.TeacherCast.net/YouTube * iTunes: http://www.TeacherCast.net/iTunes Check Out More TeacherCast Programming * TeacherCast Podcast (http://www.teachercast.net/tcp)

 LEGO Education Master Educator | ISTE 2018 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:39:21

This year at ISTE, I had the amazing opportunity to join 90 educators from across the United States as a member of the first cohort of the LEGO Education Master Educator program.  The LEGO Educator Master Educator Program is a network of educators who use LEGO Education solutions in their classroom to inspire their students. On this week's podcast, we share more than a dozen interviews that I had the opportunity to do with these amazing educators and together we share several great ways that you can use LEGO Education products in your classroom.  Personally, I have been working with teachers in my district using the Mindstorm EV3 kits and have very much enjoyed watching our students learn some of the building blocks of coding and programming. Learn More about LEGO Education * Website: education.lego.com * What is Lego Education? * LEGO Education Master Educator Program * Meet the Master Educators * Twitter @Lego * Find Support * Find Funding for your Classroom * Classroom Lesson Plans * FREE Downloadables * LEGO Education Academy LEGO Master Educator Guests Mathieu Campet School Based Technology Specialist – Wolftrap Elementary School, Vienna, VA Mathieu Campet is a STEAM Teacher and School Based Technology Specialist in Fairfax County Public Schools. He studied Early Childhood Education at James Madison University (undergrad), Integration of Technology in Education at George Mason University (M.Ed) and has completed many courses in Education Administration at the University of Virginia. He has been a teacher his whole life. From teaching his little brother how to jump on a bed, giving swim lessons at the local pool, to spending the last 15 years in the classroom (K, 1st, Technology & STEAM), it has been his life’s passion! Brian Lachance School Based Technology Specialist – Keene Mill Elementary School, Springfield, VA Brian Lachance is in his 7th year as a school-based technology specialist for Fairfax County Public Schools, Virginia. He works with students and teachers daily to bring 21st century learning to all. He is married with a 7-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son. In his free time, he enjoys all sports, particularly running and soccer. Christopher Colson 21st Century Technology Teacher – Goff Middle School, Pawtucket, RI Christopher Colson has been married to his wife, Kelly, for 22 years. They have 3 children: Kayla 20, Sarah 17, and Ryan 13. He is a sports fan,

 Is Creativity and Innovation Alive in Today's Classrooms? - Featuring John and Desi Kao | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 21:16

This year at the ISTE Conference, I had the opportunity to catch up with John Kao, a man dubbed “Mr. Creativity” by The Economist.  John and I first met a few years back and spent some time together during an event in Seattle and I have always been fascinated by not only his point of view on today's educational landscape but by the way he is able to very clearly make sense of many of the things we take for granted every day in our classrooms. This year, John wasn't alone.  He brought his son Desi with him to the conference and it was a pleasure getting to meet Desi and as you will hear in this interview, Desi has a very similar sense of creativity and wonder about his surroundings just like his father has. Conversation Topics Include * What is Innovation in 2018? * Is Innovation about “doing” or “thinking” * What can teachers do to become more innovative? * Are teachers the “heros” of innovation? * Shat does Innovative Professional Development look like? * What is Edgemakers doing in classrooms worldwide? * How do we transform some of the issues facing education today? * What is Authentic Education? Who is John Kao? John Kao has spent the better part of 30 years creating compelling learning experiences for emerging innovators and entrepreneurs. His eclectic career mirrors the complexity of innovation and entrepreneurship. He was a professor at Harvard Business School, and he taught at the MIT Media Lab and Stanford’s Bowman House. John is the Global Innovation Advisor to the World Economic Forum (WEF), past Chairman of the WEF’s Global Advisory Council on Innovation and an advisor to countries on innovation policy. A best-selling author of books about innovation, John is also a Tony award-winning producer of stage and screen, Yamaha Music’s first “artist in innovation” and a Yale Medical School trained psychiatrist. Each experience has enriched his pedagogical approach. Dubbed “Mr. Creativity” and a “serial innovator” by The Economist, John Kao is a renaissance man and self-styled “innovation activist” whose creativity forms the DNA of EdgeMakers. Follow John on Twitter @johnkao About Edgemakers Founded by John Kao, EdgeMakers is an organization that empowers students to think more creatively and work on problems more effectively, so they become highly skillful innovators and entrepreneurs who can make a difference in the world. The company’s education programs are designed to supply the “missing ingredients” in formal education and close the gaps between current curriculum and future readiness. EdgeMakers believes every student can learn to be an innovator by combining their inherent creativity with a purpose that takes an idea to innovation and drives meaningful change.

 A Guide to ISTE 2018 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 58:05

In this episode of the TechEducator Podcast, we take a look at this years ISTE conference.  Learn how 6 of educations top EDU Podcasters will be attending and manipulating through hundreds of hours of presentations, networking events, and vendor demonstrations and learn how YOU can connect with those on the conference floor if you are #NOTATISTE. In this episode, we discuss: All About Iste Please add conference links and socials ISTE Tag #NotatISTE Please add #NotAtISTE links and such Transformative Leadership Summit – online only leadership conference for all educators, not just titled leaders: theme is empowerment. Great Sessions not to Miss IGNITE Sessions Top Tech Tools for Coaches Tips for Surviving at ISTE Social Events to Look Forward To EdTech Karaoke Carl Hooker’s Poetry Slam How to conquer the Vendor Floor Recognize that it is in their best interest to talk to someone who is going to make them money. Don’t waste their time, and don’t waste your time. Dan’s padlet – https://padlet.com/dankreiness/tools4coaches #PassTheScopeEdu and passthescopeedu.com #NotAtISTE #ISTETag18 https://sites.google.com/view/istetag18/home Ventra app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ventrachicago.riderapp Follow our Podcast The TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Network | @TeacherCast The TechEducator Podcast | @TechEdShow Visit the TechEducator Podcast  | www.TechEducatorPodcast.com Follow our Hosts Jeff Bradbury | @JeffBradbury Dr. Sam Patterson | @SamPatue Jennifer Judkins | @TeachingForward Josh Gauthier | @MrGFactoftheDay Rob Pennington | @RobPennington9 Jennifer Giffen | @VirtualGiff Nicholas Amaral | @Namaraledu About our Guests Dr. Will Dr. Will, as he is affectionately known as, is a recognized digital leader who is all in on the power of mobile to support this Netflix generation of learners.

 Cleaning and Organizing your Digital Classroom for the Next School Year | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 34:01

In this episode of the TechEducator Podcast, we take a look at 10 great ways to prepare your digital classroom for the summer. In this episode, we discuss: Google Sites: Duplicate Google Sites and Start Fresh Google Classroom/Schoology: Archive Old Courses Google Drive: Cleaning Your Drive Find a spot for “Shared With Me” documents Google Drive: Rename files to similar names based on chapter / projects Google Drive: Unstar and Recolor folders Google Forms: Delete All Responses, Unlink, Relink Google Calendar: Hide Old Calendars Gmail: Archive Old Email Organize your Bookmarks Use Evernote to organize your thoughts Other: Getting Some Reading Done- What School Could Be– Ted Dintersmith Follow our Podcast The TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Network | @TeacherCast The TechEducator Podcast | @TechEdShow Visit the TechEducator Podcast  | www.TechEducatorPodcast.com Follow our Hosts Jeff Bradbury | @JeffBradbury Dr. Sam Patterson | @SamPatue Nicholas Amaral | @Namaraledu * Jon Samuelson | @JonSamuelson Join our PLN Are you enjoying the TeacherCast Network, please share your thoughts with the world by commenting on iTunes today? I enjoy reading and sharing your comments on the podcast each week. Let’s Work Together Host: Jeff Bradbury @TeacherCast | @JeffBradbury Email: info@teachercast.net Voice Mail: http://www.TeacherCast.net/voicemail YouTube: http://www.TeacherCast.net/YouTube iTunes: http://www.TeacherCast.net/iTunes Check Out More TeacherCast Programming TeacherCast Podcast (http://www.teachercast.net/tcp) Educational Podcasting Today (http://www.educationalpodcasting.today) The TechEducator Podcast (http://www.techeducatorpodcast.com) Ask The Tech Coach (http://www.AskTheTechCoach.com) View LIVE Professional Development from TeacherCast Join us LIVE every Wednesday at 8:30 PM EST: http://www.TeacherCast.tv Need a Presenter? Jeff Bradbury (@TeacherCast) is available as a Keynote Speaker, Presenter, or to Broadcast your conference LIVE!

 How to use Social Media to Build Your Educational Network | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 34:17

In this episode of the TechEducator Podcast, we welcome Lyn Hilt on the podcast to discuss Social Media and how it has evovled over the last decade for educators worldwide.

 How to Start a Successful Podcast in 2018: A Guide for Beginners featuring @GonnaGeek | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:16:38

Have you ever wondered how to start a successful podcast? In this episode of Educational Podcasting Today, we welcome Stephen Jondrew and Stargate Pioneer a.k.a. SP from the GonnaGeek Podcasting Network on the show to talk all things Podcasting and all things Geek! If you are a new listener to TeacherCast, we would love to hear from you.  Please visit our Contact Page and let us know how we can help you today!


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