For Those About To Rock show

For Those About To Rock

Summary: For those about to rock, we salute you. If you aren't about to rock and don't really know much about it this is the place to find out.

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 FTATR RockPod 22 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 33:25

Like two little ducks in a row here's number 22 A big thanks to the donating artists. Find them, Like them, Spread The Love. 00:55 - What Can I Do by Cyanide Sundae Cyanide Sundae Official 05:11 – Anger by Sam’s Dice Band Sam's Dice Band @Facebook 08:36 – Nightfall by Punk Junk Joe Punk Junk Joe @Soundcloud 13:16 – Gun Control by Strange Breed Strange Breed @Bandcamp 17:29 – Love is Blind by Hearts Hunters Hearts Hunters @Facebook 21:21 – Moneyshot by Hotstuff and the Eye Candy Hotstuff and the Eyecandy @Facebook 24:39 – Mirror by VALA VALA Official 29:32 – Head Over Heels by SIMA SIMA Official

 FTATR RockPod 21 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 37:50

As always a big thank you to the bands and artists who have given up their hard work for my hobby. Follow, support and repost if you see fit. 1:07 – Didn’t Do by Executive Toys Executive Toys @Bandcamp 6:39 – Guide You In The Dark by Reckless Jacks Reckless Jacks Official 11:07 – The Line by Eliptic Time Machine Eliptic Time Machine @Facebook 14:55 – Clockwork by Rocket To Friday Rocket To Friday @Facebook 18:52 – House of Mirrors by Neon Mountain Neon Mountain @Bandcamp 22:50 – Mixed Race Indiana Marriage by Hero Jr Hero Jr Official 28:45 – Midnight Thoughts by Microscope Vision Microscope Vision @Facebook 34:02 – Needle VS Plastic Straw by SuperStereoDrive SuperStereoDrive @Soundcloud

 FTATR RockPod 20 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 42:06

Number Twenty for your ears! Check out the following Nine bands and give them some support if you like what you hear. Many thanks to the bands for the generous donation of their music. 1:03 - Big Fat City by Rebel Riot Rebel Riot@Bandcamp 5:53 - Dependence by El Camino El Camino@Bandcamp 11:24 - Discard Me by Naga Siren Naga Siren@Bandcamp 14:22 – Arise by Splitflow Splitflow@Bandcamp 19:48 - I.R.D by Biome Biome@Bandcamp 23:22 - Self Salvation by Skeleton Skeleton@ReverbNation 27:46 - The End of Modern Civilisation by Our Existence is Punishment Our Existence is Punishment@Bandcamp 32:35 - Oprichniki by Veles Veles@Facebook 37:00 - Of One Being by Shadow of Acolyte Shadow of Acolyte@ReverbNation

 FTATR RockPod 19 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 46:35

Our last show of 2017, bring on the '18! A big cheers to the bands who donated their work for the nineteenth instalment of RockPod. All the best for the New Year from For Those About To Rock Track Listings 1:01 – Speedy One by Ketamin Ketamin @Bandcamp 5:37 - Whiskey Dust by Rosa Laricchiuta Rosa L - Official 9:46 – The Rover Song by Black Smiths Black Smiths @Facebook 15:21 – The Maze by Blind Hen Blind Hen @Facebook 20.33 – Last Man Standing by Electric Indians Electric Indians @Bandcamp 29:42 – Gluttony by A Very Loud Death A Very Loud Death - Official 33:58 – Breaking Bread by Hollowed Sky Hollowed Sky @Bandcamp 38:25 – Flame by Milagres Milagres - Official 43:25 – God Like You by George George @Facebook

 FTATR RockPod 18 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 49:04

Number 18 and it's a Hard Rock / Metal November for us all. If you like what you hear please do track down the artists. Spread the joy and gives us a repost or a like if you've had a good time. 1:18 – In For The Kill by Project Revival Project Revival @ Bandcamp 4:54 – Unsanctify Me by Hitherside Hitherside @ Bandcamp 9:23 – The Darkness by SwitchBait SwitchBait Official 14:18 – Kick You When You’re Down by Scarred By Name Scarred By Name @ Facebook 19:46 – Fly by Exit Empire Exit Empire Official 23:27 – Hells Gates by Dipped In Whiskey Dipped In Whiskey @ Reverb Nation 27:25 – Detached by Timewaves Timewaves Official 31:45 – Disconnect by Belesduna Belesduna @ Reverb Nation 36:12 – Butcher by Devil Made Me Do It Devil Made Me Do It @ Facebook 40:00 – Ojos De Fuego by Sonora Sonora @ Facebook 45:46 – Unbreakable by Necrometer

 FTATR RockPod 17 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 43:33

Number 17 labelled as Alt Rock but it's lovely mixed bag of types. Spread the love and support your locals bands. 1:23 - Zaida by Pablo and The Appleheads Pablo and The Appleheads 5:27 – Tick Tock by Tom North Tom North 8:18 – The Love He Kept by Tercelvoice Tercelvoice 12:42 – Bangers and Mash by The Explorers Collective The Explorer's Collective @Facebook 15:59 – Wanted Man by Bongley Dead Bongley Dead @YouTube 19:45 – Apneic Delight by Nabucco Dinosaur Nabucco Dinosaur @Bandcamp 26:18 – Time by Paste Paste @Facebook 31:50 – Among The Wires by Vermicious Kind Vermicious Kind @Bandcamp 35:58 – All That Was Ours by Speech Machine Speech Machine 40:36 – I Love You But I Love Me More by Mikayla Mikayla @Reverb Nation

 FTATR RockPod 16 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 38:15

Number 16 and going heavier on this one. Cheers to the bands for their continuing support and contributions. 1:04 - Ashes in the Wind by Kill The Kong Kill The Kong - Website 6:25 - Silent Submission by Screaming Beast Screaming Beast - Website 10:26 - Scars by MadHouse MadHouse @ Soundcloud 14:04 - Let It Go by Sonny Jim Sonny Jim @ Facebook 17:19 - Dogs of War by Kalfar Kalfar - Website 21:19 - Injustice by Stream Change Stream Change @ Facebook 28:00 - Die Before You're Dead by Anima Sola Anima Sola @ Facebook 33:53 - Agarth Found by Astoria Astoria - Website

 FTATR RockPod 15 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 51:51

Number 15! A slightly more Alt Rock & Indie flair to this one. Cheers to all the contributors for the use of their hard work. Like The Sun by Jon Tessier- 1:05 Jon Tessier - Official Not Too Much by Vapor Void - 5:17 Losing Feeling by Them Animals - 9.52 Them Animals - Official Lazy Lizard by Al’Z - 14:37 The Biggest Wave by Rostock - 19:50 If 6 Was 9 by The Anthropophobia Project - 24:29 The Anthropophobia Project @ Bandcamp Miracle by The Thieves - 29:24 The Village by the Sea by Plastic Poetry - 34:29 Gold 99 by After Alice - 38:48 After Alice - Official Einstein by CaptainSIB - 43:51 Death of the Gospel Man by Black Fire Horizon 48.25

 FTATR RockPod 14 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 52:01

Rock Pod number 14. Independent Metal for your ears. Many thanks to all the contributing artists. Find your favourites and follow. Please feel free to repost, like and spread the love. 1:24 - March of Tears by Ill Fated Natives Ill Fated Natives - Official 7:04 - King of the World by RobotsAndMonsters RobotsAndMonsters - Official 11:55 - Reflection by Follow No One Follow No One - Official 16:50 - Evil Heart by Black Star Black Star - Official 21:11 - Chimera by Exzoust Exzoust @ Bandcamp 26:12 - Ghost by Consume The Divide 30:47 - Follow by Prey For You Prey For You @ Bandcamp 35:39 - Retox by None More Evil None More Evil @ Bandcamp 40:08 - The Drowned by Barricade Barricade - Official 43:49 - Dr Doom by Kormorana 48:48 - Evil Within by Decay

 FTATR RockPod 13 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 54:24

11 independent Rock & Metal tracks on RockPod Number 13! Second post due to some tech issues. Thanks to all the artists who donated their hard work. Support your local band. 1:11 - Let's Get A Little High by The Legendary The Legendary @ Bandcamp 5:20 - Too Much by Verity White Verity White @ Patreon 9:23 - Lee Harvey Oswald by kimono kimono @ Wikipedia 14:07 - New Kids by The Wicked Notions The Wicked Notions Official 17:59 - March of Youth by Official 23:11 - Wake Up by Embrace Eleonora Embrace Eleonora @ Bandcamp 28.39 - Fight to Stay Alive by The Outliers 33:28 - Rollin' by Solarium 39.37 - Filhos da Revolta by Levianos Desmemoriados 44:11 - Lost My Heaven by Devil Rabbitz Devil Rabbitz @ itunes 49.09 - Congratulations by Ghost

 FTATR RockPod 12 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 59:57

Episode 12, Rocking & Independent. Many thanks to the artists that donated their hard work. Zireael @ Bandcamp Are We Static Pizzatramp Pata De Cobra @ Facebook Tali Dennerstein @ Bandcamp Red Solar @ Facebook Storm King Adham Roshdy Sages of the Subway @ Facebook Julian Jasper @ Facebook Streek @ Bandcamp Black Pussy @ Bandcamp Confused Head

 FTATR RockPod 11 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:11:19

This one goes up to eleven. Thanks for all the contributions, support your local music scene. Fifth Friend From the Cave Four King Ace @ CDBaby Zedi Forder Landslide @ Bandcamp The New Black - Facebook Shadowpainter Killbite @ Bandcamp Dark Sky Park Akasha - Facebook Stone Age Man Professor Electric's Pandemonium Shadow Show @ Bandcamp Collecting Pool - Facebook Sybiliam

 FTATR RockRadio 10 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:03:47

A big thank you to all the bands who donated their hard work for our tenth instalment. Empyre - Official The Makeshift Project - Facebook Wolf Cellar - Bandcamp Character Assassins - Facebook Hunters - Facebook Feral Sun - Official The Rogue Network - Facebook The Campbell Apartment - Bandcamp Mindbomb - Facebook Eva Plays Dead - Official Ki - Official Burstage - Facebook Scars of Sense - Facebook AnKou - Bandcamp

 FTATR RockRadio9 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:10:38

Number 9 in your ears. Support your local Rock n Metal Jimi Moraes - Facebook Jasper Dan - Facebook Alex Braun Smokestone - Facebook Ансамбль Пятый Корпус - Facebook Panic Island Living Core - Facebook Fad- Facebook Screech Bats - Facebook Nuclear Oath - Facebook Evil Tea - Facebook Funeral Disco- Facebook

 FTATR RockRadio8 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:00:23

Welcome 2017 with some Independent Rock n' Metal A Sense Of Dread - Facebook Pulverise - Facebook Six Nuts - Official Yur Mum - Official Blind Fire Rebels - Facebook The J Conspiracy - Official The Living Strange - Facebook The Mighty Wraith - Official Wooden Nomad - Bandcamp Rapture - Bandcamp Astrometrics - Bandcamp


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