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Technothusiasts Mega Feed (All Shows)

Summary: Technothusiasts is a podcast about what’s going on with technology. What’s a technothusiast? Funny enough, it does not have to do with techno music (sorry techno fans!). Technothusiast is simply defined as someone who is enthused about technology. In the world today, technology is all around us. It’s impossible to get away from it. It’s integrated into our everyday lives. Some people don’t like it. Other people embrace it. We get enthused about it! This podcast is a free for all for anything that is technology. There are no scripts here. Whatever is going on and pops into our heads, we will talk about. In the future, we hope to have guests and also answer tech support questions.

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 The Technothusiasts Show 105: Last Chance | File Type: image/jpg | Duration: Unknown

Today on the show we talk about the original series debuting on Netflix next month, say goodbye to IE6, Wndows Phone marketing push, RIM single Blackberry 10 phone, and the Nook sets holiday sales records. Hosts: Jadon Parker & Heru Amon Sponsor: – use code TECHNO10 to save 10%

 The Technothusiasts Show 104: Dump | File Type: image/jpg | Duration: 1:21:15

Today on the show we talk about AT&T cancels plans to acquire T-Mobile USA, Dish Network getting into the cell phone business, and NTSB recommends full nationwide ban on cellphnone use while driving. We also talk about Samsung not updating the Galaxy S to Android 4.0 and GoDaddy's drama with SOPA. Hosts: Jadon Parker & Heru Amon Sponsor:

 The Technothusiasts Show 103: Out of Bandwidth | File Type: image/jpg | Duration: 1:40:13

Today on the show we talk about the National Defense Authorization Act, Gowalla leaving for Facebook, Microsoft upgrades Xbox Live, and robocalls? We also talk about the Windows Store, AT&T rated worst cell phone carrier, Verizon planning Netflix competitor, HP's WebOS decision, and OnLive released for tablets. Hosts: Jadon Parker & Heru Amon Sponsor: – use code TECHNO10 to save 10%

 My Sovereign World 66: Social Environments | File Type: image/jpg | Duration: Unknown

We are here to educate & inform and give knowledge to those who want to govern their own life and live it on your own terms. We have many resources for those who would like to take advantage of how life, self-empowerment, law, government, USA corporation is working and taking your God given rights. Host: Heru Amon     

 The Technothusiasts Show 102: They Are So Canadian | File Type: image/jpg | Duration: 1:17:22

Today on the show we talk about AT&T pulling T-Mobile's application from the FCC, Secret Android app logging your keystrokes, Spotify apps announced, RIM to offer mobile device management on Android/iOS, and Google Maps 6.0 for Android adds indoor maps. Hosts: Jadon Parker & Heru Amon Sponsor:      

 The Technothusiasts Show 101: Survival | File Type: image/jpg | Duration: 1:05:41

Today on the show we talk about how the FCC says the AT&T/T-Mobile merger is not in the public interest, Kinect for PCs is coming, Windows Phone 7 has 40,000 apps. We also talk about Netflix bringing back Arrested Development, Microsoft to possibly include antivirus in Windows 8, and The Facebook phone. Hosts: Jadon Parker & Heru Amon Sponsor: – use code TECHNO10 to save 10%      

 DesignGrind 02: I Gots Ya Password Fo Ya | File Type: image/jpg | Duration: 31:35

We cover some of the dumb things we do when it comes to passwords and our documents! What kind of music do you listen to when designing...Brim goes over his top 8 songs of the week. The death of Flash and some screen-printing techniques that will help you get by with some of those hard to do projects! Host: Brim Leal     

 DesignGrind 01: Welcome to DesignGrind | File Type: image/jpg | Duration: 21:33

The very first show for DesignGrind! We go over how to become more productive when designing and and hit on some of the latest topics! Check us out. Host: Brim Leal     


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