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The Lesbian Podcast show

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Two lesbians spill the T on queer life in San Francisco.

By j.Church, Charlie, Cory G

The Bi-Quarterly Women's Social Club show

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STARRING: Chris Wilding, Natasha Yorski, Harry Cosenza and Alex Gauthier. The Bi-Quarterly Women's Social Club, a new podcast and all around variety hour of the strange and obscene is ready to be unleashed on a set of headphones near you. Listen and get ready to be engaged as young, nubile 20-somethings openly discuss their sex lives, observations on society, love and everything in between.

By The Bi-Quarterly Women's Social Club

Totem Soup Podcast show

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Humor that is faster than your ISP ans cuts deeper than your Blue-Ray copy of Blade Runner...These guys spin tales of Nightmarish woe from the front lines of your tech support department and geekdom. If you have ever wondered why the code monkeys and phone jockeys of your ISP are surly take a peek behind the firewall and listen to the water cooler talk of love, life, tech, and horror stories too frightening to tell around the camp fire. The host is me, Holytotemic. I'm a geek and tech support agent from Buffalo, NY and also a tech enthusiast. I interview a motley crew of other gamers and geeks weekly in a "sort of" group therapy that usually turns into a monkey Shit Fight. Enjoy!

By Totem Soup Studios

Back In The Dog House show

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This is a podcast about how we get into the Dog House and tips to each other and our listeners about how to get out. We aren't professionals in the relationship game just long standing married men who don't seem to be learning from our own mistakes.

Ash Said It Radio! show

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By Ashbeezy

The Banned Wagon RSS feed show

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We’re an all or nothing Podcast that focuses on extraordinarily explicit stories, packed w/ sex, bad language, Pot & one liners. Please Subscribe on iTunes! We’re Explicit, We’re Taboo, We’re banned.

By DJ Kaoh / Michael Johnson

ThaiValentine.Com show

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The Radio Network is a weekly podcast that discusses the scams and deception practiced by many mail order bride agencies. As a legitimate international matchmaking agency, we will provide you the warning signs you should be aware of before dealing with any company.


The X Show show

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The X Show a free online comedy show. We make fun of everyone and everything. A new show every week.

By The X Show Organization

How to Date Chicks: Podcasts show

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The Breaking Up the Right Way method is for everyone, whether you're just starting to learn how to pick up chicks or an expert. Almost everyone has dumped someone or been dumped, and yes, it's painful. Avoid all the heartache, crying and pain for both individuals by learning this method. Wouldn't it be great to avoid all the common break up mistakes? Learn how to Break Up the Right Way and that can be your life. Through trial and error, I developed a fool proof system to break up without the hurt. It has been tested hundreds of times and it works. In this course you will learn: · How to avoid all the common break up mistakes · How to convert girlfriends into friends · How to remain friends with everyone in her social circle · How to move onto new girlfriends without hurting her · How to have the option to hook up with ex-girlfriends · How women break up with you without you knowing about it Mastering pickup is only half the game. What do you do when you're no longer attracted to her? There are plenty of courses that teach pick up, but this is the first to teach break up. As you become more successful picking up women, you will experience more break ups. Don't start a relationship knowing only half the game. Learn the best exit strategy that women use. That's right; this is a well guarded secret in the female community. Breaking Up the Right Way is how they end relationships, and you are about to learn it. Take the first step towards living free of break up pain. Start living a life full of friends instead of angry ex-girlfriends. Learn to Break Up the Right Way.

By Michael Maxwell

The Insatiable Locksmith show

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view of the world from a locksmith service van

By tony bless