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hentaistigma show

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By hentaistigma

/Film Daily show

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Movie and television news, discussion and analysis from the writers at


Indie Film Grit Podcast show

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Indie Film Grit is a podcast about indie films and indie filmmakers.

By Timothy Patrick

The Senses of Cinema Podcast show

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Senses of Cinema: The Podcast covers a wide ranging discussion of contemporary cinema, retrospectives on films and filmmakers and lively, intelligent debate on the world of cinema and screen. Hosted by editors and writers at the Senses of Cinema journal, the podcast gives readers the chance to take the same smart intelligent discussion from the journal into a mobile, audio format.

By Senses of Cinema

The Tiara Talk Show show

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THE TIARA TALK SHOW is a Disney-themed podcast that includes interviews with those who have worked for The Walt Disney Company.

By Tammy Tuckey

Those Nerds You Know show

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Ethan and Eddy talk about anything they feel like talking about within the wide world of nerd!

By Those Nerds You Know

The Matt and Dave Show show

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The Matt and Dave Show - A Pop Culture Podcast

By The Matt And Dave Show

Random Podcast From Heck show

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GManFromHeck is back talking comic books, TV, movies, and everything else.

By gmanfromheck

Speed Kills show

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After millions of years of evolution, the worldÂ’s fastest predators only need a fraction of a second to kill.

By Smithsonian Channel

The Glengarry Glen Ross Minute show

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Has a movie ever altered the course of your life? Has a writer ever made you feel like you could finally make sense of the perverse poetry in the world? Have you ever taken a dump that made you feel like you just slept for 12 hours? Two persnickety pals and staunch devotees of David Mamet and his seminal work "Glengarry, Glen Ross", take the masterpiece, minute by minute and wrestle it to the ground, one expletive at a time. They break down, with fervor and frustration, all the Design, Direction, Diction and Deceit that this arresting and effective film has to offer. And in turn, using "Glengarry" as a mirror, the fellas reveal all the patter, patience, purturbances and petulance a friendship can stand. Follow us on: Twitter: @gggrminute Facebook: Instagram:

By Bill Winegardner & Matt Zumbo