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QiiBOcast show

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QiiBOcast, el podcast oficial de » Un podcast sobre cultura pop: Tecnología, Cine y Puerto Rico.

By QiiBO

Acting Is... » Notes on Acting show

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The Actor's Online Resource Weekly practical and motivational podcasts of importance to actors. Supplement your acting classes, private study, or your reading with clear and concise talks about acting techniques and approaches that will make your work more interesting for you, your acting partners, and audiences. Subscribe here or via iTunes.

By Eric Barr

Trekabout show

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A persuasive Trekkie somehow convinces a series virgin to go on a seven-year-mission to watch every episode of every Star Trek series. Can someone fall in love with The Original Series 45 years after airing? Is there a worse episode than “The Alternative Factor”? How creepy is Chekov?

By Eric Brasure

Screen Australia: Multi-platform Storytelling show

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Case studies and practical guidance on creating multi-platform strategies for features, TV drama, documentary, game or online projects. Developing a story idea across devices, channels and communities requires an intensive creative process, knowledge of the landscape, and complex production management. These recordings from Screen Australia seminars focus on the core aspects of delivering multi-platform projects, including story, business, community, technology, interaction and design, to help take your idea from page to screen. Screen Australia is the Federal Government's major funding body for the Australian screen production industry. It provides investment for the development and production of Australian film, television, documentary and interactive media, as well as resources for industry and business development.

By Screen Australia

American Masters LENNONYC - Beyond Broadcast | PBS show

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Each podcast will consist of slightly edited interviews conducted for the film American Masters LENNONYC introduced by Susan Lacy, series creator and executive producer of American Masters and a producer of LENNONYC and Michael Epstein, director/writer of LENNONYC. New "episodes" will post weekly every Thursday until the Thursday after broadcast on November 22. The final episode will be a question and answer session using the best questions submitted by users via email. The content will be available on the American Masters Web site ( and iTunes. Users can check back in these locations or subscribe to keep up to date with the newest episodes. The first podcast will feature Jack Douglas talking about his long relationship with John Lennon including his time producing Double Fantasy. A highlight of the interview is Douglas’ account about a probable Beatles reunion for a Ringo album slated to be recorded in early 1981. According to Douglas, Lennon had told him both he and Paul McCartney had signed on to the album and each had written original songs for Ringo. Lennon’s songs, Stepping Out and Nobody Told Me instead appeared on Lennon's posthumous album, Milk and Honey. Slated to appear on later podcasts are Bob Gruen, personal friend and Lennon photographer, Jim Keltner, drums on various Lennon/Ono albums, Elton John, musician, and Yoko Ono, multi-media artist and peace activist.

By American Masters | PBS

Lost Flight 815 Podcast show

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A Podcast Dedicated to ABC's Lost

By Al and Joyce Kessel

Joker's Radio show

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This is radio!

By Jokerette

정은임의 영화음악 팟캐스트 show

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[정은임의 영화음악 팟캐스트]는 정은임 추모사업회(에 게재된 mp3를 재편집하여 만들었습니다. 그 mp3들은 정은임 아나운서의 아버님께서 추모사업회에 전달한 카세트테이프를 민연홍님께서 2004년부터 3년 반동안 파일로 변환한 것입니다. 그 동안 추모사업회를 운영해온 모든 분께 감사드립니다. 모바일을 비롯한 여러 플랫폼에서 손쉽게 방송을 들을 수 있도록 2010년 12월 이 팟캐스트를 작성하였습니다. 정은임 아나운서를 기억하는 모든 분들께 도움이 되었으면 좋겠습니다. (2010년 12월 김석영 @dorati) [+.Apple 공식팟캐스트로 접근시에는 301개의 방송만 보이지만, 데스크탑에 설치하신 itunes에서 로 구독을 추가하시거나, internet exploer 7+, safari 3+, firefox 3+ 버전에서 로 접근하시면 832개의 모든 방송을 들으실 수 있습니다. 팟캐스트를 들을 수 있는 좀 더 자세한 방법은 에서 확인하실 수 있습니다]

By 정은임

Revolution Fan Podcast | audio podcast about the NBC TV Show "Revolution" show

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This is the fan podcast about NBC's show Revolution. We will produce a show after each episode of NBC's Revolution. We will read your email feedback and play your voicemail feedback. We will discuss each new episode: What did we learn? What questions do we have? What do you think is going to happen next? Subscribe and enjoy!

By Tom Snively

Radio Toastbot show

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Winnipeg-based producers Breanna Perrelli and Robert Zirk of Toastbot Media discuss their adventures in media production.

By Toastbot Media