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The Naked Vocalist | Advice and Lessons on Singing Technique, Voice Care and Style - Chris Johnson and Steve Giles show

The Naked Vocalist | Advice and Lessons on Singing Technique, Voice Care and Style - Chris Johnson and Steve GilesJoin Now to Follow

Each month, The Naked Vocalist will delve into the world of singing with industry experts, questions from listeners and specialist episodes. The topics are wide and range from singing technique, style, health, performance, teaching and careers. Hosted by VIP authorised instructors Chris Johnson & Steve Giles, the podcast holds nothing back and aims to give valuable and cutting edge techniques and advice helpful to singers at any stage of their development. Hopefully you will enjoy the series and find it useful. Please do leave us a star rating and/or review if like the show. Thank you!

By Chris Johnson and Steve Giles

Dirty Disco Radio show

Dirty Disco RadioJoin Now to Follow

Your weekly dose of dopeness, a two hour journey through the world of Nu Disco, Deep House, House Music and all other related music. We talk about new releases, gear, tech, events. And we also like to give away a lot of free downloads through our blog. Every week the will be carefully selected, mixed and hosted by your DJ: Kono Vidovic.

By Kono Vidovic

The Others show

The OthersJoin Now to Follow

When Aaron Winchell's plane crashes into the ocean, he is washed on a small island in the Pacific. Winchell is the only survivor of the wreck, other than an old-timey voice recorder. In an attempt to keep a level of sanity, the man of mystery begins to record journalistic summaries of his stint on the island. It is his way to fight of the loneliness. ...Except he isn’t alone. The longer Aaron is on the island, the more mysteries he unlocks. Why does he feel like he is being watched? Who are the shadowy humanoid figures he continues to see lurking in the trees? What dark secrets does the island conceal? And the biggest mystery of all--how does Aaron Winchell fit into all of it?

By Jesse Haynes: Science Fiction Novelist

Batman: The Animated Podcast show

Batman: The Animated PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Batman: The Animated Podcast is an interview variety show for your ears hosted by Justin Michael. Each podcast episode brings together a fan of Batman: The Animated Series and a special guest who worked on the TV show to discuss their favorite episodes from the legendary 90's cartoon. Why? Because I love this show. You probably do, too.

By Justin Michael

Subject: Found show

Subject: FoundJoin Now to Follow

Stories about legend, lore, the paranormal and all things dark and mysterious which have haunted us throughout our history. Season 1 featured Jared Strong's search for a monster that has haunted him since his childhood. In season 2 Janis Herring pursued the monster behind the Memphis Murders. These are our stories. All that is lost must be found!

By Paul Sating

The Motivation Report show

The Motivation ReportJoin Now to Follow

A bi-weekly podcast produced, written, and read by William Sterling designed to motivate, challenge, and inspire you. From motivational speaking to celebrity interviews, variety shows, and audio dramas, William Sterling keeps you on your toes. But you'll always be left feeling uplifted.

By Will Sterling

Fireside Mystery Theatre show

Fireside Mystery TheatreJoin Now to Follow

Fireside Mystery Theatre is original audio drama performed live. We're like an old-fashioned radio show with a modern macabre sensibility! We perform once a month at The Slipper Room in NYC with a full cast, a live, improvised score along with musical acts to complement our anthology of stories. So, join host Ms. Ali Silva along with her amazing company of actors and musicians, for an evening of thrilling and chilling tales! Also from Fireside Mystery Productions: The Midnight Reading, a special summer series of dramatic readings of lost classics from the world of macabre fiction that have inspired our show. For more information, merchandise and upcoming live shows (http:// our website ( Connect with us! ( ( (

By Fireside Mystery Theatre

NRG danceProject: NRGtv Episodes and Recaps show

NRG danceProject: NRGtv Episodes and RecapsJoin Now to Follow

NRG danceProject is an integration of KNOWLEDGE, TALENT and STYLE that takes dance conventions to the next level. Subscribe to receive TV espisodes, recaps, tutorials and dance combos from the hottest choreographers in the dance industry!

By NRG danceProject

The Magnus Archives show

The Magnus ArchivesJoin Now to Follow

Make your statement, face your fear.<br> <br> A weekly horror fiction podcast examining what lurks in the archives of the Magnus Institute, an organisation dedicated to researching the esoteric and the weird. Join Jonathan Sims as he explores the archive, but be be warned, as he looks into its depths something starts to look back…<br> <br> New episodes every Thursday produced by Rusty Quill, featuring guest actors, short stories, serial plots and more.

By Rusty Quill

The Hot Mess Comedy Hour show

The Hot Mess Comedy HourJoin Now to Follow

The Hot Mess Comedy Hour is hosted by Andrea Allan and Emily Lubin, two blossoming comedians and world-class train wrecks. In each episode, they dive into the psyches of some of New York City’s messiest performers. Each guest comes equipped with their own baggage, whether it be a dark past, addiction, or neurosis. Andrea and Emily go head-to-head with your inner demons so that you don’t have to!

By Andrea Allan, Emily Lubin