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The Strong Mommas Podcast

Summary: Megan Dahlman, a trainer, nutrition coach, and Christian mom, is changing the conversation about fitness and nutrition. In a culture that's obsessed with "gym-selfies", this podcast will be a breath of fresh air! The Strong Mommas Podcast is for Christian moms that want to be equipped with practical ways to eat right and stay fit while still keeping your focus on Jesus. As Megan shares her wisdom, you will learn, grow, and feel inspired to become a strong momma!


 Getting Consistent! How to Stop Being Afraid of Failure (and/or Success!) [Ep. 63] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 40:25

Are you afraid to commit to your healthy habits because you think you might fail or will have to quit? Or maybe you're actually afraid of the consequences if it actually works?! These feelings can paralyze us from taking action, lead to self-sabotage, and make us terribly inconsistent. In this final episode of our Consistency Series, we're taking a closer look at how the fear of failure AND the fear of success can stop us from being consistent and making progress!!

 Getting Consistent! How to Prevent Burnout with Strategic Pressure Release Valves [Ep. 62] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 46:53

Is burnout the source of your inconsistency? Maybe you start a program and try to do it all perfectly, day in and day out, only to get sick of it and burnout. If you know the feeling, you need Strategic Pressure Release Valves...moments of "imperfection" that magically prevent burnout and keep you going for the long haul. On this episode, we're talking about the "weekend wagon fall", consequences of extreme programs, making our metabolism more adaptive, splurging as a requirement, and non-burnout workouts.

 Getting Consistent! Let's Create Better Goals and Set Realistic Expectations [Ep. 61] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 40:28

Getting more consistent with your workouts and eating habits is TOUGH! But I'm helping you get there. And learning how to actually create better goals for yourself and have a realistic and doable set of expectations is extremely important. On this episode, I'm teaching you the formula for goal setting that WORKS. And then we'll re-examine those goals through a lens of your own unique circumstances and frequent curveballs, landing on a set of action steps that actually feel really easy! 

 Getting Consistent! Having Effective Accountability [Ep. 60] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 44:56

Kicking off our new series all about consistency! And having EFFECTIVE ACCOUNTABILITY is a huge key to becoming more consistent. But, accountability is not what you think! And until you get that, you'll continue to flounder.  Today, we're chatting about the right heart attitude, the power of Christ in you, charts and tracking tools, partners and community groups, and having a trustworthy coach. To help you see results, you need to learn how to stick with your self-care habits, and accountability matt

 Ask Me Anything! Let's talk splurges, carbs, supplements, fasted workouts, BMI, and more! [Ep. 59] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 53:21

We're going to cover A LOT of ground on today's episode, because I'm answering YOUR questions! This week we're addressing some unanswered questions from the alcohol episode, plus: what counts as a splurge, all about carb cycling, taking glucosamine (and other supplements) to help heal injuries, running/working-out while fasted, shoulder pain, the benefits of the BMI (body mass index), and talking about body types with teenagers. Oh, this is a good conversation you can't miss!

 Macro Series: All About Alcohol - Should you drink or not? [Ep. 58] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 53:31

You may be wondering "Is alcohol a macronutrient?" Technically, perhaps. Practically, probably not. But it's fair to say that we all need to know more about alcohol, and its physical/spiritual effects in our bodies. On this episode, you'll learn why alcohol is in a category of its own, the mechanisms of a hangover, whether it causes weight gain or not, if it's actually "healthy" for us. Lastly, we want to see what the Bible says about drinking: is it bad, is it ok? What does God think? 

 Macro Series: All About Carbs - Here's what you need to know. [Ep. 57] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 50:47

Carbs, carbs, carbs!! People are always "trying to cut carbs", but is this actually a good idea? On this episode, we're taking a closer look at carbohydrates and learning all about this amazing macronutrient. I'm teaching you: why all carbs are NOT created equal, how carbs are stored, workout nutrition and the right way to carb-load, how to individualize the way you eat your carbs. Let's clear up the carb debate and get concise instructions on how YOU should be consuming your carbs without obsession! 

 Macro Series: All About Fats - Are you eating them wrong? [Ep. 56] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 46:42

FAT. This tiny word bears many negative feelings. We’re always trying to manipulate the fat in our diets to impact how fat we are. But at some point, we need to realize that fat is not evil, whether it's in the food that we eat or on our bodies. On this episode, you'll learn all about: The problems with eating too little or too much fat, the big jobs that fat has in our bodies, why omega-3's are magical unicorns, and how most North Americans are eating fats wrong. 

 The Macro Series: All About Protein [Ep. 55] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 44:22

This is the first episode in a series dedicated to MACRONUTRIENTS! Let's look at protein first, since protein should be the foundation, the star, of every single meal we eat. On this episode, you'll learn why protein is such a big deal, how much protein we should be aiming for, the best protein sources (both plant & meat based), tips for plant-based eaters, and even protein powder supplements. Working on eating MORE protein is a great place to start transforming our thinking around food.

 Strong Mom Series: Battling Depression and Anxiety (with special guest Sara Sery) [Ep. 54] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 58:28

On this episode in the Strong Mom Series, Scott and I are sharing our own personal struggles with mental illness. Boy, do we get vulnerable! We're sharing the true ugliness of how it manifests within us..from baby-shaking to 7 hour-long panic attacks. Also, I'm talking with Sara Sery, who has a Master's degree in counseling. We chat about symptoms of depression and anxiety, the Christian stigma, practical solutions for moms in the heat of the moment, and why medication can be a valuable, shame-free option.

 Strong Mom Series: What to Eat While You're Pregnant and Breastfeeding [Ep. 53] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 48:46

Let's talk all about nutrition during pregnancy and while you're breastfeeding! You're going to learn all about what to eat and not eat while pregnant/breastfeeding, but also how to handle: nausea and morning sickness, carb cravings, the "I'm pregnant, I can eat anything" attitude, the truth about losing weight while breastfeeding, and how to increase your milk supply. This is your one stop shop for all your food-related questions for pregnancy and beyond! 

 Strong Mom Series: All About Prenatal & Postpartum Fitness & Exercise [Ep. 52] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:00:01

This is the only guide you'll need!! Our Strong Mom Series continues with a comprehensive look at fitness and exercise during pregnancy and postpartum. On this episode, we're looking at the exercise strategies that you should do and what you should avoid for a strong and healthy pregnancy experience. Learn about Core and pelvic floor strength, when to return to specific exercises, things to avoid, SI join pain, sciatica, diastasis recti, and kegels, having a proper mindset and some mistakes I made.

 Strong Mom Series: All About (Peri-) Menopause [Ep. 51] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 44:46

Let's kick off Season Two with a full series dedicated to mom-body specific issues! On this episode, let's scroll forward and take a closer look at what's going on in our bodies during (peri-)menopause. Not just for older women! The habits you create when you're younger greatly determine what your menopause experience will be like. Learn what peri-menopause is, the hormonal changes, typical symptoms, and how you can use exercise and good nutrition to make the experience far less dramatic.

 Confessions of a Strength & Nutrition Coach: Becoming an "Imperfectionist" [Ep. 50] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 42:39

It's the 50th episode! And in honor of this milestone, I thought I'd get vulnerable and air my dirty laundry. I'm sharing all the splurges, the skipped workouts, the motivation struggles, and even the continuing body image battle. I need you to see that even a professional is not perfect! Learn how valuable balance and moderation is, how to stay intuitive about what works well for you, what consistency actually means, and why striving for "better" is so much more important than striving for "perfection".

 Ask Me Anything! Let's talk picky eaters, meal skipping, carb timing, hormonal issues, postpartum exercises, and more! [Ep. 49] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 56:46

We're going to cover A LOT of ground on today's episode, because we're answering your questions!! Last week on my social feeds I asked if you had any questions you'd like me to answer, and you came through...big time! So let's talk all about: picky eaters, full fat vs. nonfat dairy, carb timing, meal skipping, estrogen and progesterone dominance, postpartum exercises, planks, mom-identity, and even coaching disordered eaters.


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