We focus on the convergence of brands, media and social technologies.

Digital Podcast,our online publication, reports and publishes

  • Insight, reviews and trends related to the business of digital and social media, and
  • Implications for brand marketers, media companies and social technology providers.

Digital Strategy,our strategy and consulting agency, offers services that help

  • Brands engage with their target audience and extend their reach across the social web, and
  • Media companies profit from digital and social media.
Examples of our services:

Best practices reviews:We are experts in downloadable and mobile media best practices. We can conduct an audit of your new media efforts to help you turn your efforts into a real business. You can find an example of one of ouraudits at New Media Best Practices

New Media Strategy:Too many people get into podcasting without having a robust strategy to defines the objectives, focus and approach. We can help you produce a plan that makes sense for you.

Podcast Production:If you need a podcast we can help you create and produce your podcast. We have a large network of podcasters who are experts in producing both video and audio based shows.

Podcast Management:If you need help managing the marketing, operational and technical aspects of managing your podcast we can help. We can help you with tagging, transcribing, transcoding, hosting, and syndicating your content.

Podcast Promotion:Once you have your podcast, you need an audience who can appreciate your great content. We can help you promote your podcast in podcast directories, search engines and social media sites.

Content Delivery:New media files can require considerable bandwidth and storage requirements. We have some great partners who can help you improve your service delivery and manage your costs. We can help you assess your needs and implement cost effective services that provide the highest service levels.

Performance Measurement:We can help you build a robust framework for measuring your performance on line. We help you find out what’s working and what’s not so that you can focus your investments on the highest ROI opportunities. You can learn more about ourwork at Performance Measures

Contact Us:

  • Phone: (562) 726-4070 (Alex)
  • email: alex (at) digitalpodcast (dot) com
  • Mailing address:
    6216 E. Pacific Coast Highway, #330
    Long Beach, CA 90803