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 2015-08-01: Good news for Ebola vaccine and gene identification plus lots of good health advice | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3467

First trials of the new Ebola vaccine are very successful; New advances in amplifying DNA greatly shorten the time for gene identification like viruses; Carbon dioxide activates mosquitoes to attack; Are probiotics a problem if the immune system is weakened, as with chemotherapy? The spice asafoetida is an antibacterial, but probably not a problem in low levels; Lab tests to detect bad health effects from mold; The effects of curcumin with drugs like Advair because of detoxification enzyme interactions; Genetic testing with pancreatic and other cancers can help determine the best treatment; Dealing with inhalation of a moth! Acalasia is a rare condition that causes difficulty with swallowing; Nutritional and other support to help healing after foot surgery; Negative effects because of changes in our food such as additives and GMO; A woman with macular degeneration who is "seeing flowers" should get a dilated eye exam

 2015-07-25: The microbiome influence on many diseases and more medical news and health advice | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3432

Moderate exercise is healthier than too much or too little; Gene discovered in a round worm is linked to longevity; Nasalcrom and probiotics is suggested for chronic non-allergic rhinitis; Certain types of cinnamon contain coumarin, a blood thinner; Try acupuncture and other advise for healing a rectal fissure; More about vitamin D varieties, blood levels and supplements; Warnings against diatomaceous earth as a supplement; The microbiome's influence on arthritis, osteoporosis, gout and other musculoskeletal diseases; Lower testosterone levels with age lead to baldness and hair thinning in men and women; Montelukast and other advice for asthma attacks triggered by a cold; Review of advice and supplements for advanced osteoporosis — too much Splenda can upset your microbiome; Unfortunately, Medicare does not support preventative care like Functional Medicine offers; New recommendations to manage prostate cancer by active surveillance instead of surgery; Successful use of l-arginine for sinus problems and a review of probiotics; Summary of Dr. Dawn's objection to statins in elderly women

 2014-07-18: Various medical uses of Cannabidiol, the importance of fiber in your diet and much more | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3422

Cannabidiol in marijuana helps bone growth in fracture healing and help for osteoporosis; The caramel coloring in cola drinks contains a carcinogen; A book of alternative treatments for cancer is recommended by a caller; How adjuvants work in vaccines to stimulate the immune system; A stem cell plus hyaluronic acid injection in knees to build new cartilage; Does biotin work to increase thickness of hair and fingernails? General preventative medicine recommendations for a 60 year-old healthy man; Anti-inflammatories and cannabidiol cream for knee arthritis and other ailments; Inulin is a good prebiotic, which is food for probiotic bacteria; DGL and other demulcents and supplements help heal Barrett's esophagus; High fiber diet and other advice for someone with colon polyps; Thumb arthritis is a major problem for a guitar player

 2015-07-11: The Functional Medicine approach to complex symptoms, plus lots of useful medical news | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3180

Lipids in cell membranes and change compositions throughout the day and the seasons; Lack of nutrition leads to higher rate of diabetes in their descendants; Review of the importance of vitamin D and the problem of sarcoidosis; Probiotics are activated in the body and it's best to keep them cool for storage; The Functional Medicine approach to dissecting a complex set of symptoms; New insights into the structure of arterial plaque — smooth muscle cells change into immune cells; New techniques to modulate the immune system to reduce inflammation and nerve damage after spinal chord injuries; The drug Protamine can increase nitric oxide that combats chronic sinusitis; Alirocumab is a newly-approved but very expensive drug for lowering LDL cholesterol; The microbiome of the cervix may predict preterm labor by several weeks

 2015-07-04: Medical Tech news, muscle physiology, pancreatic cancer, pain medications and more | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3426

Fear and helplessness increases pain; Medical Tech: Nanotechnology-based self-heating wrist band and 3D printed material to help heal bones; Laser tweezers can repair incorrectly-folded proteins like prions; Physiology of muscle damage and repair during exercise and appropriate use of anti-inflammatories; Using stem cells to selectively suppress organ rejection; Labdoor.com tests popular supplements for quality and price; Dr. Dawn defends her hydration recommendations; Side effects of medicines for high blood pressure and the benefits of magnesium and nitrates; Difficult choices to make with stage 3 pancreatic cancer; The physiology and emotional aspect of pain and habituation to opiate pain meds; Tumor necrosis factor alpha is good for many, but not all, rheumatoid arthritis sufferers; Proteolytic enzymes such as Wobenzym and Zyflamend are alternative anti-inflammatories

 2015-06-27: A variety of topics from MRI contrast dyes to thyroid hormone and chronic fatigue | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3384

One form of Gadolinium used in contrast MRI deposits in the brain; QX-314 is an anesthetic useful for asthma; Why periodic high-dose vitamin D is not a good idea — daily dose is better; Why fiber and other prebiotics are important for your microbiome; Zinc or iron deficiency might be behind mouth sensitivity; Why contrast dye like gadolinium is used with MRIs; Review of testing for different types vitamin D; Various aspects of thyroid hormone metabolism and testing are explained; Testing for levels of oxidative stress — Chronic fatigue syndrome is now called myalgic encephalomyelitis; A caller with jaundice and other symptoms needs to get his liver checked out ASAP; Cancer cells in lymph nodes don't respond to angiogenesis-inhibiting chemotherapy

 2015-06-20: Detoxification and genetics underly discussion of breast cancer and other topics | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3431

A new drug is approved to increase female sex drive; Hydration and food suggestions for a vegetarian to avoid future kidney stones; The evidence for health benefits of Kombucha for the liver and detoxification; Cryptogenic organizing pneumonia is an inflammatory disease is not a bacterial infection; Bacopa is an Ayurvedic medicine that supports the adrenal gland and probably help memory; Detoxification and DNA repair genes that influence breast cancer risks and what to do if you have them; Finding the immune system cause of joint pain in rheumatoid arthritis and supplements to help; Oral vs. genital herpes and treatments for each; Oral vs. genital herpes and treatments for each; An ultrasound will diagnose a cyst behind the knee; Supplements to aid nerve growth after muscle loss from spinal stenosis; The complexities of vitamin D testing

 2015-06-13: News about the microbiome, probiotics and prebiotic foods from the 2015 IFM conference | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3473

The fundamental roles of bacteria in our intestines and correlation with different diseases; Supplements and drugs for advanced osteoporosis with compression fractures; Antibiotics to fight C. difficile and more about gut bacteria; Advantages vs. disadvantages of cooking food depends on specific type of food; Higher levels of vitamin D is important for Crohn's disease; Probiotics to restore good gut bacteria when taking Cephalexin and more about prebiotics and probiotics; Take probiotics on an empty stomach or with room temperature food; Differentiating lymphedema from venous stasis and how to treat it; Dr. Dawn does not recommend UV shoe sterilizers to prevent toenail fungus; More about treating toenail fungus; More about treating toenail fungus

 2014-06-06: Important information about Tamoxifen and advice for osteopenia, arthritis and more | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3482

Breast cancer risks from having BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes — drug interactions when taking Tamoxifen; Nutritional advice during radioactive iodine treatment after surgery for a thyroid tumor; Don't worry about the saturated fats in nuts and plants; Why we like sugar and this is leveraged by food manufacturers; Endocrine work-up is suggested for a listener with reduced semen production and sleeping problems; Calcium and other supplements for osteopenia and glycosaminoglycan supplements for osteoarthritis; Treatments and carpal tunnel syndrome — is it related to my Arnold-Chiari malformation? Wear and tear problems: inflammation in calves, torn meniscus and muscle spasms; What can I do to boost immune system before foot surgery and help healing after? Dr Dawn criticizes pertussis vaccine policy; Anti-inflammatory supplements to treat osteoarthritis — the problem with Celebrex

 2015-05-23: All email show on a wide variety of topics from podcast listeners | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3571

A review of "Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response" to help sleep; Appropriate vitamin D dosing for autoimmune conditions like connective tissue disease; A complicated case of autoimmune diseases including Cushings disease; Long term use of Reglan can lead to movement disorders and possibly Parkinson's disease; Heart disease book review and the problem of arsenic in rice; A rash may be a side effect of taking prednisone and not an allergy to it; Appropriate doses and sources of strontium and boron for osteoporosis; Effect of vitamin K on blood thinners and the difference between superficial and deep venous thrombosis; The various kinds of spots on skin and how to treat them; Dietary advice and supplements to recover from enteric hemorrhagic E. coli infection; An article criticizes the payment practices of Consumer Labs

 2015-01-31: Applying Functional Medicine to a variety of medical issues from cardiac to intestinal | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3376

The amount and timing of protein consumptions should increase when older; Craigs list personal ads contributes to increase in HIV rates; Obama proposes support to study individualized medicine based on genome data; How much turmeric should I take per day for anti-inflammatory benefits? Using the Holter Monitor to diagnose fainting spells — the Functional Medicine approach to diagnosis; Appropriate doses of DHA and EPA in fish oil products; Appropriate questions to ask concerning a TIA and heart murmur diagnosis — a primer on heart circulation; A Neti pot can relieve heavy phlegm; Radiation therapy can lead to Celiac symptoms and autoimmune disease by damaging the intestinal wall; Dealing with chondrocalcinosis and other knee issues — the lack of collaborative thinking among doctors

 2014-01-24: New medical research and complex health problems from calls and emails are addressed | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3422

Extending telomeres holds promise for rejuvenating aging cells; Research reveals multiple layers of signals in nerve impulses; Thorough advice for rosacea in a caller with complex issues; A caller finds that phenylalanine reduces sciatica pain; A very complex case of medical problems including possible myeloma and depression — get tested for mold toxins; The HIV drug Truvada can cause osteoporosis; Very brief numbness and migrating pain at night may be post-menopausal symptoms; Chest tightness and torso pain is probably GERD; Strategies for insomnia which is common after menopause; Using a Holter heart monitor to diagnose slow heart rate

 2015-01-10: Lots of discussion about the gluten sensitivity, celiac disease and grain variations | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3500

New study shows higher percentage of US has celiac disease; More about symptoms from gluten intolerance such as GERD and irritable bowel syndrome; Is numbness in my hand at night a circulation or nerve issue? The lack of gluten problems in Europe — corporate opposition to health science; More discussion about gluten sensitivity, leaky gut and the effects of glyphosate in wheat harvesting; A complex suite of diagnoses is better addressed by a Functional Medicine doctor, not a conventional specialist; A German woman reacts to bread and pasta she buys in the US; Causes and treatments for tinnitus; Even more about celiac disease, wheat sensitivity testing with an elimination diet; Caller suggests that eliminating coffee and taking Gingko eliminated her tinnitus; A study suggest that optimistic people have healthier hearts; Dr. Dawn's recommendation for hormone replacement therapy during menopause

 2015-01-03: Lots of medical research news and the usual advice for colds and rashe to stiff muscles | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3394

The anti-cancer benefits of green tea are explained; Vegetables like beets, spinach and cabbage have nitrites that lowers blood pressure; Antimicrobial peptides are produced by fat cells; Sources of the various forms of vitamin K; A case of pneumonia: taking probiotics with antibiotics and clearing eustachian tube might ease pain under the right ear; Magnesium and anti-inflammatories can help with muscle stiffness with age; Reducing time wearing contact lenses and other advice to reduce dry eyes; An annoying cough — how to tell the difference and treat a cold vs. the flu; Coming soon: Alfresa is an inhaled insulin device; Obesity in children has important effects in the brain such as reaction to sugar; All about Barrett's esophagus; A hard to diagnose and treat skin problem — Lactobacillus rhamnosus probiotic might help; Careful studies show that birth control pills do not significantly increase the risk of cervical cancer; Vaginal estrogen and probiotics can help persistent bacterial vaginosis

 2014-12-27: An all-email show with a wide variety of interesting questions answered | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3447

Using cheap vitamin C powder in a topical solution to prevent fragile skin hemorrhages; Finding clinical trials for new aggressive breast cancer treatment — other approaches discussed; When it is not necessary to treat asymptomatic hypothyroidism; New treatment for Peyronie's disease, which causes a bend in the erect penis; The use of magnesium and taurine to help with atrial fibrulation; Eroom's law: the troubling decline in the number of new drugs developed per billion dollars of research; Review of antihistamines and using the elimination diet to treat chronic hives; Sweating by sauna and other methods of external and internal detoxification; Norovirus exposure might have caused constipation in an infant — probiotics and hydration will help; Listener suggests masking tape over lips to prevent dry mouth at night; A complex story of causes, treatments and trying to restore blindness in girl fighting Multiple Sclerosis since age six; Tips to avoiding herpes simplex 1 outbreaks in a young child; Peripheral numbing may be caused by pressure on a sympathetic nerve; Acupuncture and other strategies for pain from a split femur after hip replacement


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