2015-01-31: Applying Functional Medicine to a variety of medical issues from cardiac to intestinal

KUSP's Ask Doctor Dawn show

Summary: The amount and timing of protein consumptions should increase when older; Craigs list personal ads contributes to increase in HIV rates; Obama proposes support to study individualized medicine based on genome data; How much turmeric should I take per day for anti-inflammatory benefits? Using the Holter Monitor to diagnose fainting spells — the Functional Medicine approach to diagnosis; Appropriate doses of DHA and EPA in fish oil products; Appropriate questions to ask concerning a TIA and heart murmur diagnosis — a primer on heart circulation; A Neti pot can relieve heavy phlegm; Radiation therapy can lead to Celiac symptoms and autoimmune disease by damaging the intestinal wall; Dealing with chondrocalcinosis and other knee issues — the lack of collaborative thinking among doctors