2015-06-13: News about the microbiome, probiotics and prebiotic foods from the 2015 IFM conference

KUSP's Ask Doctor Dawn show

Summary: The fundamental roles of bacteria in our intestines and correlation with different diseases; Supplements and drugs for advanced osteoporosis with compression fractures; Antibiotics to fight C. difficile and more about gut bacteria; Advantages vs. disadvantages of cooking food depends on specific type of food; Higher levels of vitamin D is important for Crohn's disease; Probiotics to restore good gut bacteria when taking Cephalexin and more about prebiotics and probiotics; Take probiotics on an empty stomach or with room temperature food; Differentiating lymphedema from venous stasis and how to treat it; Dr. Dawn does not recommend UV shoe sterilizers to prevent toenail fungus; More about treating toenail fungus; More about treating toenail fungus