2015-06-27: A variety of topics from MRI contrast dyes to thyroid hormone and chronic fatigue

KUSP's Ask Doctor Dawn show

Summary: One form of Gadolinium used in contrast MRI deposits in the brain; QX-314 is an anesthetic useful for asthma; Why periodic high-dose vitamin D is not a good idea — daily dose is better; Why fiber and other prebiotics are important for your microbiome; Zinc or iron deficiency might be behind mouth sensitivity; Why contrast dye like gadolinium is used with MRIs; Review of testing for different types vitamin D; Various aspects of thyroid hormone metabolism and testing are explained; Testing for levels of oxidative stress — Chronic fatigue syndrome is now called myalgic encephalomyelitis; A caller with jaundice and other symptoms needs to get his liver checked out ASAP; Cancer cells in lymph nodes don't respond to angiogenesis-inhibiting chemotherapy