2015-06-20: Detoxification and genetics underly discussion of breast cancer and other topics

KUSP's Ask Doctor Dawn show

Summary: A new drug is approved to increase female sex drive; Hydration and food suggestions for a vegetarian to avoid future kidney stones; The evidence for health benefits of Kombucha for the liver and detoxification; Cryptogenic organizing pneumonia is an inflammatory disease is not a bacterial infection; Bacopa is an Ayurvedic medicine that supports the adrenal gland and probably help memory; Detoxification and DNA repair genes that influence breast cancer risks and what to do if you have them; Finding the immune system cause of joint pain in rheumatoid arthritis and supplements to help; Oral vs. genital herpes and treatments for each; Oral vs. genital herpes and treatments for each; An ultrasound will diagnose a cyst behind the knee; Supplements to aid nerve growth after muscle loss from spinal stenosis; The complexities of vitamin D testing