2015-08-01: Good news for Ebola vaccine and gene identification plus lots of good health advice

KUSP's Ask Doctor Dawn show

Summary: First trials of the new Ebola vaccine are very successful; New advances in amplifying DNA greatly shorten the time for gene identification like viruses; Carbon dioxide activates mosquitoes to attack; Are probiotics a problem if the immune system is weakened, as with chemotherapy? The spice asafoetida is an antibacterial, but probably not a problem in low levels; Lab tests to detect bad health effects from mold; The effects of curcumin with drugs like Advair because of detoxification enzyme interactions; Genetic testing with pancreatic and other cancers can help determine the best treatment; Dealing with inhalation of a moth! Acalasia is a rare condition that causes difficulty with swallowing; Nutritional and other support to help healing after foot surgery; Negative effects because of changes in our food such as additives and GMO; A woman with macular degeneration who is "seeing flowers" should get a dilated eye exam