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 2014-12-20: A wide variet of topics from water quality and rashes to avoiding mosquitos | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3351

Public project to reduce obesity in children also helps their parents; The Medicare fraud enforcement has gotten out of hand with too many backlogged appeal cases; Is there a stem cell study that I can participate in for my cardiac problem? Medicare covers only limited dental work but some supplemental insurance do; Comments on brain dominance, including diet and childhood development influences; Caller asks for safe amounts of alcohol additions in her coffee; Appropriate amounts and ratios of DHA to EPA in fish oil for various purposes; The use of niacin and aspirin to improve certain lipids, cardiac health and stroke prevention; Good reasons to get a full sleep study to evaluate sleep apnea; Help for a rash around the mouth — stop using fluoride toothpaste; Dr. Dawns baking soda and hydrogen peroxide teeth cleaning formula; Mayo clinic website has scary lists of "side effects" for CoQ10 and fish oil — don't assume causality; Caller suggests food sensitivities might cause facial rash; Does bottled water have fluoride? H2 blocker anti-reflux drugs raises ocular pressure — avoid if you have glaucoma; Avoiding mosquitoes in the tropics is important if you have Lupus; Bottled water issues discussed, like the lack of testing that public water requires; Using pyrethrin to treat clothing and mosquito netting

 2014-12-13: The importance of inflammation is central this week plus more research news and advice | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

A peptide that reduces inflammation induced when getting dialysis treatments; Men with fertility problems have higher risk for diseases; Genetic variations in neurotransmitters correlate to antisocial behavior; How can a very healthy woman have a cardiac event? MRI monitoring for pancreatic cancer is essential in someone with a family history of pancreatic cancer; Functional Medicine approach to microscopic colitis; Many people who think they are allergic to penicillin may not be; A device embedded in the pulmonary artery that monitors heart health; All about inflammation as the root of most chronic diseases; Help interpreting lab tests for cholesterol and lipoproteins; Is fasting before chemotherapy advisable? EVZIO naloxone injector is good to counter pain medication overdose

 2014-12-06: More stem cell research news and help for osteoporis, rash, nerve pain and much more | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

States with medical marijuana have much lower death rates from opiates; Discoveries reveal mechanisms of stem cell genetic regulation and differentiation; Mutations plague the conversion of adult cells into stem cells; Will calcium supplements raise calcium in my arteries? Review of cholesterol, statins and inflammation; Obesity caused decreases life expectancy by 8 years and healthy life by 20 years; Why is my voice more crackly with age? Diet, drug and supplement suggestions for a vegan who is diagnosed with osteoporosis; Are there stem cell treatments to heal damaged nerves such as with peripheral neuropathy? A rash that may be caused by food sensitivities; Policies that restrict pain medication causes problems for post surgery patient

 2014-11-29: Causes of autism and Parkinson's plus the usual variety of topics from emails and calls | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 55:21

The genetic cause of the Fragile X syndrome variety of autism — a cancer drug may help; Scalp acupuncture and other new techniques for stroke rehabilitation; Edible antimicrobial coating from oregano and rosemary oil helps keep cheese fresh; Appropriate levels of colloidal silver are antibacterial and not dangerous; Strange chills, nausea, rapid heart rate that wake me up during the night — get an endocrine workup; Treating the inflammation side effects of the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine; The use of glyphosate during wheat harvesting is disturbing problem; What causes the black soles on feet and palms after death? Help for grief trauma; Possible triggers and support for newly-diagnosed Parkinson's disease; Treating shoulder pain that is still around months after a surgery; Testing for allergies to wheat; Different forms of magnesium supplements; Experiences with shoulder pain such as rotator cuff; Paleo diet and other nutritional approaches to treating asthma — food triggers discussed; Appropriate drugs for treating asthma

 2014-11-22: Genetic analysis and stem cell advances for heart disease are top issues this week | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 56:09

A new stem cell treatment for heart attacks can induce new blood vessels; Fluorescent markers identify stem cells in nail beds to harvest for regenerative purposes; Digoxin is no longer recommended to treat atrial fibrulation, but taper off only under the supervision of a doctor; Fluorescent nanoparticles to detect cancer cells — small RNAs used to reduce metastasis; You can get the raw data from 23 and Me interpreted by other services; Challenges with getting alternative treatments and the new expensive Hepatitis C drug; The importance of the MTHFR mutation and how to detect it; How to get cheaper blood tests; Using selenium-containing shampoo as a body wash can reduce fungal rash; What are the essential medical records to take when emigrating? A listener suggests why diatomaceous earth might contribute to celiac disease; L-carnitine will probably not help much to treat a prolapsed uterus; Supplements to raise testosterone levels

 2014-11-08: Appropriate IgG food testing, important drug interactions and other diverse questions | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 57:34

Commonly used antibiotics and new anticoagulants have bad interactions with other drugs; A chemical stress test causes a strange high blood pressure reaction and other neurological symptoms in this caller; Dr. Dawn explains the controversy and appropriate use of IgG testing for food sensitivities; Do I need a spiral CT scan to measure coronary calcium and should I get a hernia operation? Caller has decided to cancel colonoscopy and do Fecal blood instead; Does diatomaceous earth help detoxify? Hawthornia herb has cured my hernia; Fighting a persistent infection after tooth extraction needs more than just using more antibiotics; Dr. Dawns approach to lowering high blood pressure with and without prescription drugs; Summary of treating severe osteoporosis; Caller with slightly high LDL doesn't need a statin; Could magnesium be causing my low blood pressure? Plant DNA from food can be found in your blood! HPV vaccine can stem the current epidemic of oral and neck cancer; Saccharomyces boulardii probiotics is the choice to treat C. difficile in the gut after receiving antibiotics

 2014-11-01: Vitamins, probiotics and a wide variety of research news and answers to your questions | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 57:23

Visualizing cancer cells penetrating a blood vessel; Yogurt and cheese are better for your health than drinking a lot of milk; The complex legal issues of requiring labeling of GMO food; Using a mice model to study Ebola and develop treatments; Dr. Dawn is skeptical about the copper patch therapy for arthritis and other maladies; A review of B vitamins and how to measure how much you should take; Research to determine how much Vitamin D supplement to take to raise to appropriate levels; Can neurofeedback be used for treating hypothyroidism? Prednisone is very powerful but should be used only for short periods of time — Take probiotics with antibiotics; More about the various types, quality and quantities of probiotics; Supplements for hip arthritis pain and inflammation; Suicide rates seem to be higher after frequent psychotherapy; Appropriate individualized evaluation of antidepressants; Punicalagin is in the white matter under the skin of a pomegranate that helps with Alzheimer's disease

 The complex issues around Ebola and other viral diseases are front and center this week | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00

Most cases of cerebral palsy are NOT caused by trauma at birth — why CA Prop 46 is bad; A variety of topics about the Ebola and other viruses: preparedness, the basics of an epidemic progression, rational containment policies; More research indicating bad health effects of Roundup (glycophosphate) herbicides; Thorough discussion on the handling and politics of the Ebola epidemic; The higher disease risk of poor people in urban slums without medical care; Milder supplements to deal with night terrors in young twins; Do I have to take all the drugs they prescribed after my mild heart attack?

 2014-10-11: Regenerating damaged nerves, Ebola, good listener feedback and the usual health advice | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00

Stroke-damaged nerves can be regenerated and more about healing brain damage; Differentiating and treating sciatica vs. piriformis syndrome; Visual vertigo syndrome explains a listeners anxiety when in large stores; Funding problems for research and lack of health insurance impacts the ability to control diseases like Ebola; How to increase and monitor body fat to restore normal hormone physiology; Following Dr. Dawn's advice, taking folate supplement helped a caller's inflammation issues; Thorough review and stopping of too many drugs in elders can reduce Alzheimer's disease

 2014-10-04: Research news for fighting viruses and cancer screening highlight today's show | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00

Misinformed memes often cause problems in managing problems like Ebola and whether to get a vaccine; New ways to fight viruses like Ebola using small RNA molecules; With a history of ovarian cysts and family history of breast cancer, can I take birth control pills? Alternatives to the high cost of colonoscopy screening; An elder gets the new treatment for hepatitis C — when to get a liver biopsy; When loss of weight should cause checkup for cancer; Curcumin, Boswellia and other supplements for gut problems such as effects of giardia; A new colorectal cancer screening test, Cologuard, using DNA testing for cancer mutations; Hydration is important if one takes L-carnosine for muscle support; Lithium was an ingredient in the original version of 7 Up soft drink; A simple new screening test for Alzheimer's disease using curcumin

 2014-09-27: Vitamin D biochemistry, business of medicine and your health questions answered | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00

Exercise is shown to reduce stress-induced depression in mice model; How a modified form of vitamin D is used to treat pancreatic cancer; Anxiety drug benzodiazepine increases the risk of Alzheimer's disease; The biochemistry of Vitamin D and the effects of metabolic defects; Topical estrogen creams do not have the cardiac and cancer risks of ingested forms; Valerian is an herb useful for sleep, but other supplements are available; Artificial sweeteners may raise glucose levels by changing bacteria in the gut; Caller who had another fainting spell needs to get her heart and kidney checked out ASAP; Discussion about concierge primary care practice and other medical business issues; A Medicare loophole allows insurance to not pay for an emergency room visit; The antidepressant Sertraline (Zoloft) is not a benzodiazepine; Concierge type of medicine is closer to the way French doctors work; Bringing down a HbA1c of 6.1 requires reducing carbohydrates — some supplements also help

 2014-09-20: More about Ebola and diverse health questions from callers and email | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00

Drs. Dawn and Denoldo Hernandez discusses the problems with California Prop 46; Supplements to increase peripheral circulation; Does taking melatonin to aid sleeping develop resistance? People getting higher lithium from the environment have lower suicide rates; Maximum magnesium dose is easy to find: too much causes diarrhea; Recommendations for checkups and mammograms for breast cancer screening in elders; The problems in Africa that exacerbate the current Ebola epidemic; Dr. Dawn does not like red palm oil because if its environmental impact — alternatives suggested; A listener suggests that a caller from last week who worried about blood flow to his brain has a vestibular disorder; Review of the criticism and benefits of soy products; Functional and standard lab tests and supplements for vitamin B12 metabolism problems; Which form of CoQ10 should I take and how do I test if it's working? More about the physiology of fainting and related cardiac risks; Estrogen and sun exposure is the driver of melasma; Does pasteurization affect pomegranate's anti-Alzheimer's disease benefits?

 2014-09-13: Sleep problems and many good sleep stories from callers is central theme this week | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00

Caller is worried about restricting blood flow to his brain; How to treat a rash on the buttocks — think possible bacterial infection; Pain from the head to the heart — statins are not appropriate for this; More about low carbohydrate diet to loose belly fat; Changes in sleep patterns with age — melatonin is useful; Study in Spain finds finds low BPA and phthalate levels from plastic bottles; Dr Dawn's opinion on different types of mattresses; Institute for Functional Medicine tries to address the poor nutritional education for most primary care doctors; Iodine supplement is recommended for those with long term chlorine exposure from pools; Suggestions for itchy and dry eyes from allergies; Four callers relate their ease of getting to sleep and taking quick naps; A caller's experiences with narcolepsy

 2014-09-06: Focus on immune system complexities and new vaccines, and more microbiome research news | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00

New vaccines for breast cancer by stimulating the immune system — the liver is important; Using the new Dengue vaccine may initially raise the number of cases; A discussion of Tai Chi for anxiety and many other health benefits; A caller's experience with surviving prostate cancer because of PSA test; Transmission of scabies requires prolonged body contact; Why descendents of eastern European Jews have higher rates of breast cancer; More discussion about PSA and other screening tests; Supplements to combat knee arthritis; B vitamin complex, zinc and biotin can help fragile fingernails; Standard work-up after a fainting incident; The type of bacteria in your gut can influence what you like to eat! Active athletes have higher quantity and variety of gut bacteria; Women using a hormone blocker should avoid light during sleep

 2014-08-30: Ebola epidemic is top story, plus answers to a variety of health questions | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00

Transcranial magnetic stimulation is shown to improve memory retrieval; Listener finds cheaper source of Deplin online; Listener says eating 4 times a day reduces his migraines; The relationship of drinking alcohol, cirrhosis of the liver and diabetes; Current Ebola epidemic has genetic variation as compared to earlier strains; Too much amino acid supplementation is hard on your kidneys; Microbes in your house are the same as those on your skin; Pharmacists can do a comprehensive medication review paid by Medicare if requested; Elimination diet to determine food sensitivities can help canker sore; Many people can taper off taking Acyclovir to treat oral herpes; Concern about students returning to college from Ebola-affected countries; Do I need to get the breast ultrasound they recommended after my mammogram? Determining respiratory allergies vs. viral infection; Determining respiratory allergies vs. viral infection; More about the current Ebola outbreak — what is different from previous outbreaks?


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