2014-07-18: Various medical uses of Cannabidiol, the importance of fiber in your diet and much more

KUSP's Ask Doctor Dawn show

Summary: Cannabidiol in marijuana helps bone growth in fracture healing and help for osteoporosis; The caramel coloring in cola drinks contains a carcinogen; A book of alternative treatments for cancer is recommended by a caller; How adjuvants work in vaccines to stimulate the immune system; A stem cell plus hyaluronic acid injection in knees to build new cartilage; Does biotin work to increase thickness of hair and fingernails? General preventative medicine recommendations for a 60 year-old healthy man; Anti-inflammatories and cannabidiol cream for knee arthritis and other ailments; Inulin is a good prebiotic, which is food for probiotic bacteria; DGL and other demulcents and supplements help heal Barrett's esophagus; High fiber diet and other advice for someone with colon polyps; Thumb arthritis is a major problem for a guitar player