2015-07-25: The microbiome influence on many diseases and more medical news and health advice

KUSP's Ask Doctor Dawn show

Summary: Moderate exercise is healthier than too much or too little; Gene discovered in a round worm is linked to longevity; Nasalcrom and probiotics is suggested for chronic non-allergic rhinitis; Certain types of cinnamon contain coumarin, a blood thinner; Try acupuncture and other advise for healing a rectal fissure; More about vitamin D varieties, blood levels and supplements; Warnings against diatomaceous earth as a supplement; The microbiome's influence on arthritis, osteoporosis, gout and other musculoskeletal diseases; Lower testosterone levels with age lead to baldness and hair thinning in men and women; Montelukast and other advice for asthma attacks triggered by a cold; Review of advice and supplements for advanced osteoporosis — too much Splenda can upset your microbiome; Unfortunately, Medicare does not support preventative care like Functional Medicine offers; New recommendations to manage prostate cancer by active surveillance instead of surgery; Successful use of l-arginine for sinus problems and a review of probiotics; Summary of Dr. Dawn's objection to statins in elderly women