Imprint: the Twilight Podcast show

Imprint: the Twilight Podcast

Summary: Imprint is a Twilight podcast brought to you by the creators of Listen in as we discuss the latest Twilight book and film news, literary analysis, and much more!

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 Imprint 64: The Final Episode | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:44:52

- NOTE: There are a couple instances of adult language in this episode which may not be appropriate for minors. - We talk about ending Imprint. - Our review of Breaking Dawn - Part 2. - Laura was led to believe that the characters actually die at the end - we pull the prank for most of the episode. - Did Stephenie Meyer decide who would die in the vision? - Did it live up to the expectations set in the trailer? - Who were our favorite new vampires? - How did Mackenzie Foy do? - Did we like the opening/closing sequences? - What is each of our favorite film of the series? - Should/could there be a Twilight spin off? - We recall our favorite Imprint memories. - Everyone says farewell.

 Imprint 63: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 movie review! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:01:20

- It's our Breaking Dawn - Part 1 review show! - We go major scene by scene to discuss what we did and did not like. - The Wedding - who cried? - The Honeymoon - was it too long? - Elysa tries to explain what she thought of the sex scene. - Bella's pregnancy - how great did she look/act? - Bella's birth - wow! - Jacob imprinting - was it tastefully done? - Did the film benefit from only taking on half the book? - Was it the best film of the series? Does it leave us excited for Part 2? - Listener e-mails address their thoughts on the film.

 Imprint 62: Unrated | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 53:46

- Breaking Dawn originally received a R rating? Why? And should they have kept it that way? - We review various tracks on the Breaking Dawn soundtrack! Faves, Oddballs, and more. - Andrew visits the Breaking Dawn editing bay with Bill Condon and interviews him! - A Breaking Dawn concert tour will be launching in November. - Kristen, Taylor, and Rob will have their hands and feet cemented at Grauman's Chinese Theater. Are they now Hollywood legends? - Stevie Nicks was so inspired by the Twilight films, she wrote a song and an album. We review the New Moon song! - We discuss the new Twilight Time Capsule and what it means for the fandom. - E-mails address some show-related topics. - We'll be liveblogging the Breaking Dawn junket and fan convention with Rob, Kristen, and Taylor this week!

 Imprint 61: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 news galore | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 38:32

- Breaking Dawn - Part 1 tickets are now on sale! Do we get them this early? - The first song from the Part 1 soundtrack has been released and we review it. - We also discuss the entire tracklist which was released. Who do we know? What surprises are in store? - The film has unsurprisingly been rated PG-13. - The Breaking Dawn - Part 1 theatrical trailer is here, and we go through it to discuss anything that stood out to us!

 Imprint 60: Dreamweaver | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 58:21

- Are the Twilight actors held to a ridiculous box office standard? - A new Breaking Dawn photo is bittersweet but raises a question. - Who do we hope to see on the Breaking Dawn soundtrack when it's released? - Break out the camping gear - Summit has announced the Breaking Dawn premiere date. - The runtime for Breaking Dawn Part 1 is revealed. - The Twilight Guy (Kaleb Nation) produces a Pottermore spoof called TwiMore. - But wait. COULD TwiMore exist? We come up with ideas for the site. - Character discussion: Renesmee Cullen. - What is Renesmee's function in the story? How crucial was she to Breaking Dawn? - Was there any foreshadowing in previous books to suggest a child was imminent? - The Official Guide has no information on Renesmee's future, so does this suggest Stephenie may write a story for her? - What would have happened if Jacob didn't imprint on her? - Did Renesmee lead a tragic life?

 Imprint 59: In Book Life | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:07:33

- Summit is in a legal battle with someone who stole stills from Breaking Dawn and hacked into their server. - Kellan Lutz admits he almost didn't audition for Twilight, and his agent first wanted him to play Edward. Would that have worked? - Breaking Dawn had a huge presence at Comic-Con San Diego! - We run through all of the Twilight events that went down. - For the first time, you didn't need to camp out overnight to get into the Twilight panel! Should Summit be worried about this smaller fan reaction? - We listen to and review the Breaking Dawn clips that premiered. - Discussion: Do films help or hurt a fandom? - We break down various aspects that are positive and negative influences. - Fans chime in with their thoughts on the Breaking Dawn clips. - An announcement about when you can expect future episodes to be released.

 Imprint 58: Earthshaking | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 50:36

- It's a big group to review the just-released Breaking Dawn trailer! - We first update you on other Breaking Dawn news: the tagline, the poster, and more. - Andrew tells you about his new entertainment site - We give our general reactions to the Breaking Dawn trailer. - And then we go shot-by-shot! - Are the wedding invite clips going to be what we first see in the film? - Andrew likes how not everyone is thrilled about the invitations. - Shots of the wedding... we talk about the easter eggs and the cotton balls. - We take a close listen to the bed breaking scene. - Why is Edward throwing Jacob up against a wall? - We read your Twitter thoughts on the show.

 Imprint 57: Edward The Immortal Child | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:03:32

- Summit issues a statement regarding leaked Breaking Dawn photos. - Should they have avoiding bringing attention to them? - Stephenie hosts a fan event and we talk about the most interesting things she revealed. - The Twilight Saga: Official Illustrated Guide is here! We review. - A new interview with Stephenie is interesting for aspiring writers. - Jacob exists because of Edward's flaw, and we talk about why it's important. - Did Stephenie push the blame onto fans when it came to the Breaking Dawn criticism? - We discuss new info about vampires and werewolves found in the Guide. - What new questions do we have after reading? - Overall review: content, detail, art, and more. - We read reactions from followers of our Twitter account.

 Imprint 56: Our Eclipse DVD Commentary! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:58:13

- Join Matt, Elysa and Andrew for our Eclipse DVD commentary! Play this show at the same time you watch the DVD (instructions are at the start of the episode) and you'll be able to hear our thoughts on the film scene-by-scene. Please note this audio file is only correctly formatted for those who are watching Eclipse DVDs sold in the United States. If you watch with a copy sold in foreign countries you may have to occasionally pause the DVD or our audio file so one catches up to the other.

 Imprint 55: Humpin' and Pumpin' | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:03:32

- Two major releases to look forward to for Twilight fans this year! - We update everyone on the latest book and Breaking Dawn news stories. - What can we expect from Stephenie Meyer's international fan event? - We perhaps analyze the first official still from Breaking Dawn too much. - Carter Burwell is apparently returning to score the Breaking Dawn films. Good or bad? - Main Discussion: Are sacrifices being made to ensure Breaking Dawn doesn't get a R rating? - Are most fans below or above age 18? - If they're below 18, does Summit have to sacrifice parts of the book so young fans see nothing inappropriate? - We look at various scenes from past Twilight films to see if they were adapted without any sacrifice. - What would Stephenie Meyer do? - Matt and Andrew recreate Twilight's climax scene.

 Imprint 54: God's Gift | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:02:36

- Breaking Dawn filming is now well underway, and we update you on the situation! - Will the Eclipse DVD win a Grammy? - The Eclipse DVD has been released. - We review the special features and talk about the pros and cons of each commentary. - Did we learn anything from Rob and Kristen's commentary? - Listeners chime in with their review tweets. - We catch up on listener e-mail. - Clarification to the DNA question on Episode 53. - Andrew's now excited to read Midnight Sun because of what one listener had to say. - How often to the Cullens change their birth certificates? - We look at name meanings for the lead characters as well as ourselves.

 Imprint 53: Official Illustrated Mouthful | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 52:29

- With filming about to start for Breaking Dawn, there's a boat load of news to cover! - We look at each new crew member hire and figure out why he or she is a good addition. - Our thoughts on Mackenzie Foy being cast as Renesmee. - Listeners chime in with their thoughts on Macenzie. - The Twilight Saga: Official Illustrated Guide is announced. Is it what we've been hoping for? - We talk about each announced feature of the book. - Andrea gives us her feelings about Midnight Sun, as she's the only one in the group who's read it. - We take listener e-mails recently sent in and discuss them! - Is it possible for vampires to get tattoos? - We compare the dhampirs in vampire lore to the character of Renesmee. - Was Riley's life tragic? - Was Edward a better father figure to Bella than Charlie was?

 Imprint 52: It's The Decaf | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 57:58

- It's our first post-tour episode of Imprint! - We reflect on the tour and how great it was to meet the listeners. - We let fans know the new release schedule for the show from here on out. - Eclipse finally surpasses New Moon at the box office! Are we surprised? - Summit announces the Eclipse DVD details, and we decide if it's a good set. - We go through lots of Breaking Dawn news, including a script update, a release date, and some rumors. - There's a rumor that says Bree Tanner may be turned into a film. What do we think? - We catch up on lots of great e-mails from listeners. - A listener agrees with Laura that Bella isn't likeable, and we talk about why. - Could Edward's mother read minds just like her son? - More Twilight theme park ride ideas.

 Imprint 51: Live in New York City | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:05:16

- We're live in New York City to discuss Eclipse with fellow fans! - Laura from the Twilight Lexicon joins us as a guest co-host. - Like we did with Jenn in Boston, we ask Laura how she saw the Twilight fandom grow. - Our main discussion is: adapting Twilight for the silver screen. - What are the specific challenges? - What adaptation problems may cause issues for Breaking Dawn? - Will there be a climax in Breaking Dawn, Part 2? - What should Summit and Melissa Rosenberg do, looking forward? - We take questions from the audience - This is the final recorded show of the tour. We hope you've enjoyed these live shows as much as we enjoyed hosting them. Thank you for your support!

 Imprint 50: Live in Boston | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 53:28

- We're live in Boston to discuss Eclipse with fellow fans! - Jenn from the Twilight Lexicon is our special guest host today. - Jenn discusses her longtime history within the Twilight fandom and how she got involved with The Lexicon. - We have an interesting discussion on how the Twilight series and fandom grew. - What did Jenn think of Eclipse? - We hold a discussion on Stephenie's comments to Matt and Elysa about Bella and Charlie's birds and the bees talk. - Should we be taking lessons from books and films to apply them to real life? - We take great questions from the audience.


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