Imprint 52: It's The Decaf

Imprint: the Twilight Podcast show

Summary: - It's our first post-tour episode of Imprint! - We reflect on the tour and how great it was to meet the listeners. - We let fans know the new release schedule for the show from here on out. - Eclipse finally surpasses New Moon at the box office! Are we surprised? - Summit announces the Eclipse DVD details, and we decide if it's a good set. - We go through lots of Breaking Dawn news, including a script update, a release date, and some rumors. - There's a rumor that says Bree Tanner may be turned into a film. What do we think? - We catch up on lots of great e-mails from listeners. - A listener agrees with Laura that Bella isn't likeable, and we talk about why. - Could Edward's mother read minds just like her son? - More Twilight theme park ride ideas.