Imprint 53: Official Illustrated Mouthful

Imprint: the Twilight Podcast show

Summary: - With filming about to start for Breaking Dawn, there's a boat load of news to cover! - We look at each new crew member hire and figure out why he or she is a good addition. - Our thoughts on Mackenzie Foy being cast as Renesmee. - Listeners chime in with their thoughts on Macenzie. - The Twilight Saga: Official Illustrated Guide is announced. Is it what we've been hoping for? - We talk about each announced feature of the book. - Andrea gives us her feelings about Midnight Sun, as she's the only one in the group who's read it. - We take listener e-mails recently sent in and discuss them! - Is it possible for vampires to get tattoos? - We compare the dhampirs in vampire lore to the character of Renesmee. - Was Riley's life tragic? - Was Edward a better father figure to Bella than Charlie was?