Imprint 60: Dreamweaver

Imprint: the Twilight Podcast show

Summary: - Are the Twilight actors held to a ridiculous box office standard? - A new Breaking Dawn photo is bittersweet but raises a question. - Who do we hope to see on the Breaking Dawn soundtrack when it's released? - Break out the camping gear - Summit has announced the Breaking Dawn premiere date. - The runtime for Breaking Dawn Part 1 is revealed. - The Twilight Guy (Kaleb Nation) produces a Pottermore spoof called TwiMore. - But wait. COULD TwiMore exist? We come up with ideas for the site. - Character discussion: Renesmee Cullen. - What is Renesmee's function in the story? How crucial was she to Breaking Dawn? - Was there any foreshadowing in previous books to suggest a child was imminent? - The Official Guide has no information on Renesmee's future, so does this suggest Stephenie may write a story for her? - What would have happened if Jacob didn't imprint on her? - Did Renesmee lead a tragic life?