Imprint 62: Unrated

Imprint: the Twilight Podcast show

Summary: - Breaking Dawn originally received a R rating? Why? And should they have kept it that way? - We review various tracks on the Breaking Dawn soundtrack! Faves, Oddballs, and more. - Andrew visits the Breaking Dawn editing bay with Bill Condon and interviews him! - A Breaking Dawn concert tour will be launching in November. - Kristen, Taylor, and Rob will have their hands and feet cemented at Grauman's Chinese Theater. Are they now Hollywood legends? - Stevie Nicks was so inspired by the Twilight films, she wrote a song and an album. We review the New Moon song! - We discuss the new Twilight Time Capsule and what it means for the fandom. - E-mails address some show-related topics. - We'll be liveblogging the Breaking Dawn junket and fan convention with Rob, Kristen, and Taylor this week!