Imprint 55: Humpin' and Pumpin'

Imprint: the Twilight Podcast show

Summary: - Two major releases to look forward to for Twilight fans this year! - We update everyone on the latest book and Breaking Dawn news stories. - What can we expect from Stephenie Meyer's international fan event? - We perhaps analyze the first official still from Breaking Dawn too much. - Carter Burwell is apparently returning to score the Breaking Dawn films. Good or bad? - Main Discussion: Are sacrifices being made to ensure Breaking Dawn doesn't get a R rating? - Are most fans below or above age 18? - If they're below 18, does Summit have to sacrifice parts of the book so young fans see nothing inappropriate? - We look at various scenes from past Twilight films to see if they were adapted without any sacrifice. - What would Stephenie Meyer do? - Matt and Andrew recreate Twilight's climax scene.