Imprint: the Twilight Podcast show

Imprint: the Twilight Podcast

Summary: Imprint is a Twilight podcast brought to you by the creators of Listen in as we discuss the latest Twilight book and film news, literary analysis, and much more!

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 Imprint 34: It All Begins With A DVD Choice | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:15:17

- It's our New Moon DVD review extravaganza! - Andrew, Elysa, Matt, Pamela, and Andrea are all on board for this one. - We go through the DVD(s) feature by feature. - Elysa explains why New Moon DVD sales were so good. - Our thoughts on the 7-minute Eclipse sneak peek, Twilight: the Graphic Novel, the directors being considered for Breaking Dawn, and the new Eclipse poster. - Listener e-mails address last episode's hot topics. - A hotel in Forks that has special Twilight rooms. - The Twilight in Forks documentary receives some good reviews.

 Imprint 33: Boom Boom | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:20:10

- We're live on Ustream to discuss the Eclipse teaser trailer! - Matt's just not happy with it. - We notice several things that make us excited to see Eclipse. - We break down each actor's performance in the trailer. - Andrew notes a reoccurring sound effect going on throughout the trailer. - Elysa can't help but notice the abundance of forestry in each Twilight Saga trailer. - Does this trailer give us a feel for David Slade's work? - We catch up on the latest news: Summit replaces the Eclipse editor, Muse won't appear on the Eclipse soundtrack, and much more. - The hosts give away copies of the Twilight: Scene It DVD game to listeners! - Don't forget to learn about our upcoming Imprint 2010 Summer Tour! We hope to see you at one of our shows.

 Imprint 32: A Fine Deer Dinner | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 56:53

- We announce the official tour dates and cities for the 2010 Imprint Summer Tour! - We need your donations! Please visit for information. - Andrew and Matt think of fun things to do with fans on tour. - Awards, deleted scenes, trailer dates, oh my! - What does everyone hope to see in the Eclipse trailer? - Look for a live episode of Imprint on Ustream when the Eclipse trailer is released! - Instead of a main discussion, this episode features a boat load of e-mails. - Carlisle and Esme hold the type of relationship we should all want! - ... minus the whole deer eating thing. - We further discuss what would've happened between Edward and Bella if Edward were human. - Would Midnight Sun make any sense as a movie? - If Edward and Bella didn't first meet in Biology class, would they have ever started talking? - Andrew plugs his new site!

 Imprint 31: Love Bites | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:28:25

- Twilight Source staff member Pamela makes her Imprint debut! - We provide an update on our upcoming Imprint Summer Tour! - Borders announces New Moon midnight DVD release parties - will we attend? - Walmart announces the New Moon Ultimate Fan Edition DVD. - It includes a 7-minute Eclipse preview, but Elysa still supports the Borders one. - Will the content on the Walmart DVD be worth the purchase? - Matt thinks there won't be much Eclipse merchandise. Andrew can't stop laughing at this idea. - Listener rebuttals address last week's Charlie/Renee discussion, the lack of Eclipse images/videos, and more. - Main Discussion: Couples in the Twilight series - To celebrate Valentine's Day, we look at each couple and how they play a role in the series. - What elements or qualities make each relationship work? - How do the couples' dynamics shape each character's decisions? - To wrap up the show we play a Twilight Saga dating game!

 Imprint 30: Bella's Cactus Friend | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:06:58

- Twilight Source staff member Andrea joins the Imprint team! - We discuss the New Moon DVD release date, price, and features. - What do we think of the upcoming Twilight Graphic Novel? - Howard Shore will be scoring Eclipse?! OMG! - David Slade reveals his "New Years Gift" was cancelled; we mourn. - We discuss Taylor Lautner's recent onslaught of action film deals. - Listener E-mails discuss last episode's hot topics and more! - Character Discussion: Charlie and Renee - Are they realistic portrayals of parents? - What is their role in the Saga? (Hint: not just being parents) - How do they influence Bella's thought process? - What would've been different in the Saga if they were still together? - Why didn't Renee insist on more visits with Bella? - What's new on Twilight Source?

 Imprint 29: Kwop Kilawtley | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:09:29

- It's our final episode of the year! - Laura will be leaving us for a few months as she studies abroad in Costa Rica. - Is the latest New Moon DVD release date (March 22nd) the legit one? - How ridiculous is the Forks reality show? - We try to figure out how Summit will show the wolf pack communication on screen in Breaking Dawn. Andrew and Matt give it a try. - We talk about the biggest Twilight stories of 2009. - We revisit some of the best Imprint moments of 2009. - What do Twilight fans have to look forward to in 2010? - Matt has a special message for Laura. - Elysa laughs off Matt's special message. - We announce the two ladies who will be joining the Imprint team in 2010!

 Imprint 28: The Calm After The Storm | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:00:41

- It's just the boys this week for a news round up and mail bag episode! - Taylor Lautner is the #1 Breakout Star of 2009, according to Moviefone. Do we agree? - Chris Weitz gives his thoughts on the negative reviews. We then give ours. - We discuss the recently announced New Moon DVD deleted scenes, commentary, and release date. - Andrew picked out 16 e-mails to get through this week! It's an e-mail bonanza! - Last episode we thought there weren't any easter eggs in New Moon. Listeners prove us wrong! - Why are we all Team Jacob now? - Virgin America product placement actually DOES make sense! - Why did audiences scream with delight when Jacob took his shirt off, but no one opened their mouths when Edward took off his? - Now that we've seen the film, do we like Bella's screaming?

 Imprint 27: Our Thoughts on New Moon! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:48:01

- We host a live podcast on Ustream to discuss our thoughts on New Moon! - Sadly, Elysa did not dress up as the Swiss Alps when she saw the film. - Best moments, worst moments, product placement, acting improvements, etc. - We recite some of the best lines. - Andrew switches to Team Jacob after Taylor's stellar performance. - What do the negative critic reviews mean for New Moon? - We read several of your e-mails about the film. - Looking back on our thoughts about New Moon's production a year ago, we had nothing to worry about!

 New Moon Live Webcast at Borders! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:24:21

A live podcast with our fansite friends recorded the day before the New Moon premiere in LA! Includes a special guest appearance by New Moon actor Charlie Bewley (Demetri) To see the video version of this podcast, visit

 Imprint 26: At the Opera | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:04:25

- We're only a week away from New Moon! - Laura and Elysa have plans to see it this year! *gasp* - We catch up on all the crazy news stories. - Who do we think should direct Breaking Dawn? - We marvel at the Eclipse poster and how cool it is. - Listener Rebuttals address last week's hot topics. - Main Discussion: Love Triangles in Literature - Laura leads a great discussion on the Twilight love triangle, how it relates to other famous love triangles, and why it has a mass appeal. - Andrew provides a sample of what love triangles in Opera sound like. - We ask listeners what they're most looking forward to in New Moon! - Elysa plans on wearing a Swiss Alps costume to the theater.

 Imprint 25: Lights Out, Candles On | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 58:21

- New Moon clips and TV spots have been released, and we're here to discuss them! - Matt gives his thoughts on the New Moon soundtrack. - What Matt has to do to listen to the soundtrack. - More book recommendations. - Robert and Kristen gossip zomg!! - The New Moon cast are hitting the road for a nationwide tour. Will we go fan them? - Our thoughts on the Eclipse title treatment. - Character Discussion: Aro - His role in the series, implications of the character, and is he good or bad?

 Imprint 24: Spoiling Breaking Dawn | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:02:10

- Will The Host make a good film? - New Moon's rating and length are revealed. - Who's dressing up as a Twilight character for Halloween? - We review the New Moon soundtrack. - Main Discussion: Alice's importance in the series. - What would have happened if Alice couldn't see into the future or wasn't part of the Cullen family? - We look at important parts of each book where she plays a role. - E-mails address Episode 23's hot topics and more. - Elysa recommends 'The Historian'

 Imprint 23: Sooo Maryland | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:15:39

- We go through a bunch of New Moon soundtrack news. - Is the Twilight Documentary a good idea? - New Trailer! We LOVE IT! - Is Kristen better as Bella in this film? - We discuss Rob's Abs in the trailer. Are we convinced they're real? - Matt gets told to shut up by a caller - A listener is willing to pay $600+ to just see New Moon in a theater.

 Imprint 22: Marcus or Ozzy? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:09:04

- So much New Moon and Eclipse news to discuss! - Our thoughts on the latest New Moon soundtrack news. - The Volturi are finally revealed! - What's the deal with Kristen's wig for Eclipse? - Andrew's honest thoughts on the upcoming Forks documentary. - Lots of e-mails to get to from listeners. - We revisit the possibilities of Midnight Sun being published and the Breaking Dawn film being split. - Main Discussion: Werewolves: Mythology to Pop Culture. - We look at how werewolves have evolved over the years. - Lots of updates going on around Twilight Source!

 Imprint 21: Booooo Stewart | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:17:50

- Please excuse the (sometimes) loud audio in the first few minutes of the show. - We're back! And LIVE! - We announce our 2010 Summer Tour city locations. - We discuss the recent cast additions for Eclipse. - Boo Boo Stewart confirms a two-part Breakng Dawn? And SHOULD there be a two-part Breaking Dawn? - We analyze the "Meet Jacob Black" preview. - How do the Volturi look? - Is Taylor the Incredible Hulk? - How have the cast improved? - Live calls from those who are listening on Ustream!


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