2014-11-22: Genetic analysis and stem cell advances for heart disease are top issues this week

KUSP's Ask Doctor Dawn show

Summary: A new stem cell treatment for heart attacks can induce new blood vessels; Fluorescent markers identify stem cells in nail beds to harvest for regenerative purposes; Digoxin is no longer recommended to treat atrial fibrulation, but taper off only under the supervision of a doctor; Fluorescent nanoparticles to detect cancer cells — small RNAs used to reduce metastasis; You can get the raw data from 23 and Me interpreted by other services; Challenges with getting alternative treatments and the new expensive Hepatitis C drug; The importance of the MTHFR mutation and how to detect it; How to get cheaper blood tests; Using selenium-containing shampoo as a body wash can reduce fungal rash; What are the essential medical records to take when emigrating? A listener suggests why diatomaceous earth might contribute to celiac disease; L-carnitine will probably not help much to treat a prolapsed uterus; Supplements to raise testosterone levels