2014-11-01: Vitamins, probiotics and a wide variety of research news and answers to your questions

KUSP's Ask Doctor Dawn show

Summary: Visualizing cancer cells penetrating a blood vessel; Yogurt and cheese are better for your health than drinking a lot of milk; The complex legal issues of requiring labeling of GMO food; Using a mice model to study Ebola and develop treatments; Dr. Dawn is skeptical about the copper patch therapy for arthritis and other maladies; A review of B vitamins and how to measure how much you should take; Research to determine how much Vitamin D supplement to take to raise to appropriate levels; Can neurofeedback be used for treating hypothyroidism? Prednisone is very powerful but should be used only for short periods of time — Take probiotics with antibiotics; More about the various types, quality and quantities of probiotics; Supplements for hip arthritis pain and inflammation; Suicide rates seem to be higher after frequent psychotherapy; Appropriate individualized evaluation of antidepressants; Punicalagin is in the white matter under the skin of a pomegranate that helps with Alzheimer's disease