2014-12-20: A wide variet of topics from water quality and rashes to avoiding mosquitos

KUSP's Ask Doctor Dawn show

Summary: Public project to reduce obesity in children also helps their parents; The Medicare fraud enforcement has gotten out of hand with too many backlogged appeal cases; Is there a stem cell study that I can participate in for my cardiac problem? Medicare covers only limited dental work but some supplemental insurance do; Comments on brain dominance, including diet and childhood development influences; Caller asks for safe amounts of alcohol additions in her coffee; Appropriate amounts and ratios of DHA to EPA in fish oil for various purposes; The use of niacin and aspirin to improve certain lipids, cardiac health and stroke prevention; Good reasons to get a full sleep study to evaluate sleep apnea; Help for a rash around the mouth — stop using fluoride toothpaste; Dr. Dawns baking soda and hydrogen peroxide teeth cleaning formula; Mayo clinic website has scary lists of "side effects" for CoQ10 and fish oil — don't assume causality; Caller suggests food sensitivities might cause facial rash; Does bottled water have fluoride? H2 blocker anti-reflux drugs raises ocular pressure — avoid if you have glaucoma; Avoiding mosquitoes in the tropics is important if you have Lupus; Bottled water issues discussed, like the lack of testing that public water requires; Using pyrethrin to treat clothing and mosquito netting