2014-09-20: More about Ebola and diverse health questions from callers and email

KUSP's Ask Doctor Dawn show

Summary: Drs. Dawn and Denoldo Hernandez discusses the problems with California Prop 46; Supplements to increase peripheral circulation; Does taking melatonin to aid sleeping develop resistance? People getting higher lithium from the environment have lower suicide rates; Maximum magnesium dose is easy to find: too much causes diarrhea; Recommendations for checkups and mammograms for breast cancer screening in elders; The problems in Africa that exacerbate the current Ebola epidemic; Dr. Dawn does not like red palm oil because if its environmental impact — alternatives suggested; A listener suggests that a caller from last week who worried about blood flow to his brain has a vestibular disorder; Review of the criticism and benefits of soy products; Functional and standard lab tests and supplements for vitamin B12 metabolism problems; Which form of CoQ10 should I take and how do I test if it's working? More about the physiology of fainting and related cardiac risks; Estrogen and sun exposure is the driver of melasma; Does pasteurization affect pomegranate's anti-Alzheimer's disease benefits?