2014-08-30: Ebola epidemic is top story, plus answers to a variety of health questions

KUSP's Ask Doctor Dawn show

Summary: Transcranial magnetic stimulation is shown to improve memory retrieval; Listener finds cheaper source of Deplin online; Listener says eating 4 times a day reduces his migraines; The relationship of drinking alcohol, cirrhosis of the liver and diabetes; Current Ebola epidemic has genetic variation as compared to earlier strains; Too much amino acid supplementation is hard on your kidneys; Microbes in your house are the same as those on your skin; Pharmacists can do a comprehensive medication review paid by Medicare if requested; Elimination diet to determine food sensitivities can help canker sore; Many people can taper off taking Acyclovir to treat oral herpes; Concern about students returning to college from Ebola-affected countries; Do I need to get the breast ultrasound they recommended after my mammogram? Determining respiratory allergies vs. viral infection; Determining respiratory allergies vs. viral infection; More about the current Ebola outbreak — what is different from previous outbreaks?