Summary: In The City Confessions, host and Native New Yorker Mariann Yip leads an ongoing, causal and raw discussion with real people living in the city to share and laugh about their highs and most importantly their lows. She invites guests to open up about what they’re really going through on a daily basis, what the city has taught them, and ultimately gives them a platform to talk about what’s on their mind and what keeps them up at night. Support this podcast:

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 Ep 11: Isis Louw - Moving from Europe to NYC - What Investment Banking Has taught her - Juggling Being a Full-time Mom and Full-time Blogger - Advice on how to Find Balance in your Life | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 2584

This special episode in our March series, which focuses on current NYC residents or visitors, features Isis Louw, a full time mom and blogger from Europe. We discuss her background and previous job as an investment banker and how that has shaped her to be the organized woman she is today. Originally from Europe, her love for NYC has brought her to settling in the city and now being able to call it home with her husband and son. Her journey to NYC hasn't always been easy but she explains how she has managed to find balance in her hectic life and shares insights on how we can all achieve that as well. You can find Isis Louw on Instagram @thesmartfashionistas and feel free to email should you have questions regarding this episode! --- Support this podcast:

 Ep 10: Helen Chik - Aussie in NYC - Struggle with Balancing Personal Life and Professional Life - Thoughts on Dating in our Modern World - Experience with Dating Apps | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 2744

For the month of March, The City Confessions will do a special series featuring guests who are not Native New Yorkers, but rather NYC residents or visitors with accents. Today's episode features Helen Chik, an Australian Freelance digital content creator and writer who is visiting NYC for two weeks. She is an open book with great stories and experiences about dating! Hear what she has to say as she opens up about her past relationships, current struggle with balancing personal life and professional life and bits and pieces of her dating experiences in the city. If you would like to get in touch with Helen Chik, you can find her on Instagram @helenchikx. Feel free to also email should you have any questions regarding this episode.  --- Support this podcast:

 Ep 9: John Coppola- Finding the dream in NYC - Importance of family and relationships- Dealing with life and loss | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 3132

Today's episode features John Coppola, the chef of Bread & Spread, a sandwich shop with two locations in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Chef John talks about how he started Bread & Spread and gives deep insight to the lessons he's learned throughout his experiences growing up in the city. Chef John also explains why he values family, relationships and time. This episode is definitely not a light one, so be sure to listen carefully, take some notes and be ready to absorb some great life lessons. You can find Chef John on Instagram @breadandspread and if you would like more information regarding this episode, feel free to email  --- Support this podcast:

 Ep 8: Maria Maddox - The Power of Believing in Yourself - How she went from a marathon spectator to marathon runner - How NYC fuels her | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 2600

Today's guest features Maria Maddox, who is the PR Manager for AmorePacific US. Maddox expresses her love for NYC and explains how this city has impacted her confidence and drive to go after her dreams. Hear how she went from being unemployed and watched the NYC marathon as a spectator a few years ago to leading communications at a well recognized and global company as well as completing her first NYC marathon. You can find Maddox on Instagram @maria_instalife and you can email should you have any questions regarding this episode! --- Support this podcast:

 Ep. 7: Tijana Ibrahimovic - Moving to NYC with a dream - How she made a name for herself in Broadcast Journalism | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 2373

Get ready for a high energy interview with the fabulous Broadcast Journalist, Celebrity Host and Luxury Style Expert Tijana Ibrahimovic! In this episode, we talk about what type of attitude and energy it takes to survive and strive in the city. Tijana Ibrahimovic discusses how she made a name for herself in broadcast journalism and her journey and discoveries of becoming a New Yorker. She also reveals a confession about her personality and exterior in the hopes that others can relate. You can find Tijana Ibrahimovic on Instagram @tijanastyle. If you have any questions regarding this episode, feel free to email  --- Support this podcast:

 Ep 6: Jeremy Jacobowitz - Journey in Food Blogging - Favorite NYC Eats - Balancing work and health | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 2541

This episode features Jeremy Jacobowitz who is also known as @brunchboys on Instagram, which has an impressive following of 472K+. Hear how he transitioned from being a TV producer to a well known Instagram food blogger and content creator.  Curious to know what Jeremy's current go to spots are in NYC? Ever wondered what his day in the life is like? Then check out this episode as he reveals the behind the scenes of his work as well as his confession. If you have any questions regarding this episode, feel free to email  --- Support this podcast:

 Ep 5: Alayna Palgon - Balancing Professional and Personal Goals- Dealing with Societal Pressures | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 2548

Today’s guest is Alayna Palgon, an influencer marketing professional. In this episode, we talk about the struggle with balancing professional ambitions with personal milestones/goals especially in NYC’s go-go-go climate. Hear what Alayna has to say about how she tackles pressure from society/the professional world (and even the pressure she puts on herself!) while taking it all in stride like the Boss Lady she truly is.  You can find Alayna Palgon on Instagram @alaynavision. Experiencing something similar? Have feedback on this episode? Give me a shout at Would love to hear from you! --- Support this podcast:

 Ep 4: Brittany Lo- Being a boss babe- Starting her own beauty business- Importance of Self Worth | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 2251

Today's guest is Brittany Lo, a business entrepreneur and Founder and CEO of a Manhattan based beauty company, Beautini.  In this episode, Brittany talks about her journey of starting her own business and lessons that she's learned along the way. We touch base on topics surrounding entrepreneurship, making your dreams a reality, the importance of self care and why we should prioritize self worth. You can find Brittany Lo on Instagram @brittany.lo and if you have any questions regarding this episode, feel free to reach her at or --- Support this podcast:

 Ep 3: Jessica Markowski - lessons from casting directors - making it in NYC as a model | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 2177

In this episode, Native New Yorker, Jessica Markowski talks about her experience growing up as a fashion model in Brooklyn, New York. Hear what she has to say about the lessons she's learned from casting directors and how New York has shaped her work ethic. You can follow Jessica Markowski on Instagram @jessicamarkowski and if you have any questions regarding this episode, feel free to email We are also always looking for new guests! --- Support this podcast:

 Ep 2: Aimee Majoros - keeping up with the beauty industry, starting her own PR company | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 2328

In this second episode of The City Confessions, native New Yorker Aimee Majoros, an experienced beauty and lifestyle publicist, talks about her background in PR and how she got started in the industry. Hear how she transitioned from working for some big corporations to working for herself. You can also find Aimee Majoros on Instagram @aimeemajorospr and --- Support this podcast:

 Ep 1: The City Confessions - Why I started this Podcast- Health Confession | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 1042

The City Confessions is a no limits and no judgment podcast hosted by lifestyle blogger and Native New Yorker Mariann Yip. In this first episode, Mariann Yip explains what motivated her to start this podcast. She also reveals her struggle with amenorrhea, which is a confession she's been recently hiding. She encourages her listeners to follow along this podcast journey of hearing New Yorkers reveal who they really are, how they really feel and what they've been holding inside. This is the podcast to shed light on those confessions that we’ve secretly always wanted to express. You can find Mariann Yip on Instagram @mariann_yip and if you have any questions, feel reach  --- Support this podcast:


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