Summary: In The City Confessions, host and Native New Yorker Mariann Yip leads an ongoing, causal and raw discussion with real people living in the city to share and laugh about their highs and most importantly their lows. She invites guests to open up about what they’re really going through on a daily basis, what the city has taught them, and ultimately gives them a platform to talk about what’s on their mind and what keeps them up at night. Support this podcast:

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 Ep 127: Mariann Yip - Solo Episode- Lessons I’ve learned in 2021: Stop Outsourcing Intuition to others- Trusting myself more- Being Comfortable with Setting Boundaries- Choosing to be Happy | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 1801

This episode is a solo one from yours truly, Mariann Yip. As I close out season 6 of The City Confessions, I talk about three lessons I've learned in 2021 including: Stop looking for others to fill me in relationships: becoming more selective with information to disclose and learning to stop outsourcing my intuition so I can trust myself more Understanding triggers and setting boundaries: Seeing triggers as a reflection of what areas I still need to work and being more comfortable with setting boundaries because it's a way for me to protect myself  Redefining Happiness: Stop relying on others for happiness, validation or approval. No one is responsible for my happiness but me and choosing to be happy is a choice and a choice I'm deciding daily I also talk about life updates and mention how I plan on taking The City Confessions to a new level starting 2022 as well as releasing a book about dating, self development and self discovery. I also reveal a confession about relationships, so be sure to listen to the end to hear what it is! I am grateful for each and every one of my listeners and you can show your support to rating this podcast on iTunes, sharing it with a friend and giving me and the podcast a follow on Instagram! Feel free to direct any questions, comments or feedback to  --- Support this podcast:

 Ep 126: Teona Ostrov- Entrepreneur- Founder of Teona Ostrov PR - How she got into PR- Journey of Starting Her Own Company - Love for NYC and Subway Confession | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 2136

Today's last guest for Season 6 of The City Confessions is Teona Ostrov, an entrepreneur and founder of Teona Ostrov PR, which is a boutique PR agency in NYC specializing in beauty, lifestyle and wellness. In this episode Teona and I speak about how she got into PR and the journey of starting her own company. She also mentions the challenges and highlights of her career thus far. We bring it back to NYC and Teona expresses her love for the city and ends the episode with a confession involving the NYC subway that you don't want to miss! You can find more about Teona and where to find her below: About Teona Ostrov: For the past 15 years, Teona has specialized in beauty, wellness and lifestyle PR. After working both in-house and at agencies, she left agency life in 2017 to freelance. After less than a year, she built up a roster of her own clients and decided that it was time to expand and build an agency. TOPR was born in September of 2018 in a shared WeWork office with her Maltese, Reese as the agency's VP - Vice Pup. A month later she adopted a pointer mix named Jeff who currently serves as TOPR's director of Barketing. While Teona loves nothing more than a good blowout, she is also an avid hiker and backpacker. When she's not on the trail with her dogs you can likely find her on a SoulCycle bike. Follow Teona Ostrov on Instagram! Feel free to email any questions, comments or feedback regarding this episode to  --- Support this podcast:

 Ep 125: Rafaella Alberts- Digital Marketer and Native New Yorker- Owning her Personality Traits - Love Hate Relationship with NYC- Taking Care of Yourself - Look Good Feel Good | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 2248

Today's guest is Rafaella Alberts, a digital marketer and Native New Yorker. Born and raised in Brooklyn NY, Rafaella loves makeup & skincare (cruelty free only), sneakers, music, and is super obsessed with animals. In her spare time, she loves doing anything creative or outdoorsy. In this episode, Rafaella and I talk about what it's like growing up in NYC and her love/ hate relationship with the city. As a social and hyperactive individual, Rafaella explains how she has many hobbies and interests and doesn't think she or anybody else should be defined by their job titles and careers. We also touch briefly on astrology as she is a pieces. Rafaella opens up about what stresses her out and that involves both work and living costs of NYC. We close this episode by encouraging people to take care of themselves and to treat people the way you want to be treated.  You can connect with Rafaella on Instagram. And feel free to direct any comments, feedback or questions to regarding this podcast.  --- Support this podcast:

 Ep 124: Marie-Pierre- Founder of new skin-fitness brand, HERB + FLORA- Her Love for NYC and Living in Tribeca - Combining Science, Sports and Beauty- Entrepreneurial Advice on Never Giving Up | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 2034

Today's guest is Marie-Pierre, the founder of new skin-fitness brand, HERB + FLORA. Marie-Pierre Stark-Flora is a French triathlete and ex beauty executive of L’Oréal, Estée Lauder, and Coty. This entrepreneur previously launched her own beauty technology company, but her latest endeavor marries her passion for sports, with her love of science and clean beauty. HERB + FLORA’s skin-fitness line helps mimic the anti-aging effects of exercise on the skin and is clinically proven with a blend of naturally derived ingredients. The collection features autophagy-inducing topicals, clinically-proven ingestibles that promote cell health and increase antioxidant capacity, and a silk pillowcase woven with copper threads that helps reveal glowing skin and hair after just a few uses. In this episode, Marie- Pierre and I sit down and we talk about the following topics: Why she decided to choose NYC as her home and what she loves most about the city  Herb + Flora: combining science and beauty to create a brand and how sustainability and packaging affected her process  How she got into endurance sports, role of movement and activity in her life Offering advice from the challenges and lessons she's learned being an entrepreneur and never giving up  Confession regarding her background with theatre and how her love for theatre brought her into NYC Recalling 9/11 and living in Tribeca You can find more about Marie- Pierre's company below: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Feel free to direct any comments, questions or feedback to  --- Support this podcast:

 Ep 123: Irina Gottesman- CEO and Founder of House of Grō- Lessons from being a Serial Entrepreneur- Turning Failures into Lessons- Cultivating a Healthy Mindset for Business | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 2654

Today's guest is Irina Gottesman, CEO and Founder of House of Grō, an inclusive clean beauty brand offering plant based, all natural, and sustainable CBD skincare products. House of Grō is at the forefront of the clean beauty movement with a wellness line focused on plant-based, genderless skincare products. Managing multiple startups at a time, Irina is the creative brain and industry innovator focusing on the integration of the House of Grō plant-based products into mainstream markets. In this episode we talk about her background with NYC and what she loves most about the city, what it was like growing up in Queens and her memorable city experience with her mom in Soho. We also dive into her journey with starting House of Grō and she reveals how this beauty idea came to be, the struggles and lessons she's learned along the way, the mindset she's adopted when it comes to being a serial entrepreneur, what makes House of Grō unique and more information regarding the brand's values of sustainability and clean beauty. Irina further reveals her entrepreneurial highs and lows and talks deeper about the importance of embracing the journey, how she turns failures into lessons, not taking no for face value and reveals a confession regarding her outlook on NYC boroughs and suburbs.  You can find more about Irina and her brand below: About Irina Gottesman: Irina Gottesman is an entrepreneur who hit the ground running by the young age of 20. Over the course of 24 years, Irina has managed revenues ranging from $1-5M in long- and short-term engagements in real estate, franchise, hospitality, retail and wholesale. All of her diverse and well-devised business engagements demonstrate Irina’s ability to dominate any industry she enters, with her long-term focus being plant-based skincare and wellness. Irina has the ability to trend forecast and build brands. With a passion for wellness and holistic health, she utilized her knowledge of industry trends and resources to launch House of Grō alongside her brother, Sam. Irina has been building brands together with Sam for decades; they have a 25 year track record in the luxury market, both with their own passions for wellness. After the pair found themselves in the CBD industry, Irina and Sam learned about the skincare benefits of CBD and decided to dive head first into the cosmetics industry, thus House of Grō was born. This dynamic duo now own and operate the 1st CBD brand to be certified Microbiome-Friendly. Website: Instagram: Facebook: If you have any questions regarding this episode, feel free to email  --- Support this podcast:

 Ep 122: Brooke Miccio- Lifestyle Vlogger & Youtuber, Co-Host of the Gals on the Go podcast - Balancing Sharing Personal Life & Private Life on Social Media- Highlights of Career -Embracing Being Basic | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 2039

Today's guest is Brooke Miccio, a lifestyle vlogger and youtuber and Co-Host of the Gals on the Go podcast.  In this episode, we dive deeper into Brooke's social media journey as she talks about how she started her Youtube channel 10 years ago. Since growing a strong and loyal community, Brooke opens up about the struggle with being an open book and being relatable while wanting to keep certain things in her life private. Brooke also talks about the importance of trying to live int he moment and not stress about the future or what others think of her since she is in the public eye.  We also touch upon topics including:  - past experiences with being bullied in school - rewarding moments of her career and being able to receive positive feedback from her community - Gals on the go podcast: the premise, how she met her podcast partner and why they decided to start the podcast together - Confession regarding and embracing her basicness  when it comes to NYC recommendations - her zest for life and how her family has impacted her  You can connect with Brooke Miccio on the below platforms: Website: Youtube: Instagram: Twitter: If you have any questions regarding this episode, please email --- Support this podcast:

 Ep 121: Amanda Bybel - CEO and Founder of The Inner Bybel and The Sparkle System- Journey from Corporate Dropout to Entrepreneur and Life Coach- Power of Manifestation, Affirmations and Mindset | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 2418

Today's episode features the lovely Amanda Bybel, who is a Master Certified NLP Practitioner and Trainer, Master Certified Success & Life coach, as well as a Master Certified Hypnotherapist. She is also the CEO and Founder of The Inner Bybel and The Sparkle System, which is a practitioner certification program, specifically designed for high-achieving, driven women who are ready to claim their next level identity as a true influencer, leader + masterful coach in just 4 months. Her mission is to empower women to pursue their true calling by shifting their identity and smashing their fears, so that they can create an authentic and fulfilling life, on their terms. She has helped over 100 women become the best versions of themselves through her accredited programs. She is also the co-host of the Related podcast with her sister Carli Bybel. In this episode, Amanda recounts her journey from being a corporate dropout to an entrepreneur, life coach and motivational speaker. She talks about the breakdown she had that forced her to rethink her life path. After going through a personal development program, she realized her life purpose was to serve others and help women transform their life and gain confidence in all facets of their lives. As a spiritual individual, Amanda dives deep into the power of manifestation, affirmations and mindset. She also shares the affirmation that changed her life, her journal activity and recommendations, and how she channels Posh Spice as has higher self. Amanda also acknowledge that self development is a journey and there will be low moments, as she personally opens up about her struggle with having self sabotaging thoughts and limiting beliefs. She gives advice on how to handle those lower frequency feelings and reminds us all of the power of our mindsets.  You can follow Amanda on Instagram and check out her website: Feel free to also direct any questions, comments or feedback to  --- Support this podcast:

 Ep 120: Hilla Narov and Samantha Woolf, Co-Founders of Official Partner- Challenges and Lessons as Female Entrepreneurs During Pandemic- Realities of working with A List Celebrities & Living Dream Job | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 2800

Today we are joined by two entrepreneurial women, Hilla Narov and Samantha Woolf, co-founders of Official Partner, a premiere marketing and entertainment agency that connects brands with A list talent and influencers and New Yorkers. Prior to founding Official Partner, Samantha and Hilla each spent over 20 years at notable entertainment management agencies but then last year decided to pivot by starting their own agency. This was a little over one year ago during an unlikely time – the beginning of the Covid-19 global pandemic. While they faced many challenges, they have come out the other side and are even stronger. Hilla Narov and Samantha Woolf have an instinct for what’s next, what’s newsworthy and the ability to architect a winning deal that translates to success for their clients.  In this episode, we cover the below topics:  - Lessons from their first year as female founders and their life in NYC Challenges they faced during the Covid-19 pandemic - Why they believe mentoring other women is key to their success - The fun and challenging experiences working with A list celebrities  We also talk a lot about New York and how the city has affected their mindset, the way they approach business and what the city has given them. You can learn more about Samantha and Hila below:  About Samantha: Prior to starting Official Partner, Samantha was Head of Marketing, NY at United Talent Agency (UTA), one of the leading talent, influencer and entertainment agencies in the world. With over 20 years of experience, Samantha has worked with branding powerhouses Deutsch Inc., Grey Global Group, and PEOPLE magazine, and brands such as Covergirl, Pantene and Head & Shoulders. She has also worked closely with some of the most highly respected and sought-after talent faces across digital media, television, music, and live entertainment including Sofia Vergara, Taylor Swift, Queen Latifah, Ellen DeGeneres, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, P!NK and James Charles. About Hilla: A forward-looking thinker and creative problem-solver, Hilla has built trusted relationships across the entertainment, luxury, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industries – always with an interest to drive brand visibility and business growth. Hilla brings over 20 years of public relations and brand management experience. She led the relaunch of Jordache’s luxury denim collection securing Sarah Jessica Parker, partnered veterans non-for-profit Dog Tag Bakery with Starbucks and secured a multi-year sponsorship for Heidi Klum’s Halloween with Party City. Hill has brokered numerous high profile talent deals for brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior, Tiffany, Bulgari, Coach, Maybelline, HSN, QVC and Mattel.  Website: Instagram: Feel free to direct any questions, comments or feedback to  --- Support this podcast:

 Ep 119: Ian Ginsberg - Third Generation Owner of C.O. Bigelow, America's Oldest Apothecary- History Behind The Company - How The Family and Employees Maintain Brand Integrity through Storytelling | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 2186

Today's guest is Ian Ginsberg, who is a pharmacist, president, and the third-generation owner of C.O Bigelow, which is America’s oldest Apothecary. In this episode, Ian and I discuss his role at C.O Bigelow and the history behind the company. Ian also discusses what makes the company so special and how they successfully cultivate brand integrity throughout all these years and the importance of storytelling to keep their brand relevant and alive. Ian goes into details about the brand heritage and how they create and choose products to touch people emotionally. We also talk about things on his to do list that he hasn't completed yet, how he's seen NYC changed throughout the years and his current stress and concern over the uncertainty of the city's future.  About C.O. Bigelow: Nestled in Greenwich Village, C.O. Bigelow was founded in 1838 by Dr. Galen Hunter, and the store was originally called The Village Apothecary Shop until it was was bought and renamed by his employee Clarence Otis Bigelow in 1880. For nearly two centuries, C.O. Bigelow has served some of the country’s most prominent personalities including Eleanor Roosevelt, Mark Twain and, legend has it, Thomas Edison, who is said to have used a salve to soothe his burnt fingers while inventing the lightbulb. Since 1939, C.O. Bigelow has been owned and operated by the Ginsberg family. Daily operations are overseen by third-generation owner and President, Ian Ginsberg RPh, and his son, Alec, PharmD at C.O. Bigelow today. The brand fuses its decades of knowledge with the best of today’s technology to create authentic and effective solutions to everyday problems. Many of C.O. Bigelow's formulas are based on the apothecary’s original recipes—including Lemon Body Cream, which dates back to 1870—while others are inspired by ingredients found while scouring the globe.  With a focus on honest ingredients, all products are are cruelty-free and prepared with minimal preservatives. C.O. Bigelow’s unique product range, brand heritage and store location continue to draw locals and tourists alike looking to enjoy a memorable shopping experience and premium products. The retailer serves a diverse clientele from its online shop and its landmark brick-and-mortar store, where a dedicated team fills prescriptions, provides personalized service, and sells a wide array of beauty and personal care products from the company’s namesake brand and a collection of their favorite brands from across the globe. C.O. Bigelow products are also sold in luxury boutiques, lifestyle stores, and department stores in the US and abroad. You can find more about C.O Bigelow by visiting their website and you can follow them on Instagram  Feel free to direct any questions, comments or feedback to regarding this podcast or episode. --- Support this podcast:

 Ep 118: Harry Josh- Celebrity Stylist and Americas Ambassador, Goldwell & KMS- Staying Persistent in NYC - Importance of Education in the Beauty Industry- Power of Mindset, Meditation and Energy | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 2730

Today's guest is Harry Josh, one of the most sought-after editorial stylists in the world. Before his freelance career took off, Harry was doing double duty as a celebrity hairdresser and casting director for Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton. Now, Harry's days are filled doing editorial work for Harper's Bazaar, British Vogue, GQ, Allure, and other leading fashion magazines. In 2013, he launched his namesake hair tool line: Harry Josh® Pro Tools. His much-lauded Pro Dryer 2000 is a favorite of celebrities, stylists and real men and women alike. Today, Harry Josh® Pro Tools consists of two hair dryers, two curling irons, a flat iron, a diffuser, and an array of brushes, combs and clips. Harry has touched the heads of Rose Byrne, Olivia Wilde, Taylor Schilling, Kate Bosworth, Hillary Swank, Ellen Pompeo, Christy Turlington, Helena Christensen, Cindy Crawford, Kaia Gerber, Karlie Kloss and Gisele. In this episode we talk about a variety of topics including Harry's persistence working in the industry for 12 years before getting his big break. Harry recalls how his job as a casting director helped him forge relationships with models and how those friendships essentially placed himself in front of Amy Astley, the former beauty editor of Vogue at that time. We also dive deeper into the power of mindset and how he's cultivated an abundant one throughout his career. He notes that his struggles taught him how to focus on the present and to always remain true to his passion for education and empowering others through his work. Harry reiterates that happiness is a choice and not based on circumstances. We also discuss the benefits of meditation and the mind, how to stay present in a digital world, and how he's taking all his lessons from his extensive and impressive career to make an impact in the beauty industry today. You can connect with Harry on Instagram and check out his tools on his website If you have any questions, comments or feedback, feel free to email  --- Support this podcast:

 Ep 117: Melissa Bolona- Founder and CEO of Beauty & the Broth- Benefits of Bone Broth- Challenges Launching a Company During Pandemic- Mixing Business and Creativity- Rituals to Staying Grounded | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 1737

Today's guest is Melissa Bolona, the Founder and CEO of Beauty & the Broth, a beauty and wellness brand offering shelf-stable, direct-to-consumer bone broth that’s care-free, convenient and customizable. Growing up in both the United States and Peru, Melissa was immersed in dual cultures which led her to appreciate various approaches to natural beauty and expressions of creativity. After completing education in International Marketing in Paris, she decided to pursue acting and went on to lead a successful career alongside many A-list actors in Hollywood and starring in more than 20 films. Working many years in the creative industry led to Melissa feeling exhausted and unmotivated. Searching for a cure in all the wrong places, Melissa found herself at home with her family where her sister introduced her to bone broth. She immediately saw results, finding her energy levels increased, gut-health improved and her mind clear with purpose. Melissa soon got down to business in her own kitchen, testing countless ratios and recipes and figuring out a way to bring flavorful, collagen-rich bone broth to the masses. A natural entrepreneur, her mission is to provide convenient access to this magical elixir so that everyone has an opportunity to experience its benefits. After a year of development, Beauty & the Broth was perfected and launched in late 2020, delivering holistic healing and beauty both inside and out. In this episode, Melissa explains how how she started her company and what the benefits of bone broth are, especially when it comes to regulating the gut. She also dives deeper into the challenges she's faced since launching the company during a pandemic. Melissa also acknowledges the difficulty in letting go of control in order to build her team. As someone who spent time in LA, Melissa also talks about the differences between both cities and explains why she think bone broth is the next big thing when it comes to health and wellness. Other topics in this episode include rituals that Melissa has incorporated in her daily routine to staying grounded, how she handles stress, and how she's taken the confidence from her previous modeling and acting career to her current path of being an entrepreneur.  To learn more, please visit or find Melissa on Instagram. And feel free to direct any questions or feedback about this podcast to  --- Support this podcast:

 Ep 116: Jordan Scott- CEO of Cobble- Attending NYU and Falling in Love with NYC- Launching a Business during the Pandemic - Cobble App Features - Embracing Stress and Different Phases in Life | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 2430

Today's guest is Jordan Scott, the founder, CEO and Chief Editor of Cobble, an app designed to help people make better, faster decisions together. Jordan graduated from NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study in 2015. She began her career as a news associate at CBS This Morning before launching her startup. To date, she has raised $3 million in seed funding, with thousands of users who have swiped over 200k times on dates and experiences and is quickly expanding Cobble’s offerings and to new cities adapting to culture. Jordan has been profiled in Forbes, FOX 5 Good Day New York, and more. In 2017, Jordan created idk tonight, a website and newsletter that provides NYC couples with curated date night plans to help couples answer the timeless question: “What do you want to do tonight?”. After winning NYU x New York Jets No Huddle Challenge and Entrepreneur Magazine's LIVE 5-minute pitch competition, Jordan launched Cobble, the first app that supports couples in “life after the swipe.” In this episode, Jordan explains how attending NYU made her fall in love with the city. She talks about how the idea of Cobble came to be, the features of the app, the challenges launching a business during a pandemic and the surprising activities that she and her husband both swiped right on. We also dive deeper into the idea of stress and how to handle it, the benefits of practicing gratitude and adopting the 'fake it till you make it' mentality and embracing different seasons in life. Jordan also reveals an unexpected confession relating to alcohol that you don't want to miss!  You can find more information on Cobble here: and make sure you click Try Cobble to receive the link to download the app or find Cobble on your app store! Feel free to also direct any questions or feedback to regarding this podcast.  --- Support this podcast:

 Ep 115: Jessica Morrobel- NYC based Travel Writer and Content Creator - Natural Hair Educator - Quitting Corporate Job to Pursue Blogging- Owning Who You Are - Importance of Celebrating Milestones | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 2587

Today's guest is Jessica Morrobel, a Brooklyn native and New York City-based journalist and content creator empowering people from all walks of life to travel, explore, and tap into their creativity. While re-evaluating her life during the pandemic, Jessica was sparked with an exciting career shift when content creation for her blog pushed her past her comfort zone and became a therapeutic catharsis during a time of healing. As a former content strategist, marketer, and editor at Fortune 100 companies, Jessica's goal is to inspire, educate, and build communities of empowered women to be catalysts for self-expression, change, and exploration. On her page, she authentically shares her learnings along with the most exciting things to do and see in NYC. You'll also find easy-to-follow curly hair care tips — tailored for savvy on-the-go travelers and tastemakers. In this episode, Jessica explains her journey from helping clients and building brands from the ground up to deciding to build her own brand. As someone who used to work in corporate, she explains why she decided to invest in herself and pursue working as a blogger and content creator full time. Since this is a new journey she has embarked on, Jessica offers social media tips and advice for for content creators and aspiring bloggers because she knows although the market is saturated, there is still space for new talent. Jessica also explains how she saved up to pursue blogging full time and how she leveraged her corporate experiences and relationships to landing partnerships. As a natural hair educator, Jessica also expresses her passion for natural hair and how that value has played a role in her brand and public image. Jessica also opens up about dealing with high functioning anxiety, explains what her definitions of success is today, her struggle with downtime and the importance of celebrating any milestones.  You can connect with Jessica below: Website: Instagram: TikTok: --- Support this podcast:

 Ep 114: Maiko Sakai - Niche Specialist- Creator of "Define + Refine Your Profitable Niche" - Aligning Business with Purpose- Focusing on What and Why Instead of How- Embracing Entrepreneurial Journey | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 3075

Today's guest is Maiko Sakai, a niche specialist who helps visionary founders, experts & entrepreneurs discover their niche in their business and to hone in on their greatness. Maiko Sakai is also the founder of Airtight Concepts, a business strategy consultant a.k.a. secret weapon, confidant & silent partner to visionary entrepreneurs & CEO’s with the desire to build a high-functioning, profit-generating machine of their dreams. Her mission is simple: Help service business owners shift from operating a transactional business to a transformational business through her 2 business programs, “Define + Refine Your Profitable Niche” and “Business Optimizer 360. As a self-proclaimed “Queen of Counterintuitive Strategies,” she provides effective but not-so-conventional strategies to boost sustainable profitability for her clients’ businesses by utilizing both quantitative & qualitative assessments. Originally from Yokohama, Japan, Maiko considers herself a New Yorker, loves ethnic foods of all kinds, and is a minimalist, a sucker for ultra-contemporary design & exotic houseplants. She earned her MBA from Cornell University. In this episode we talk about various topics including how Maiko Sakai became a niche specialist and what that term even means. Maiko explains why she created the "WHAT’S YOUR IMPACT CREATION ARCHETYPE AS AN ENTREPRENEUR" quiz and how she's been utilizing it to help business owners determine what they're great at. Maiko and I also bond over our shared sign being Aquarius and talk about characteristics that make us who we are are creatives and how we use our strengths to our advantage when it comes to our careers. Maiko also expresses why she's an advocate for paid ads and how to benefit from running them to promote her business. We also talk about the importance of staying neutral and the pros of removing emotions, needs and wants from running a business. As someone who finds joy in helping entrepreneurs find success, Maiko reiterates why business owners should focus on the what and why instead of the how. We close this episode with Maiko revealing a confession that relates to the city and the current state of New York, so you don't wan to miss out on that!  You can connect with Maiko Sakai on her below platforms: Website: IG: MaikoSakaiBiz Twitter: MaikoSakaiBiz FB: airtightconceptsnyc LinkedIn: Pinterest: MaikoSakaiBiz Feel free to also direct any questions, comments or feedback regarding this episode to  --- Support this podcast:

 Ep 113: Emily Hochman- CEO and Founder of Wellory, New Anti Diet App- Forbes 30 Under 30 - Changing the way we think about Food- Building Healthy Habits and Challenging Diet Culture | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 1553

This week's guest is Emily Hochman, the Founder and CEO of Wellory, the anti-diet nutrition app on a mission to bring healthy eating to the masses. A fast growing app needed pre, post and during the pandemic, Wellory is a nutritionist in your back pocket, focused on making it easier than ever to stay healthy. The iOS and Android-available app matches clients with a health coach, nutritionist, or registered dietician based on their specific health/wellness goals. They provide affordable and personalized, 1-to-1 access to expert guidance, support, tips, recipes, all while tracking client progress and outcomes. Hochman has been featured in Business Insider, Thrive Global, Well+Good, named Bucknell University’s 13 Under 35, Most Inspirational Female Entrepreneur by Influential Businesswomen Awards and Forbes 30 Under 30. In this episode Emily explains why she started Wellory and her own personal journey with food and nutrition. She explains her advocacy for food freedom, the importance in having access to nutritionists, making healthy eating a forefront of conversations, and shifting the focus from diet culture to how we feel and how food impacts that.  Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Emily knew that she has always been a problem solver. She has landed a Forbes feature and recalls how she felt when she received the nomination and the moment when the article went live. Emily reminds us all that food is our friend and food is fuel. She also explains some misconceptions when it comes to healthy eating and healthy lifestyle and reiterates that we should be making sure we choose the right foods for our bodies. We wrap the episode with a city confession from Emily, relating to being single and dating so you'll want to stick around to end for that!  You can learn more about Wellory below: Website: Instagram: Tiktok: Please email if you have any questions, comments or feedback regarding this episode or podcast. --- Support this podcast:


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