Living the Dream with Curveball show

Living the Dream with Curveball

Summary: On the living the dream with curveball podcast I interview guests that teach, motivate, and inspire others. On every episode I interview ordinary people telling extordinary stories about how they contribute to the world to try and make life better for others. I interview a wide range of indivisuals such as authors, singers, actors, athletes, coaches, Etc. When you listen to living the dream with curveball prepare to be motivated and inspired to stop at nothing to achieve your dreams.


 Living the dream with certified reputation repair coach Jennifer Cunningham | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1552

Jennifer’s desire to help those in crisis happened almost by accident. She was trying to recover her own reputation and sense of confidence after a professional humiliation in a job that she loved. Jennifer knew she would not be able to move forward until she got over the feeling of not fitting in. She imagined friends and colleagues pitying sher, wondering if she did any of the things she was falsely accused of.Jennifer hated wondering what they were thinking. Surprisingly, some team mates approached her during that time to offer support. Many wondered how she had the guts to hang in there, when they themselves would not be able to weather the storm.As Jennifer opened up more, she realized many were on her side. That was the beginning of the repair process. Jennifer’s next step to recovery came when she hired a coach who helped her gain clarity and insight. Without her help Jennifer would not have made it through. And then she realized she could take this experience, turn it around and harness what she had learned and help others repair and heal. If you are someone who needs to repair and heal visit Jennifer on the web at

 living the dream with author, football coach, and english teacher Chancellor Jackson | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1228

Chancellor K Jackson (1995) was born in Fulton County, Georgia, to Native American parents, grew up in Smyrna, Georgia, and attended Stetson University. For nine years he played football at the high school and collegiate level. After graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Communication and Media Studies, Chancellor lived abroad in China from 2018-2019. Chancellor fell into writing after his traumatic experience of being arrested, and detained in Beijing for 14 days. His first book, "14 Days in Beijing" has ranked #1 over fifteen times on Amazon in multiple genres. You can keep up with everything Chancellor is up to by visiting him on the web at

 living the dream with author and mindset and empowerment coach Letitia Bates | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 978

Letitia Bates is a mindset and empowerment coach, master EFT tapping practitioner, and award-winning speaker. She is a #1 Amazon bestselling author of I CAN: 12 Keys To Achieve Personal Success In The SMARTEST Way. She is the owner of At The Wheel Coaching, a trauma informed coaching practice.After 20 years in corporate America, Letitia had a big choice to make. Should she continue serving the company she was working for or should she be in service to the calling on her life? She said yes to the call. She now works with women entrepreneurs to help them beat procrastination so they can increase their impact, income, and influence. To be a part of her women’s empowerment group fill out the application at

 living the dream with public speaker, podcaster, game show host, and writer Mike Montague | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1152

At the heart of it, I am an emcee who loves to create an atmosphere of fun, flow, and fulfillment for audiences around the world. Mike Montague is currently a public speaker, podcaster, game show host, and writer. Mike is also the host of the How to Succeed podcast, Sandler Summit, educational webinars, and other virtual events for Sandler. Check out the Playful Humans podcast on YouTube or your favorite podcast app, too!Mike has been involved with Sandler Training for over 20 years as a student, Certified Trainer, Director of Content Marketing, VP of Online Learning, Global Head of Content, and now Director of Community Engagement. Mike am a contributing writer on the Sandler blog and many other international publications, including the Thinking Bigger Business, Hubspot and LinkedIn sales blogs. Mike has entertained and educated thousands of audiences as a professional speaker, on-air radio personality for Mix 93.3 and 105.1 JACK FM, and MC for other live events. Mike has also been an opening act for Billy Idol and Frankie Valli as a DJ and was named one of Kansas City’s Rising Stars of Business in 2015.Mike is super passionate about the power of play, enjoying the crazy ride we are all on, and empowering others to let their guard down so they can experience the fun, flow, freedom, and fulfillment in play experiences!Adulting is hard, and it’s easy to lose your way. But, you can beat burnout and avoid the mid-life crisis. Your imagination, creativity, humor, spontaneity, sociability, and sense of playfulness are still there! They just need to be found and awakened. Learn more at or

 living the dream with music duo Banjii and Mayuri | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1723

Hailing from Georgia, award-winning music duo Banjii and Mayuri announce the release of "Uncommon Love Story," a compilation of original songs, with each track telling a unique story but linking cohesively with the other. Every song is accompanied by music videos shot in different scenic locations across the United States while diving deeper into the minds, spirits, and lives of Banjii and Mayuri.The seven-part video series "Uncommon Love Story" loosely follows the eastern concept of the seven chakras, which are centers of spiritual power in the human body. The first song, which premiered on September 29, "Copper Lines," focuses on the first and root chakra, representing survival and grounding. While the second song, "Ancient Lover" released on November 19, focuses on the second and sacral chakra, expressing sensuality.Banjii and Mayuri follow the flow of their day-to-day lives when choosing the filming location for their videos, and each video tells a powerful story. Filmed at the site of their wedding in Arizona, the first video, "Copper Lines," highlights their marriage ceremony, which was planned in 48 hours with the help of an elopement company in Sedona. Although initially in Sedona, to celebrate the harvest moon, the song's impetus, timing, and synchronicity seemed fitting to celebrate and shoot at the location that was the inspiration for the music."Ancient Lover," the second song featured on the album, explores their love story, a story of neighbors who met and eventually fell in love during the pandemic. The video features California spots the two explored during their honeymoon.The duo believes in living their life to their full potential by surpassing stereotypes and expressing themselves freely and fully. They hope to inspire others to do the same. Mayuri shares, “Together we can surpass systems, borders, boundaries, stereotypes, expectations, obligations that are holding us back from reaching our full potential as individuals and as a society. While we know this conceptually, sometimes this is hard to apply practically. We believe in being the example by living the example.”For more information about Banjii and Mayuri, visit their website and Instagram. Ancient Lover and Copper Lines are available on all major music platforms, including Spotify and YouTube.

 living the dream with cash generation specialist Mark Newsome | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2236

Mark Newsome (aka) Mr.Marketing is a cash flow generation specialist. He routinely helps, semi cash strapped, small business owners and or service providers, (both) on and offline, generate, or discover previously hidden profit centers within their business or service.By strategically maximizing, once considered completely dead and or grossly under utilized, non traditional assets and or resources.

 Living the dream wih bestselling writer, mental health counselor, and recovered codependent Mary Joye | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1516

Mary Joye is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Life Coach and Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator. She is a recovered codependent, and her transformative journey was featured in "O" Magazine. She is a best-selling writer for and her most popular course, "From Codependent to Independent" is often in the top ten and has sold tens of thousands of copies. She contributes as a guest author and interviewer to, Huffington Post, Prevention, ThriveGlobal, UpJourney, Psychology Today, PsychCentral, Central Florida Health News and many other publications. Mary is a guest on podcasts and teaches seminars on codependency. Life coaching clients from around the globe seek her help navigating codependent recovery. She supported herself as a stagehand earning an undergraduate degree in Theatre. Her first job was working for the rock group KISS as a make-up artist and relates in her book how this was the perfect starter job for an unaware codependent as meeting the needs of rock stars was easy after her intense upbringing working in her father's psychiatrist practice. She then was a professional songwriter and singer in Nashville at Warner Brothers and incorporates music in her healing work. As a psychiatrist's daughter, she understands how it feels to be an extension of a family image and better yet, how to become independent of past programming and work towards healthy relationships. Mary helps others become conscious of their subconscious and assists them to expedite healing with meditations, visualizations, affirmations, and guided imagery.

 living the dream with author, psychologist, and senior happiness superhero Tom Glasor | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1070

Also known as the “Senior Happiness Superhero,” Tom Glaser is a life coach, psychologist, and speaker with over 35 years of experience. Whether counseling, teaching, or appearing in the media, his passion for helping people live their best lives flows through. A dog lover, gardener, and yoga teacher, he and his husband are based in Minneapolis but spend as much time as possible in the Southern California desert. When was the last time you said the words, ''I'm really happy'' and meant it? If it's been a while, then you are not alone. For many of us, happiness only occurs at peak moments in our lives; it is not something we experience every day. No one knew that more than psychologist and author Tom Glaser.Following the unhappiest period of his adult life, Tom set out to find how nine of the happiest people he knows got that way. These nine exceptionally happy but otherwise ordinary people shared how they honor their strengths and weaknesses, connect with their true passions, and enrich their lives and those around them.In Full Heart Living, Tom uncovers what's behind the simple yet profound everyday choices these truly happy people make. Plus, he breaks down those choices into easy to follow steps. Take your first step. As Anne Frank said, ''Whoever is happy will make others happy too.With Full Heart Living, you can learn to:- Connect more deeply with yourself and others- Live more fully in the present moment- Increase your self acceptance- Discover how good self-care is important to happiness- Uncover your passions and offer them in the service of others- Develop happiness resilience.Full Heart Living will inspire you to connect more deeply with others, yourself, and your passions. But be warned: You may even become motivated to interview the happiest people in your own life! See how full your heart can be.

 living the dream with author and dissociative disorder expert Lyn Barrett | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2123

Lyn is an author and a facilitator of Writers’ Workshops and Memoir Classes for People with Dissociative Disorders. Her memoir, Crazy: Reclaiming Life from the Shadow of Traumatic Memory, follows her discovery of and recovery from multiple personality disorder, now called dissociative identity disorder (publication date January 3, 2022 with Koehler Books). Her free eBook DID Unpacked: A Parable is available on her website. She has been interviewed by public radio stations around the country and by Safe Communities Survivors’ Voices series. A retired teacher, school principal, and pastor, Lyn was diagnosed with DID in 1992 while climbing up the career ladder. After considerable therapeutic work, she now lives a happily integrated life with her husband in the Adirondacks. You can connect with Lyn on her website at I offer hope to those who suffer from dissociative disorders, present accurate information about the causes of and presentation of the disorder, dispel misinformation, educate the wider community about DID which is (contrary to popular opinion) not rare, share reasons why writing can be critical for recovery from dissociative disorders and ways to begin the writing process, and offer reflections on a variety of issues people with dissociative disorders cope with such as shame, unreality, memory, multiple parts, anger, personal boundaries, relationships, and more.

 living the dream with bestselling author and gratitude expert Barry Nicolaou | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1732

Barry's ability to locate and define personal and organisational purpose has lead him to the publication and #1 Best Selling ranking of his first book; The 11 Master Secrets to Business Success and Personal Fulfilment. His forte is in deconstructing the layers beneath cognitive fear, indecision, subconscious paradigms, Inherited thinking and their intimate relationship to real-world expectations and experiences. His presentation on Gratitude Leadership for Corporations and numerous mental health programs assist businesses excel at what they do best, by understanding our individual need for connection and appreciation.Enthusiasm is contagious. And to understand how our very thoughts can sabotage or assist us in creating the life we want to live, is the most pressing and important issue to consider as we create the life that means the most to us. My #1 Best Selling book - The 11 Master Secrets to Business Success and personal Fulfilment was created to intersect the ideas behind economic independence and a life lived with purpose and passion.

 living the dream with Los Angeles based music artist Gabe Furtado | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1569

Los Angeles-based music artist Gabe Furtado is releasing his EP, "Flowers." Gabe’s album reflects his inspiration, growth, and self-love by drawing inspiration from being authentic to oneself. Gabe Furtado strives to create a positive musical project and enhance his fans' love of their inner being. His music videos complete his creative vision backed with his fashion-forward style, catchy hooks, and fun and upbeat personality. For up-to-date information, visit his website

 living the dream with author, business owner, and attorney Carrington smith | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1241

From trauma to triumph, through the depths of sexual assault, religious mind-fuckery, family rejection, body dysmorphia, mid-life metamorphosis, physical scarring, and death into happiness, forgiveness, empathy, purpose, belonging, and joy, Carrington “Carrie” Smith has lived a life. Carrie is a single mom, attorney, business owner, and executive search professional who despite being born with a silver spoon in her mouth she has survived insurmountable trauma. Candid and raw, her debut memoir, Blooming takes you on a treasure hunt to discover the gifts in the shit. Shit is quite literally fertilizer. She combines wit and wisdom to share her journey through the shit, with a positive attitude and a shift of mindset, into a life bursting with joy, opportunity, and purpose. It is in the messes, failures, trauma, and difficulties of life that we discover what we need to bloom into our

 living the dream with Care Society of America founder Milly Velez | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1771

We as Americans are naturally enraptured by the commitment to community service as seen through the lens of a strong female - I’d love to introduce you to Mildred “Milly” Velez, the founder of the Fibromyalgia Care Society of America. Milly was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2007 and struggled with her search for answers for years. After years of enduring misguided and prejudiced medical care, she founded the Fibromyalgia Care Society of America in 2015. The Fibromyalgia Care Society of America is the only entity that provides specialized programs such as fresh food delivery and virtual assistance to the fibromyalgia community. An estimated 4-12 million+ people are living with fibromyalgia with little to no information or resources. In response to the lack of adequate education, treatment, and support for those living with Fibromyalgia, Milly and the FCSA came up with these services: • The Virtual Coordinated Care Program brings care, supportive services and telehealth directly to the person who may be homebound due to fibromyalgia or who may not always be able to travel to us given the complexities of living with fibromyalgia. This program provides an advantage as they are able to roll out services much quicker on a State Level vs. Cities/Counties.• The FCSA will launch its Center of Excellence Program with dedicated virtual supportive services that will offer training and coordinated care to individuals across the country. You can expect to find a team of care professionals who have the most up-to-date education on the care of fibromyalgia. Most importantly, individuals who are underinsured or have no insurance will be able to receive care and support regardless of their financial capabilities.• FibroCares is an innovative approach to caring for the community which offers a host of services such as: The Fresh Food delivery program, emergency financial support, employment assistance, and individualized support through a hotline.• The FCSA has launched a revolutionary approach to Empowerment Groups utilizing the principles of cognitive behavior therapy and group therapy sessions to offer attendees a concrete response to the emotions and challenges they are facing as a result of living with fibromyalgia. For more information go to or follow us on all social media platforms @fibrocares

 living the dream with cali bbq founder and podcast host Shawn Walchef | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1575

Shawn Walchef is the founder of Cali bbq media, Restaurateur, and Podcast Host who specializes in Teaching other restaurant and small business owners digital media marketing through his weekly podcast so that they can own their mobile first website content and thrive in the new digital world. Cali bbq media is Open for Delivery & Online Take Out Orders of BBQ & To-Go Cocktails only during COVID19. Cali bbq media has participated in several bbq festivals over the years and ddThey have been an Actively growing brand for more than a decade through digital marketing, social media, community outreach, charity and sports entertainment. You can check them out on the web at

 living the dream with author and vietnam war veteran Joseph Holmes | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2914

My name is Joseph Holmes. I am an experienced guest and as a result of hearing my story people are often moved to tears and become aware of their own angels and experience a new sense of hope, meaning, significance and joy in their lives. I am a survivor of childhood sexual trauma and a disabled (PTSD) combat veteran who, in 1991, went through a complete nervous breakdown resulting in the loss of my career and livelihood. I survived through the grace of God and my angels. I have a very simple message I believe will benefit your listening audience, as it has done for so many others. In 1991 my life turned upside down. A nervous breakdown followed by a period of deep depression ushered in my “dark night of the soul.” Over time I became aware of the angels around me, and my life with Mother Mary, and most notably Mary Magdalene (whom I affectionately call, “Maggie”) with her spiritual poetry Love Notes For Your Soul, began in earnest. It’s a spiritual story of “Angel Interventions” and transformation available to all of us.


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