Living the Dream with Curveball show

Living the Dream with Curveball

Summary: On the living the dream with curveball podcast I interview guests that teach, motivate, and inspire others. On every episode I interview ordinary people telling extordinary stories about how they contribute to the world to try and make life better for others. I interview a wide range of indivisuals such as authors, singers, actors, athletes, coaches, Etc. When you listen to living the dream with curveball prepare to be motivated and inspired to stop at nothing to achieve your dreams.


 living the dream with author and creative healer Corry Macdonald | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2226

Today I am joined by creative healer Corry Macdonald. We talk about how surviving the 9.0 Fukishima Japan earthquake in 2011 started her on the journey of creative healing. You can check Corry out on the web at

 living the dream with podcaster, speaker, and business owner Erik Allen | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 938

In todays episode I am joined by speaker, podcaster, and business owner Erik Allen. We discuss how Erik survived domestic violence, jail time, and bankruptcy and turned his life around. Erik is now helping MMA fighters and business owners get known and noticed on line. See what Erik is up to at

 living the dream with Satic Inc founder B.d Erickson | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2237

In this episode I am joined by the founder of Satic Inc B.D Erickson. A company that develops products designed to prevent e-pollution. We discuss the sollutions Satic Inc is providing for thousands of people suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity. You can check out Satic Inc at and for %10 off store wide vissit and enter promo code cj

 living the dream with children's book author and food addiction specialist Bracha Goetz | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1069

today I am joined by children's book author and food addiction specialist Bracha Goetz to discuss how she overcame her food addiction and is helping others to do the same

 living the dream with childrens book author and food adiction specialist Bracha Goetz | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1069

Today I am joined by childrens book author and food adiction specialist Bracha Goetz to discuss how she over came her food adiction. Bracha also offers tips on how others can over come any type of adiction, and she discusses how healing your soul plays a role in over coming adiction.

 living the dream with author and pastor Aleechea Pitts | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1307

On this episode of living the dream with Curveball I am joined by Aleechea Pitts. Who is Known as a self-help spiritual guru, 5 time author, speaker, mentor & active listening practioner (chaplain). |Aleechea has extensive training in Biblical Counseling which makes me effective in reaching out to others. Having survived childhood abuse, gun-violence as a kid, rejection over and again, living life of a broken vessel, Aleechea became the Useful Vessel that is not only author of multiple books, a renowned speaker, working for social services, musician and singer but also a leader of change for the wider community. She helps others by sharing my story.I am an instrument of God's love and love caring for people God's way. Survivor is an understatement. She is living a life with clarity, truth, courage and resilience. She has come into God Confidence. Her passion is to help people discover their heart and put them in the position of wholeness. Aleechea is not here to preach to you or to judge you, her calling is only to help with an approach that is biblically centered. If you feel that Christian counseling could help you, contact her today. She have experience & can provide guidance & assistance for a wide variety of issues.

 living the dream with author, speaker, and encouragement engineer Bob Brumm | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1105

Today I am joined by author, speaker and encouragement engineer Bob Brumm. We discuss how Bob used the death of several loved ones at an early age to turn the negative things that happen in his life to positives. We also discuss the things he is doing to help others find the positive despite all the negative things that happen on a daily basis. Check out everything Bob is up to at

 living the dream with writer, speaker, and coach Daralyse Lyons | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1497

Today on the show I am joined by writer, speaker, and coach Daralyse Lyons to discuss how she left a high-paying job 12 years ago to begin living her dream. She talks about how a eating disorder forced her to evaluate her life and make that career change. You can check out everything that Daralyse is up to at her website

 living the dream with author, speaker, and extra mile day creator shawn anderson | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1367

There are 10,000 "motivational gurus" great at talking about making money, serving others, being mindful, finding purpose, living with harmony, overcoming obstacles...and living the life they love.But are they DOING it?Shawn Anderson is.1. Seven books written (80,000+ copies sold), and have hit #1 on Amazon in "Motivation" and "Self Help" several times.2. Created national movements. Founder of "Extra Mile Day" (11/1)...a day recognizing volunteers heroes who "go the extra mile" in making a difference. On 11/1/20, 512 cities across America participated (all 50 states).3. Reached hundreds of thousands with speaking and writing...including a speaking tour in the Philippines attended by 20,000+ people.4. Created adventures in 50+ countries...including having walked across seven countries since 2014. (I've also pedaled a bike ocean-to-ocean across the U.S. solo...twice.)5. Lifetime entrepreneur now privileged to not worry about making money, but only on making a difference.With gratitude...S.

 living the dream with author and speaker mike cameron | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1617

Today I am joined by author and speaker Mike Cameron. Mike is here to discuss how he teaches others how to learn to show up emotionally. Mike discusses how his gurlfriend being killed by an x forced him to learn to get in touch with his true feelings. You can purchase Mikes book and check out all of his services at

 Living the dream with author and stroke surviver Marcia Moran | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1112

Marcia had a stroke in 2014. She thought she was good enough to work in 2015. The problem is, Marcia had aphasia, a language disorder. When Marcia tried communicating during an interview, she couldn’t say a thing. Obviously Marcia didn’t find a job. So she wrote a book, called Stroke Forward, and decided to share her story that way. 3-1/2 years after her stroke, Marcia found a Dr. who could treat my aphasia. You can purchase stroke forward at

 living the dream with former NFL running back Prince Daniels Jr | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1249

Today I am joined by former NFL running back Prince Daniels Jr. We discuss his NFL career, his new book and masterclass, and what he uses and teaches others to use to perform to the max when the time comes. Check out the services that Prince provides at

 living the dream with blind professional wrestler lightning blind mike | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1677

Today I am joined by former blind professional wrestler lighting blind Mike. We discuss his best match that he has had as well as Mike owning his own promotion in Colorado. We also talk about how he was able to wrestle despite being low vision and some of the known wrestlers he has trained under. We also go in to how Mike became a part of and his job as station manager at

 living the dream with the founder of my origami day samantha lane | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 785

Today I am joined by the founder of my origami day Samantha Lane After years of being a workaholic, Samantha had her chest cut open at 29 years old. The experience taught her that life can be short and time is our most valuable resource. Samantha began changing her habits and created time management tools that gave her REAL work-life balance. Seeing the need for a cultural shift, Samantha turned her passion for efficiency into a business where she now help companies and individuals shape their time to be present in life while still being productive. Samantha loves talking about time management, work-life balance, business, and living your best life (or the dream!) Check out Samantha's time management tools at

 living the dream with singer, song writer, and multi-instrumentalist Nouhis Nomad | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1010

Nouhi's Nomad is an Iranian-American multi-instrumentalist genre-fluid creator based in New York City. Nomad showed an early interest in music, starting with the violin at the age of three before moving to the piano at age eight. He later studied percussion, notably the tombak. At age twelve he found his calling as a singer and began studying classical voice and singing in professional choirs. He picked up guitar and bass finally in college. Nomad is also a graduate of Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts where he sang the title character of Orpheus in their production of Orpheus in the Underworld by Offenbach. In addition to his background in classical music, Persian music and contemporary rock are a few more of his influences—with all three shining through within his Persian percussion, hypnotic and unique melodies, as well as stripped-down guitar backings. Nomad's self-titled album further expands on these influences, while still leaving much room for experimentation. Bringing a warm and vintage style and sensitive lyrics to the forefront, Nouhi's Nomad is a refreshing modern listen for anyone with a love of indie rock and the groovy state of nostalgia.New single and video for “Number 4” out on April 16th! IG TW: @nouhisnomad


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