Living the Dream with Curveball show

Living the Dream with Curveball

Summary: On the living the dream with curveball podcast I interview guests that teach, motivate, and inspire others. On every episode I interview ordinary people telling extordinary stories about how they contribute to the world to try and make life better for others. I interview a wide range of indivisuals such as authors, singers, actors, athletes, coaches, Etc. When you listen to living the dream with curveball prepare to be motivated and inspired to stop at nothing to achieve your dreams.


 living the dream with corporate magician Daniel Chan | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 815

DAN CHAN MASTER MAGICIANAs an internationally renowned, award-winning magician & mind-reader, Dan Chan presents world-class magic and mind-reading. Experience counts. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Dan is regarded as one of the world's top virtual magicians and performs at events for thought leaders and influencers. Prior to pivoting to virtual events, Dan performed 5000 plus shows worldwide. Dan Chan provides the perfect entertainment solution for savvy corporate audiences. Dan's signature effects and pick-pocketing are legendary among Silicon Valley elite and billionaires.In 2016 Buzzfeed profiled Dan with an article titled “Meet Silicon Valley's Favorite Magician.” Since then, Dan has performed for many of the world's largest corporations worldwide. The Hustle, The Business of Business, Voyage LA, Hollywood Monthly, and Business Insider have all featured Dan. CNBC featured Dan as one of the few top Airbnb Experience host to be granted IPO shares for his early contributions. You can check out Daniel's work and purchase tickets at

 living the dream with singer/songwriter Jayelle Songs | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 933

Jay Elle is an acoustic pop singer songwriter who brings warmth and energy through diverse, well-crafted, “five star”, guitar-driven melodic songs.His soft inviting voice will uplift and soothe your spirits and his witty lyrics will provoke deeper thoughts about the world while sharing optimistic, positive, upbeat messages that will “have you carry on with your day with a smile”.According to Jay Elle, “I became more interested and dedicated more time to guitar playing and songwriting than other activities. I would get this spine tingling feeling when I heard certain songs, a blast of energy, like I could do just about anything. It felt hopeful and positive.”Jay Elle’s latest release, the 12 song album “Ride the Wave”, was arranged, mixed and produced by Caleb “kbc” Sherman (Cygnus Sound Studio). The album was mastered by Paul Logus (“The pandemic feels like one of those endless rainy days that I hated as a child. Boring!!!!!” says Jay Elle. “Back then, on rainy days I couldn’t go out. According to my mom, if I were to get my hair wet I would most certainly catch a cold. Apparently, everyone else’s mother thought so too. There was no one to hang around with on rainy days. At home, I was on lock down with the same old toys. No guitar then. No Internet. This new album is about how to best enjoy yourself while waiting for the sun to shine again.”Whether he relies on pop, rock, or more intimate voice and guitar arrangements, Jay Elle obviously puts a lot of effort into crafting excellent lyrics with powerful messages. His latest release, the LP “Ride the Wave” focuses on sharing his way to deal with the pandemic. “I think that much of what we do in life is ride one wave after another, as best as we can. Some waves are fun to ride, like recording a new album, and some are tough. Riding a pandemic is no picnic. But what choice do we have? I take life as it comes, and ride the wave. As my friend Jett Harris reminded me, “Surfers are really cool interesting people and their philosophy on surfing is very similar to your analogy of waves and life. The adage “Luck is when opportunity meets preparation” is appropriate as you never know when you’re going to get the opportunity to ride that really great perfect wave, but you hope to be ready to take advantage of it. If not you’ll find sympathy in the dictionary between sh*t and syphilis.” All of the songs on this new album are fun waves to ride. “Ride the Wave”, of course, and “Want Me Bad, “Miss Mess”, “Rainy Day”, and a song written for The Vampire Diaries actress, Nina Dobrev: “Tequila Kiss” (Instagram @nina). “I am a big fan of Ms. Dobrev. So, I wrote a song about my experience as a fan and follower: “Tequila Kiss”. I do think Nina is a terrific actress. If we ever meet, I would love to discuss how she prepares for a part. She is “all emotion”. And always very precise. And very entertaining, on screen and on Instagram.” You can check out Jayelle Songs new music on his website at

 living the dream with author and musician Ken Brandt | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2074

Ken Brandt is the author of the adventure and humor filled memoir “Positive Vision: Enjoying the Adventures and Advantages of Poor Eyesight”. He has led a fun and adventurous life and had a successful business career despite (or perhaps in part because of!) his bad eyes. Poor eyesight never impacted Ken’s vision of what life could be. Whether galloping across the Montana range, exploring claustrophobic (and fiery!) caverns, chasing a thief through the streets of 1980s New York, or taking a plunge from a plane, his adventures are sure to entertain. Complementing the adventures are his amusing and relatable anecdotes demonstrating the advantages of poor eyesight. Ken has always had poor vision and slightly crossed eyes. He has undergone six eye operations (including a detached retina and cataract operation in each eye), and spent parts of his life legally blind. Ken donates 10 percent of his author royalties to eye research and ending avoidable blindness. Prior to retiring and writing “Positive Vision: Enjoying the Adventures and Advantages of Poor Eyesight”, Ken held senior management and management consulting positions in information technology and cyber security with firms and clients of all sizes in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Ken is an entertaining speaker and an amateur New Orleans style jazz trumpeter. He and his wife Judy Roberts Brandt have been married for over twenty years, lived most of their lives in New York City, and now live in Melbourne, Australia. You can purchase Kens book or read his blog at

 living the dream with singer, worship leader, and podcast host Jonnie Taverner | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1792

Jonnie TavernerIncredibly passionate about Jesus. Worship leader/singer/songwriter, speaker, and, producer of Refuge Freedom Stories podcast. Jonnie has been producing the Refuge Freedom Stories radio show and podcast for over a year now. He has also worked in the nuclear industry for over 40 years in various roles and experiences. Jonnie loves to talk to people about God, sing and write about God, and, share stories about real lives changed by the Power of God. Jonnie is passionate about a lot of things including podcasts, music, guitars, and, goaltending too. Jonnie is a friendly Canadian guy with a British sense of humour. You can check out his podcast at

 living the dream with author and singer/songwriter Heather hutchison | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1259

Award-winning singer/songwriter and author, passionate about educating people on disability and mental health through music and writing. Heather Hutchison is the author of Holding On by Letting Go: A Memoir, and an award-winning singer/songwriter with three albums released to date. Blind since birth and having struggled with mental illness from a young age, she is passionate about educating people on disability and mental health through her music and writing. An avid traveller, Heather has spent time living and teaching English in Latin America. You can check out her book and music at

 living the dream with author and award winning performer Darryl Lovegrove | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3337

Darryl is the co-creator of global phenomenon The Three Waiters, and founder of one of Australia's most successful entertainment production companies, Lovegrove Entertainment. A serial entertainment entrepreneur and award winning performer, he's also the author of Why haven't I heard of you? - a blueprint for standing out in a crowded, crazy, changing new world. He's become a most sought after motivational business keynote speaker having spoken at many high profile conferences including the Million Dollar Round Table in the USA. ? You can purchase Darryl's book at to book him for an event go to

 living the dream with author Lauren Nelson | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1792

Lauren Nelson is a mother of two and the wife of a pastor. She has a Religion degree from Pacific Lutheran University and 20+ years of ministry experience with children, teens, and adults. Lauren authored a children's book entitled, SHEROES of the Bible, and is passionate about sharing the stories of these heroic women to inspire young and old with the faith that overcame their fears. “Mom, I have a question: Does God think boys are more important than girls, because all we ever learn about in church are boys?” This was the question her 7-year-old daughter asked me that led her to write SHEROES of the Bible. Many have heard of the remarkable men in scripture but lesser known are the dynamic women who trusted God and did astonishingly courageous things when they chose faith over fear. Fear has always been Laurens greatest foe . She was sexually abused as a child, which formed a spirit of fear in her life that only Jesus could free her from. Because of her childhood trauma, Lauren has a deep passion and desire to minister to children and women who have been abused. Lauren knows that her book, SHEROES of the Bible will help women and children on their journey to conquering their fears and learning to intimately trust their Father in Heaven, who loves them and who alone can heal their hearts. You can purchase the book and check out everything that Lauren is up to by going to

 living the dream with author, business owner, and show business expert Scott Edwards | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1431

Scott Edwards is a business owner who owned a chain of comedy clubs for over 21 years. He also produced TV, Stage, and Concert Comedy events with the Best, including; but not limited to Leno, Carvey, Seinfeld, Willie Tyler & Lester, Poundstone, Saget, and many more famous....and not so famous comedians. In addition, as an entrepreneur Scott opened over 10 companies including small construction & Comedy Clubs to restaurants & Art Galleries....most unique were a submarine and a Beach Shack in Hawaii! Scott is also an author as well as a podcast host. You can check him out on the web at www.scottscomedystuff.comTopics

 living the dream with author and trauma surviver Jewels | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1576

Jewels is a woman who has lived two lives in one lifetime. The first part was a life of childhood abuse and trauma which grew into the full-blown disease of alcoholism. Jewels life was out of control and she was circling the drain. The second part is life today and how Jewels urgently worked through her past and now have a wonderful life as a result. But her story is not your average girl gets sober story. She didn’t just get sober. She created a life of truth and authenticity. Her story is about removing the expectations and the dogma of society and instead being guided by love and empathy. Some may call Jewels life risky, unethical, and totally against the norm. But she see it otherwise. She's in a very loving open-minded marriage, she's sexually liberated because of her childhood trauma, and she's about to compete in nationals this year in the NPC figure division at 49! Just a snapshot of her life today. She's always enjoyed the work of Gabby Bernstein, Oprah, and Wayne Dyer. She would love to see her book as supplemental reading in liberal arts classes, such as Women’s and Sexuality Studies, or Adolescent and Teen Psychology. But ultimately her target audience is the girl in the back of the room who feels she’s the only one. She’s the person Jewels desires to reach. You can purchase the book, and check out my previous interviews at my website

 living the dream with author and life coach Ani Rich | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1522

Ani Rich enjoys Sharing life lessons and tips to help people transform t every area of their lives. Ani discusses how she managed to travel and live in a van for 8 months with my husband and our 3-year-old. She shows people why balancing alone time and community time is vital for being content In her coaching cessions she helps her clients discover why Healing inner child wounds can take a long time and how to support ourselves through the journeyAni also specializes in teaching her clients the real meaning of self-love. You can purchase her book as well as get information on her yoga classes at

 living the dream with author, speaker, and film maker Erin Wiley Sands | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2388

Author, Speaker, Filmmaker : Erin helps people IDENTIFY what's holding them back, RECOGNIZE the root cause, and OVERCOME it. Hi, I’m Erin Wiley Sands, and I am the author of The Dunes, an inspirational faith-based book for personal growth. I am the creator of the online program and community: Live More, Carry Less. Live More, Carry Less is a space to release the fears and limited thinking that have been holding you back, as you step into the gifted, loving, formidable, fully capable wonder woman that has always existed within you. This course explores issues of: Fear, Forgiveness, Commitment, Trust, Perseverance, Surrender and Gratitude. I am also the writer/producer of an award winning faith-based docu-dramedy entitled, STEM. STEM chronicles the lives of 3 women as they share their true stories of tragedy, trials and triumph. STEM is available on Amazon Prime and other select streaming services. I believe that stories have the power to heal, to inspire, and to facilitate transformation in the lives of others. When I began writing The Dunes, I had no idea I was writing a book. I was actually going through a difficult time and began journaling about all of the things that God and life were teaching me about fear and faith in that season. It was years later that God put it on my heart to expand it into a book. I had no idea if what I’d written would resonate with readers or have a significant impact on their lives. I did know however, that I was willing to put it to the test. I put an ad on Craigslist asking strangers to read my book, answer the journal questions and do the challenges, while I chronicled their journey on film. The results amazed me! I witnessed peoples lives literally transform. That was when I knew I had something special and that I had to get The Dunes published. The lives of my readers were transformed because of the grace of God, their desire to grow, and because my stories, shared through the revelations in The Dunes resonated with them. My transparency about my challenges emboldened them to address their own. And now their stories are chronicled on film and are used to encourage others to take The Dunes journey via the online companion course: Live More, Carry Less, where I help people learn from their past experiences so that they can conquer their fears, and embark on the next chapter of their story. I do this with my I.R.O method where I help people IDENTIFY what's holding them back, RECOGNIZE the root cause, and OVERCOME it. Our stories have value and help to set each other free. Likewise, the award winning docu-dramedy that I wrote and produced, entitled STEM, encompasses the hearts of three women, sharing three journey's. Each journey is unique in pain, perseverance and purpose. The raw soul-level connection STEM offers is palpable. Viewers go from tears to laughter as the women use comedy and drama to tackle issues that are rarely given a voice like: Caring for a parent with Alzheimers disease, divorce, infertility, rape, domestic violence and body shame. These stories help women know that they are not alone, and that they too have the power to overcome. Shame has kept many quiet, I use stories to help give women a voice. Check me out on the web at

 living the dream with author and business owner Anthony Gonzalez | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1537

Anthony Gonzalez from the County of Kings “11207,” born and raised. Anthony is 48 years old & he is a man who has spent most of his life either in the "Streets" or in "Prison". Facing a Federal Conspiracy charge in 2007, all Anthony could think of was his son Dominic while locked down. It was his son who inspired him to write. so he could have a better idea of who his father was/is & hopefully am. Anthony said he just felt he should know his father, flaws and all. Currently, Anthony is working hard to provide for La Familia by making investments that have potential to change the landscape for La Familia. He is a published author who learned from his previous book "Confessions of a Man _ The Evolution of a Playa" soon to be re-released. Anthony is also the CEO of Real Wize Productions LLC, Owner of A1+1 Property Maintenance LLC & he is only just getting Started.This book is the first of many that Anthony has put together during his incarceration and he hopes they do more than just entertain his readers.

 living the dream with self publishing fiction author Stephen Murray | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1392

Stephen Murray is a Las Vegas based author with four self-published works of fiction:-The Chapel of Eternal Love (Mainstream)Return to the Chapel of Eternal Love (Mainstream)Murder Aboard the Queen Elizabeth II (Murder Mystery)Discreetly Yours (Crime Fiction). The novels are all void of expletives, graphic violence and graphic sex, and have all received 5 Star Ratings from Readers Favorite and positive Reviews from the Judges at the Writers Digest Awards Contest. They are fun, easy reads. Each book has its own website, but you can get to them by visiting

 living the dream with author and adiction specialist John Giordano | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3343

John GiordanoAddiction, Trauma and Recovery Expert - MAC, DHL, CAP, Certified Hypnotherapist, Author, Entrepreneur It was by no accident that John Giordano chose addiction treatment as his life’s work. Growing up the son of a heroin dealer and trying to cope with the trauma of being molested as a young boy, he fell hard into drugs and alcohol. Over thirty-five years ago, at the urging of his family, John entered rehab. He emerged a changed man - committed to helping others afflicted by this hideous disease.His new path required new knowledge. He has since earned many degrees and certifications including Certified Addiction Professional (CAP), Master Addiction Counselor (MAC), Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Criminal Justice Specialist, Master in Neurolinguistics Programming, Certified Practitioner of E.M.D.R, Certified Sentence Mitigation Specialist, Certified Mindfulness and Powerful Mind-Body Awareness Therapy Skills, International Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor, and in 2008 he was honored with a Doctor of Human Letters from Sinai University in Jerusalem Israel.As he began his career in addiction treatment he became increasingly dissatisfied with the quality of care he observed in treatment facilities. John decided to set out on his own and with only $300 he opened an addiction treatment facility that evolved into the highly awarded G & G Holistic Addiction Treatment in North Miami Beach, Florida which eventually sold for $45,000,000.John has authored two books “How To Beat Your Addictions And Live A Quality Life" and “Proven Holistic Treatment For Addiction & Chronic Relapse” He has also contributed to over 73 scientific research papers. Research Gate ranks him as one of the top researchers in the world.In addition to his daily responsibilities; John has provided counseling and trauma recovery services to law enforcement officers and Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans. He is a state and federal expert witness and also the Chaplain of the North Miami Police Department. As a 10th-degree black belt and National Karate Champion, he also trains law enforcement officers and Green Berets in self-defense and negotiation techniques. John Giordano, who himself is in long-term recovery, is an addiction expert whose career spans over thirty-years. John’s passion for helping people shined through early in life as a Karate instructor – and continued later as he helped literally thousands of addicts find their path of recovery at his former treatment center.He is considered by his peers to be a pioneer in holistic addiction treatment. John developed innovative new therapies early in his career that have been proven effective and gone on to become standard care in most modern treatment centers. He continues to play a pivotal role in the ongoing effort to usher evidenced-based and scientifically proven holistic modalities into the mainstream of addiction medicine. You can check out John's website at

 living the dream with author and space marketing expert Izzy House | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1335

The space is changing and becoming more competitive as over 80 countries are reaching for the stars. Space companies will have to understand marketing principles if they hope to compete for customers, gain investors, and win bidding wars in the new commercial space industry. Space Marketing is at the heart of Izzy's career. She combines both of her passions into one expertise. With an extensive marketing background, Izzy turns the lens of marketing onto the space industry. Armed with experience in public affairs, outreach, and marketing, Izzy aims to empower space companies and further their dreams of space exploration. Join Izzy as she highlights marketing tactics that are successful in the space industry as well as strategies that can be adapted from other industries. Izzy's book is Titled: Space Marketing: Competing in the new commercial space industry. Book Description: The space industry is changing. Over 70 countries have entered the space race. Marketing will become critical as more companies compete for business, investors, and contracts. The Space Marketing book is an introduction to marketing tactics and strategies through the lens of space. You can purchase my book at


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