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Summary: The YWAM Podcast will bring you the latest stories from Youth With A Mission about missions news, training and short term and long term opportunities from around the world.

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 Somalia Famine Relief Work, Norway Shootings, Follow Up in Haiti and Sports in YWAM | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 31:30

YWAM responds to the tragedy in Norway and the famine in Somalia, we follow up on what’s happening in Haiti, we see how an engineer in YWAM might change how our teams go into the missions field and talk a bit about sports in YWAM. Stories: * YWAM Acts in Somalia Food Crisis * YWAM Acts in Somalia Food Crisis (http://ywam.org/index.php/en/News-Stories/news/YWAM-Acts-in-Somalia-Food-Crisis) * YWAM Haiti Update * YWAM Haiti (http://www.ywamhaiti.org/) * Relevant Magazine - Haiti: 18-months Later (http://www.relevantmagazine.com/god/mission/features/26162-haiti-18-months-later) * YWAM Organic - July Stories * YWAM Organic (http://www.ywamorganic.org) * Building a Semi-Truck for YWAM Ministry * Vision 10810 - Building a Semi-Truck for Ministry (http://ywamnews.billhutchison.org/article/vision-10810-building-a-semi-truck-for-ministry/) * Lord Bates - The Olympic Truce * The Art of Peace - Making the Olympic Truce a Reality in 2012 (http://internationalywamer.org/2011/07/the-art-of-peace/) * Papua New Guinea Cholera Outbreak * YWAM Ship Ministry to Papual New Guinea (http://www.ywamships.org.au) * Sports in YWAM * International YWAMer Focus on Sports Ministry * International YWAMer (http://internationalywamer.org/) * YWAM College of the Arts and Sports (http://www.ywamcas.org/) * Personal Finance and Financial Stewardship Training in YWAM * Teaching Personal Finance and Financial Stewardship in Missions (http://billhutchison.org/teaching-personal-finance-and-financial-stewardship-in-missions/) * Prayer for Norway * Statement from YWAM Norway about the Oslo Bombing and Utoeya Shootings/ (http://ywamnews.billhutchison.org/article/statement-from-ywam-norway-about-the-oslo-bombing-and-utoeya-shootings/) Music: * Woje - The Other Way * Woje Music (http://www.wojemusic.com) * Download a Free Single from Woje's New Album (http://www.wojemusic.com/news/giving-away-new-single/) Free Audio Books: * Christian Audio Free Downloads (http://christianaudio.com/free/)

 Ship Ministry, Rescue and Medical Training and Children’s Vision Ministry in South Africa | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 35:15

YWAM Podcast episode 44 - New ship ministries in Russia and Alaska, some upcoming medical and rescue training programs, a vision outreach to South Africa and I have to ask you, do you know when your web-site domain expires? Stories: * YWAM Arctic Mercy in Alaska * YWAM Artic Mercy on ywam.org (http://ywam.org/locations/the_americas/north_america/usa/YWAM-Arctic-Mercy) * The plans for the Arctic Mercy vessel (40.5' x 12') are complete. Price tag" $289,800. Now the fund raising begins. We have a strategy in place and will be communicating soon. There is another $40K in safety equipment, registrations, and start up fees as well. We are targeting $350,000 for funds raised. * YWAM Russia just bought a fishing boat for the Ob River. The remote areas of northern Siberia have now just become more accessible!Luke 5:10 * YWAM Russia on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/YWAM-Russia/276717519893) * YWAM Russia (http://ywam.ru/) * Aussie pro photographer going on maiden voyage (he also speaks Russian), so we should have some killer photos. * Mercy Link Mini Medical School * Marine Reach Ministry - Mini Medical School (http://marinereachministries.com/?p=5030) * Calapan City, Philippines * Rescuenet Training * Salem, Oregon * October 9 - 22 * Rescunet USA (http://www.rescuenetus.org/get-involved/train) * Switzerland * August 18 - September 10 * Rescuenet Europe (http://rescuenet.eu/) * Four Week Vision Outreach to South Africa * YWAM International - Small Action, Big Vision (http://ywam.org/News-Stories/news/Small-Action-Big-Vision) * 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World * August 1 - 30 * 30 Days of Prayer Web-site (http://www.30-days.net/) * How does your YWAM Ministry use Facebook? * YWAM Facebook Survey (http://ywampodcast.com/survey) * U of N Workshop * Kona, Hawaii 5 - 11 September, 2011 * U of N Workshop (http://www.uofnworkshop.com/sites/) * School of Pioneering and Leadership * When: 17th September – 15th December 2011 * Where: Grimerud, Norway * More about the school (http://www.grimerud.no/en/p/181/About.html) * Go Conference 2011 in Gull Lake, Canada * October 17-21st, 2011 * YWAM Nexia Canada - Go Conference (http://www.ywamnexia.org/mobilizing/conferences.html) * Pray for David Ricci, YWAM injured by train in India * Pray for David (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pray-for-David/214053931969229?ref=ts&sk=wall) * Fishing Evangelism in Alaska * YWAM Artic Mercy on ywam.org (http://ywam.org/locations/the_americas/north_america/usa/YWAM-Arctic-Mercy) * What’s Holding You Back from Missions * YWAM Africoms Asks the Question, "What's Holding you Back?" (http://commsteamafrica.blogspot.com/2011/07/whats-holding-you-back.html) * “A Retrospect” by J Hudson Taylor * Download “A Retrospect” by J Hudson Taylor for free (http://billhutchison.org/read-a-retrospect-by-j-hudson-taylor-for-free/) Music: * Blackbird by Allison Stayer * YWAM Associate staff with YWAM Montana * Allison Stayer on YWAM Music (http://ywammusic.net/profile/AllisonStayer) * Rend the Heavens - Sing Out * Aaron Sternke * Current Staff at YWAM Montana * Aaron Sternke on YWAM Music (http://ywammusic.net/profile/AaronSternke) Audible: * This Week's Recommended Book - "The Testament" by John Grisham

 Mexico City Outreach, New Ship Ministry, Summer Outreaches and an Interview with Cliff Ravenscraft | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 48:39

How to stop your ministry web-site being high jacked, Mega Cities outreach to Mexico City, a new YWAM ship ministry, and what opportunities does summer bring for your ministry? Stories: * Debt and Missions – A Toxic Mix (http://billhutchison.org/debt-and-missions-a-toxic-mix/) * Do you advertise on your personal or ministry blog / web-site? * YWAM IT - Do Not Run Advertisements on your Ministry Web-Site (http://ywamit.net/content/do-not-run-advertisements-your-ministry-web-site) * Discussions on YWAM IT (http://ywamit.net) * Having advertising on your web-site (http://ywamit.net/content/do-not-run-advertisements-your-ministry-web-site) * YWAM Base Network set-up (http://ywamit.net/content/setting-base-network) * Online and Network Security (http://ywamit.net/content/maintaining-online-and-network-security) * Mega Cities * YWAM - Megacities – One Year. One City. One Message (http://ywam.org/News-Stories/news/Megacities-%E2%80%93-One-Year.-One-City.-One-Message) * Reminder about the opportunity to join in with the 2012 Megacities and Olympic Outreach in London * Forever 2012 YWAM Olympic Outreach (http://www.forever2012.com/) * Mission Adventures have started up with summer having started in America * Mission Adventures - Changing Lives One Meal at a Time (http://www.missionadventures.net/ma-news/2011/6/14/changing-lives-one-meal-at-a-time.html) * YWAM Orlando (http://www.ywamorlando.org/), Florida is hosting their first summer team * YWAM Ships - Orange County * New ship ministry being birthed on the West Coast of the USA in Orange County, California * Headed up by Brett Curtis * http://ywamorangecounty.org/ (http://ywamorangecounty.org/) * Building a “virtual” staff * YWAM Orange County - Are You a YWAM Alumni with Skills and a Little Time? (http://ywamorangecounty.org/2011/06/are-you-ywam-alumni-with-skills-and-a-little-time/) * YWAM Harpenden Ministering to the Mind Body Spirit Festival * YWAM Harpenden Team Ministers at Mind, Body, Spirit Festival (http://www.ywamharpenden.org/2011/06/20/harpenden-team-ministers-at-mind-body-spirit/) * YWAM Harpenden celebrates 25-years * The YWAM Harpenden base was purchased in 1993 after donations from YWAM bases all over the world contributed to an essential payment and secured the campus. * Harpenden Youth Charity Marks 25-years (http://www.stalbansreview.co.uk/news/9091696.Youth_charity_marks_25th_anniversary/) * YWAM Biblical Core Course at YWAM Lausanne goes to various locations mentioned in the Bible during their BCC on Location * YWAM Lausuanne - Bible Core Course (BCC) on Location (http://www.ywamlausanne.com/schools/bcc-sbscc.html) * YWAM DNA Infusion Training in Dunham, Quebec, Canada * August 7 - 20 * With guest speakers David Hamilton, Dawn Gauslin and Loren Cunningham * DNA Infusion at YWAM Dunham (http://www.jemdunhamadn.com/site/welcome.html) * Tell Us Your Story (http://billhutchison.org/tell-me-your-story/) - Why we need to tell others about what God is doing in our lives. * Interview with Cliff Ravenscraft, the Podcast Answer Man * About Cliff Ravenscraft (http://podcastanswerman.com/about) * Podcasting 101 - How Podcasting Works (http://podcastanswerman.com/podcasting101) * GSPN.tv Shows (http://gspn.tv/shows/) * Family From the Heart (http://gspn.tv/category/family-from-the-heart/) * Cliff is currently offering a 25% discount on all his video training products at http://PodcastAnswerMan.com/help (http://PodcastAnswerMan.com/help) Use Discount Code "summersale"

 Refugee Outreach, Ukraine Family Ministries, Chile Volcano Recovery, Debt and Missions | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 38:10

We talk about the toxic mix of debt and missions, introduce you to a local outreach to refugees in Pittsburgh, look at the need for family ministry in the Ukraine, and hear a few invitations to some upcoming conferences and more... Stories: * Bill’s Thoughts on Debt and Missions * Debt and Missions, a Toxic Mix (http://billhutchison.org/debt-and-missions-a-toxic-mix/) * YWAM Pittsburgh local outreach to refugees * YWAM Pittsburgh Blog (http://ywampittsburgh.blogspot.com/2011/06/prospect-park-outreach.html) * YWAM Pittsburgh (http://www.ywampittsburgh.org/) * YWAM Africa raising money to send out the latest YWAM Africa Magazine * YWAM Africom - Connecting Africa with Djembe (http://commsteamafrica.blogspot.com/2011/06/connecting-africa.html) * Still need $2000 to produce this bi-yearly magazine for the Missionaries in Africa * YWAM Lutsk Family Ministries * Marriage Week in the Ukraine * Marriage Week has Reached the Ukraine (http://www.ywam-fmi.org/news/items/marriageweek-has-reached-ukraine.html) * YWAM Responds to Volcano Eruptions in Chile and Argentina * YWAM - Light in the Rain of Ashes (http://ywam.org/News-Stories/news/Light-in-the-Rain-of-Ashes) * This Month’s Stories on YWAM Organic * YWAM Organic (http://www.ywamorganic.org/) * YWAM Denver Video Casts * YWAM Denver YouTube Channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/ywamdenverweb) * YWAM Denver (http://www.ywamdenver.com/) * Invitaion to CRIT 2011 * YWAM CRIT Conference in Jordan from July 3 - July 9 * Asia Pacific Forum on Human Traffiking * Invitation to the Asia Pacific Forum on Human Trafficking (http://www.ywam-mercy.org/news/articles/invitation-to-the-asia-pacific-forum-on-human-trafficking/) * YWAM One Voice * Report from YWAM GENESIS One Voice 16 (http://www.go-genesis.com/headline/one-voice-report) * YWAM Ships launch in the USA * YWAM Ship Centre - Orange County USA (http://ywamshipscenter.org/) * Marine Reach Ministries (http://marinereachministries.com/) - Home of all the YWAM Ship Ministries * YWAM Townsville, Reef to Outback, recieves Queensland Disaster Hero Award * Townsville Bulletin - Heroes Big and Little Honoured (http://www.townsvillebulletin.com.au/article/2011/06/06/236961_news.html) * Facebook Privacy Update * Latest Changes * Fast Company - How to Blog Facebook's Face Recognition and Tighten Other Privacy Settings (http://www.fastcompany.com/1758259/how-to-block-facebooks-face-recognition-and-tighten-other-privacy-settings) * YWAM Facebook Survey * YWAM Facebook Survey (http://ywampodcast.com/facebooksurvey) * Looking at developing Facebook Training Material for YWAM Music: * Trifasico 380 from Argentina * Trafasico 380 Web-Site (http://www.trifasico380.com.ar/) * Woje Music * Woje Music Online (http://www.wojemusic.com/)

 Out of the Thailand Slums, PNG Birthing Kits, Communication Teams and Surfing in Peru | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 40:47

YWAM Podcast episode 41 - News from a sleep deprived new dad including member care training courses, bringing hope to the slums in Thailand, sending Birth Kits to Papua New Guinea and we talk about the role of communication teams in YWAM... Stories: * Hope Cards - YWAM Thailand * YWAM Thailand - Hope Cards, Giving Hope, Building Better Lives (http://www.ywamthai.org/news/video/3113-hope-cards-giving-hope-building-better-lives.html) * YWAM Thailand Hope Cards Ministry (http://www.ywamthai.org/hopecards) * Purchase Hope Cards (http://www.hopecards.net) * Ruth Centre - YWAM Thailand * ywam.org - Not Forgotten (http://ywam.org/News-Stories/news/Not-Forgotten) * YWAM Gold Coast Coffee Van Ministry * Support the YWAM Gold Coast Coffee Van Ministry (http://ywamgc.com.au/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=26%3Acoffee-van-needs-your-help&catid=4%3Aministry&Itemid=40) * Not for Sale Peru * Not for Sale Campaign - Peru Ministry (http://www.notforsalecampaign.org/projects/peru/) * IP video Conferencing for GENESIS in Uganda * YWAM Uganda gets IP Video Conferencing (http://www.go-genesis.com/featured/uganda-sees-breakthrough) * GENESIS One Voice 16 June 10 * Join GENESIS One Voice 16 (http://www.go-genesis.com/featured/one-voice-16-coming-close) * YWAM Communication Teams * The Importance of Communication Teams in YWAM (http://billhutchison.org/the-importance-of-communication-teams-in-ywam/) * Why YWAM Needs Communication Teams (http://billhutchison.org/why-ywam-needs-communication-teams/) * Effective Communication Workshop in Mozambique * YWAM Africom Team Training in Maputo (http://commsteamafrica.blogspot.com/2011/04/africom-team-offers-training-in-maputo.html) * ECW / CRIT 2011 in Jordan * CRIT 2011 in Jordan July 3 - July 9 (http://www.ywamkb.net/kb/CRIT) * YWAM Haiti Homes for Hope * Your Bay Area News - Webster church volunteers build house for families in Haiti (http://www.yourhoustonnews.com/bay_area/news/article_79ea4ba6-6264-5795-a09a-d326ed420f58.html) * Bloggers for Birth Kits * www.bloggersforbirthkits.com (http://bloggersforbirthkits.com/) * over 800 birthkits donated so far * The Mommy Hood Memos - Bloggers Combating Maternal and Infant Mortality (http://themommyhoodmemos.com/2011/05/bloggers-combating-maternal-and-infant-mortality/) * YWAM Missionary Care Training * Week long Member Care training and consultation in Banff, Canada June 5 - 10 * YWAM Nexia - Member Care Consultation & Training (http://www.ywamnexia.org/mobilizing/consultation.html) * YWAM Lesotho * Purchasing land for a news ministry centre for their ministry * YWAM Africa - Lesotho (http://www.ywamafrica.org/Southern/Lesotho/) * YWAM Lesotho (http://ywamlesotho.wordpress.com/) * YWAM Lutsk, Ukraine Buys Land * YWAM Lutsk Buys Land (http://www.ywamlutsk.org/2011/05/ywam-lutsk-buys-land/) * YWAM Orlando - Power Coming to New Campus * YWAM Orlando - Latest News (http://ywamorlando.org/news.asp) * Run Walk for Freedom * www.runwalkforfreedom.com (http://runwalkforfreedom.com/) * Support YWAM Slavic Ministries, July 30th in Salem OR * Latest International YWAMers * Water - The Essential Ingredient (http://internationalywamer.org/) * Continue to Pray for the Middle East * Last International YWAMer

 Controversial Conversations, High School Grad Program, Facebook Security and Ivory Coast Prayer | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 39:40

A controversial conversation happening within Youth With A Mission and the broader Christian Community, we talk about a great summer program for highschool graduates, look at some Facebook security tips, have a prayer request for the Ivory Coast and mo...

 Japan Disaster Relief, Fire in Colorado, Olympic Outreach and Water for Pakistan | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 40:48

Youth With A Mission’s continued work in Japan, more about YWAM’s upcoming Olympic outreach, fire at a YWAM training centre and some new training opportunities in the YWAM Podcast Episode 39... Stories: * YWAM in Japan * Crisi...

 Murder in Kenya, Response to Japan Earthquake and Tsunami and Prayer for the Arab World | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 43:30

YWAM mourns the murder of one of our staff in Kenya, the world joins together in prayer for the Arab world, we respond to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and one of our partnerships in Africa helps to save the life of a man attacked by a crocodile… Stories: * One YWAMer Murdered and Another Assaulted in Kenya * On February  25th, 2011 Ebel Kremer was murdered and his wife Lora assaulted at the Athi River YWAM Centre in Kenya, 50km outside of Nairobi. * YWAM Athi River Mourns the Loss of a Missionary (http://ywam.org/News-Stories/news/YWAM-Athi-River-Mourns-Loss-of-Missionary) * Sign up to recieve YWAM.org News via e-mail * Subscribe to YWAM.ORG News via E-Mail (http://billhutchison.org/subscribe-to-ywam-org-news-via-e-mail/) * Arab World Prayer Gathering * YWAM Life: Arab World Prayer Gathering Steering the Winds of Change (http://ywamlife.com/News/Archive/Arab-World-Prayer-Gathering-Steering-the-Winds-of-Change) * CharismaMag: YWAM Organizes Arab World Prayer Gathering (http://www.charismamag.com/index.php/news/30360-ywam-organizes-arab-world-prayer-gathering) * Report from YWAM in Cairo, Egypt * YWAMers eye witness account * Continental News: Eyewitness to History in Egypt (http://continentalnews.net/christian-news/eyewitness-to-history-in-egypt-journalism-graduate-reflects-on-18-days-of-revolution-that-changed-a-nation-6209.html) * Japan Earthquake and Tsunami * YWAM Life: YWAM Pacific Locations Prepare for Tsunami (http://ywamlife.com/News/Archive/YWAM-Pacific-locations-prepare-for-tsunami) * YWAM Tokyo (http://www.ywamtokyo.org/contact/index.html) * Follow more on the YWAM Facebook page * https://www.facebook.com/YouthWithAMission (https://www.facebook.com/YouthWithAMission) * Team from RescueNet is on their way to Japan to asses the situation while another team is being prepped to follow … * https://www.facebook.com/rescuenetus?sk=wall (https://www.facebook.com/rescuenetus?sk=wall) * News from YWAM Oxford about Earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand * https://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=10150145453917915 (https://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=10150145453917915) * YWAM Life: Report from YWAM in New Zealand Following the Earthquake (http://www.ywamlife.com/News/Archive/Report-from-YWAM-in-New-Zealand-following-the-Earthquake) * Organising relief efforts for Christchurch * YWAM Oxford Christchurch Earthquake Relief Effort (http://www.ywamoxford.org/christchurch-earthquake/) * YWAM Angola * YWAM AfriCom in Sudan * YWAM Africom Goes to Sudan (http://commsteamafrica.blogspot.com/2011/02/africom-goes-to-sudan.html) * Unrest has been confirmed in Southern Sudan since the independence referendum * Scores Dead in South Sudan Clashes (http://english.aljazeera.net/news/africa/2011/03/2011387303520174.html) * Partnership with YWAM Mozambique and Mercy Air * YWAM AfriCom: Communication Projects Lead to Life-Saving Partnership (http://commsteamafrica.blogspot.com/2011/02/communication-projects-lead-to-life.html) * Mercy Air Africa (http://www.mercyair.org/en/home.html) * YWAM’s work continues in Pakistan * As we spoke about in YWAM Podcast Episode 33 (http://ywampodcast.com/episode33)... * YWAM Relief (http://www.ywamrelief.org.uk/) * Persecution of Christians in Pakistan continue as Pakistan’s only Christian minister assasinated * Voice of the Martyrs: Pakistan's Sole Christian Minister Assasinated (http://vomcblog.blogspot.com/2011/03/pakistans-sole-christian-minister.html)

 Episode 37–Update from the Middle East, new YWAM Medical School and Marriage Advice | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 40:44

(http://ywampodcast.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/YP-Artwork-150x150.jpg)Bill Hutchison (http://billhutchison.org/) gives us an update from Egypt, tells us about a new YWAM Medical School, brings us stories from China, talks about a heated discussion about technology use in YWAM classrooms and finds some good advice on keeping your marriage and family strong while serving in missions ... Stories: * Prayer and News from Egypt * Interview with Leaders in Egypt - How to Pray for Egypt (http://web.me.com/cmcclurg/The_McClurg_Family/Blog/Entries/2011/2/16_How_to_Pray_for_Egypt.html) * YWAM Life - Crisis in the Arab World How to Pray (http://ywamlife.com/News/Archive/Crisis-in-the-Arab-World-How-to-Pray) * Not For Sale Backyard Academy * YWAM Las Vegas will be hosting a Not for Sale Backyard Academy from April 4 - 6 * YWAM Las Vegas Backyard Academy (http://theabolitionistdts.org/dont-have-five-months/) * What is a Backyard Abolitionist Academy? (http://nfsacademy.org/) * S/Y Next Wave will be in Augusta, Siciliy for Maintenance * 4th March until June 2011 * Marine Reach Ministries - Volunteers Needed (http://marinereachministries.com/?p=4775) * YWAM Frontier Medical School * YWAM Frontier Medical Mission School in New Zealand (http://www.mrmdts.org/ywamfrontiersmedical.html) * Update on the YWAM Worship Album * 11 songs have been selected and the album is now being produced * Worship Album Update - January 2011 (http://ywammusic.net/profiles/blogs/ywam-worship-album-update-1) * God’s Work in China * An interview with Dean Sherman * YWAM Go Manual 2011 * YWAM ICN - Go Manual 2011 (http://ywamicn.org/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage-ask.tpl&product_id=89&category_id=6&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=356) * $1.00 each + shipping * View a free version online * Grass Roots News Training * March 21 - 25 in Kona, San Diego or London * Grass Roots News International Training Seminar (http://grassrootsnews.tv/?page_id=161) * YWAM Organic Upcoming Stories * YWAM Organic (http://ywamorganic.org/) * YWAM Facebook Page Discussion About the Use of Technology on YWAM Schools * YWAM Facebook Discussion (https://www.facebook.com/YouthWithAMission/posts/500040192810) * Fire at YWAM Colorado Springs * Blown Transformer Knocks Out Power at YWAM Colorado Springs (http://www.kktv.com/home/headlines/Blown_Trasformer_Knocks_Out_Power_to_I-25_and_Garden_of_the_Gods_115486789.html) * DTS Testimonies from YWAM Orlando DTS * YWAM Orlando Discipleship Training School (http://www.ywamorlando.org/traning_discipleship_training_school.aspx) * YWAM San Fransisco serving the homeless * The Guardsman - San Francisco Bracing for Sit / Lie Ordinance (http://theguardsman.com/san-francisco-bracing-for-sitlie-ordinance/) * YWAM Hockey Camps looking for staff * YWAM Hockey Camps are Looking for Players of All Ages (http://ywamhockey.blogspot.com/2011/02/ywam-hockey-camps-are-for-players-ages.html) * Some Advice for YWAM Marriages... * YWAM Family Ministries International (http://www.ywam-fmi.org/) Music: * A Spectacle by Zach Holmes * Zach Holmes on the YWAM Music Network (http://ywammusic.net/profile/ZachHolmes) * His Love by Ruah * Ruah on the YWAM Music Network (http://ywammusic.net/profile/SJDmitrenko) Audible: * Free 14-day trial and you get one free book that you can keep forever

 Episode 36 – Haiti Appeal, Cylcone Clean-up in Australia, and YWAM Vikings | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 35:28

(http://ywampodcast.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/YP-Artwork-150x150.jpg)Bill Hutchison (http://billhutchison.org/) talks about an appeal from YWAM Haiti, brings us an update from North East Queensland, Australia after Tropical Cyclone Tasi, let us know how YWAM Vikings are making a comeback at the 2012 Olympic Games and more ... Stories: * An Appeal from YWAM Haiti * YWAM Haiti Staff in Need of a Break – You Can Help (http://ywamlife.com/News/Archive/YWAM-Haiti-Staff-in-Need-of-a-Break-%E2%80%93-You-can-Help) * YWAM Townsville Update about Cyclone Yasi * YWAM Helps Council Launch Restore Townsville Cleanup Program (http://ywamrto.org/ywam-helps-council-launch-restore-townsville-cleanup-program) * Miracles in Tamil Nadu * Miracles in Tamil Nadu (http://www.ywam.org/News-Stories/news/Miracles-in-Tamil-Nadu) * Some of the church planters have started 15 church houses in India * YWAM looks at including Vikings and Viking Ships as a part of YWAM’s Outreach to the Games * Viking Ships Could be Part of YWAM's Response to The Games (http://www.morethangold.org.uk/news/19/68/Viking-ships-could-be-part-of-YWAM-s-response-to-the-Games/d,detailtemplate.html) * Parallel Bible Opens Up Great Outreach Opportunities * Global NT - The Bible in Six Languages/ (http://ywamnews.billhutchison.org/article/global-nt-the-bible-in-six-languages/) * In Six Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic * YWAM Hockey Trip to Asia update * YWAM Hockey Blog (http://ywamhockey.blogspot.com/) * Roof Collapses on YWAM Medicine Hat's Primary Ministry Centre * YWAM Medicine Hat Ministry Centre Roof Collapse (http://ywamnews.billhutchison.org/article/ywam-medicine-hat-ministry-centre-roof-collapse/) * Updates from Egypt * Grass Roots News (http://grassrootsnews.tv/) * How to Pray for the Crisis in the Arab World (http://ywamlife.com/News/Archive/Crisis-in-the-Arab-World-How-to-Pray) * Update from Jordan * An update about how to pray for the Arab World (http://ywamlife.com/News/Archive/Crisis-in-the-Arab-World-How-to-Pray) * Good News for Sudan * So You Think You Know What's Happening in Sudan? (http://commsteamafrica.blogspot.com/2011/02/so-you-think-you-know-whats-happening.html) * Kids Raise money to build a House in Ethiopia * These Kids Bought a House! (http://thatwemightbeadopted.blogspot.com/2011/01/these-kids-bought-house.html) * Mercy Air Helps Build YWAM Training Centre * Mercy Air Assists in Building Training Center (http://www.mercyair.org/en/projects/operational-reports/206-mercy-air-assists-in-building-training-center.html) * Sex + Money Documentary Trailer * Sex and Money Film (http://www.sexandmoneyfilm.com/) * YWAM Setting up a Library in Thailand * Feeding Hungry Minds (http://www.ywam.org/News-Stories/news/Feeding-Hungry-Minds) * YWAM Belmopan, Belize * Legacy Youth Conference March 11 - 13 * Gather young people from various church across Belize for times of worship, teaching & fellowship * Legacy Ministry (http://www.ywambelmopan.com/Ministries/Legacy.aspx) * The Importance of Telling Your Story in YWAM * Tell Me Your Story (http://billhutchison.org/tell-me-your-story/) * Monsoon Communications - Adventurer’s Archive Podcast * Ministry of Wycliffe * Listen to the Podcast (http://www.monsoonhub.org/node/418) * Frontier Mission News email newsletter * Sign Up for the YWAM Frontier Mission's News Letter

 Episode 35 – Haiti Update, Amazon Reach and Flooding in Australia and Brazil | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 33:45

(http://ywampodcast.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/YP-Artwork-150x150.jpg)Bill Hutchison (http://billhutchison.org/) gives us an update on Haiti one year later, we talk about the floods in Australia and Brazil, get an update from Amazon Reach in Brazil, and we hear about an exciting way that movies are being used to help teach biblical principles ... Stories: * YWAM Haiti - One Year Later * Update on Haiti from YWAM.org (http://www.ywam.org/News-Stories/news/YWAM-in-Haiti-one-year-after) * Australian Floods * News Update from YWAM Brisbane as the Flood Rises (http://ywamlife.com/News/Archive/News-Update-from-YWAM-Brisbane-as-the-Flood-Rises) * Update on YWAM Relief Effort in Brazil * YWAM Regional Director Updates on the Situation in Brazil (http://ywamlife.com/News/Archive/YWAM-regional-director-updates-on-the-situation-in-Brazil) * Amazon Reach Video Update * Amazon Reach Web-site (http://www.amazonreach.com/) * Find Amazon Reach on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Amazon-Reach/116991268327932?ref=ts) * YWAM Africa latest Magazine * Six Lead Stories * Learning from the pioneers * Let’s evaluate what we’re doing * Disciplining the deaf * The Flame Goes Forward - Celebrating 50 Years * Building Community at the Well * Staff Profile Open publication (http://issuu.com/HeathcoteSafari/docs/djembe_december_2010_web?mode=embed&layout=http%3A%2F%2Fskin.issuu.com%2Fv%2Flight%2Flayout.xml&showFlipBtn=true) - Free publishing (http://issuu.com) - More ywam africa (http://issuu.com/search?q=ywam%20africa) * YWAM Ethiopia - The gift of a bike * Bicycle Gift Ceremony (http://thatwemightbeadopted.blogspot.com/2011/01/bicycle-gift-ceremony_21.html) * Prayer Request from North Africa * Urgent Prayer Request for Prayer from North Africa (http://ywamlife.com/News/Archive/An-Urgent-Request-for-Prayer-from-North-Africa) * YWAM Pittsburgh outreach to Liberia, West Africa * Using the film “End of the Spear” as a video to help teach the need and biblical application for forgiveness * Liberia Outreach Update - Part 3 (http://ywampittsburgh.blogspot.com/2011/01/liberia-update-part-3.html) * YWAM Thailand - Ruth Centre * Ruth Centre at YWAM Thailand (http://www.ywamthai.org/ruthcenter/) * Caring for the aging population in Thailand * YWAM Organic next month’s stories * YWAM Organic (http://www.ywamorganic.org) * Is That Really You, God? available on the Kindle * Is That Really You, God? by Loren Cunningham on the Kindle (http://ywamnews.billhutchison.org/article/is-that-really-you-god-available-on-the-kindle/) * YWAM Resonate’s Writing Workshops happening until the end of March * Writing Workshops at YWAM Resonate (http://www.ywamresonate.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=355&Itemid=140) * Check out the resources over at YWAM Life web-site * YWAM Life Resources (http://www.ywamlife.com/resource/search) * YWAM Video from 1981 embedded in the show notes * Darlene Cunningham presenting with a cast of children, adults and puppets Music * Alive by Lugemye * All proceeds from sale goes to the Homes of Hope project in Haiti * New Song “Alive” to Help Build Homes for the Homeless in Haiti (http://lugemye.com/new-song-alive-to-help-build-homes-for-the-homeless-in-haiti/) * Purchase the Song (http://lugemye.com/store-2/) * Woje - Till Hope Takes Flight * New Album Woje by Woje on iTunes

 Episode 34 – Prayer Requests, Photo Resources, Steps of Justice and a message from John Dawson | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 36:45

(http://ywampodcast.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/YP-Artwork-150x150.jpg)Bill Hutchison (http://billhutchison.org) brings you different prayer requests from around the world, an interview with Phil Cunningham about Steps of Justice, a phone report about photography resources and we talk a little bit about the latest YWAM message from John Dawson. Stories: * Pray for haiti * Massive Election fraud in the election as can be heard from this report on CBC * Haiti Election Update from CBC (http://www.cbc.ca/world/story/2010/11/28/haiti-election-candidates457.html) * 3,333 people dead from Cholera * You can find out how to help at the YWAM Haiti web-site (http://ywamhaiti.org) * Pray for Sudan Referendum * Justin Long, YWAMer in Texas is putting together recent updates on the referendum on his web-site which we will link to in the show notes * Justin Long - Live Updated Stories from the Sudan Referendum (http://www.justinlong.org/2011/01/live-updated-story-sudan-referendum-draws-near/) * Steps of Justice Ministry * www.stepsofjustice.org (http://www.stepsofjustice.org/) * Follow Steps of Justice on Twitter (http://twitter.com/stepsofjustice) * Read a great article by Phil Cunningham about why he does what he does * Youth Specialties - Why I Live by Phil Cunningham (http://www.youthspecialties.com/articles/why-i-live-phil-cunningham/) * Follow Phil Cunningham on Twitter (http://twitter.com/PhilCunningham) * YWAM New Jersey DTC * YWAM New Jersey (http://www.ywamnj.org/) * Discipleship Training Course in English and Korean * 6-month part-time abridged DTS for working professionals * PhotoMission (please note that PhotoMission has since been closed) * Stock Photos for Christian Ministries and Missions * PhotoMission web-site * YWAM Photographers can sign up with their best photos to sell them on the site * Message from John Dawson * YWAM Life - A Message from John Dawson (http://ywamlife.com/News/Archive/A-message-from-John-Dawson) * About the transition from T3+ to an eldership model which includes Loren and Darlene Cunningham, John Dawson, Ian Muer, Lynn Green and Tom Hallace * Update on Tom Hallace * Suffered a mild heart attack and spent Christmas in the USA because he wasn’t well enough to travel * Is now back in Australia * Field Based School of Biblical Studies * e-learning for the SBS * YWAM eLearn Web-Site (http://home.ywamelearning.com/) * YWAM India Prayer Request * Prayer Request from YWAM in India (http://ywamnews.billhutchison.org/article/prayer-request-from-ywam-in-india/) * YWAM Madison University focus DTS sneak peak * YWAM MAdison - Sneak Peek into the University DTS (http://www.ywammadison.org/2010/12/university-dts-sneak-peek/) * February 4-6 * YWAM Hong Kong Christmas Outreach * http://www.ywamhongkong.org/cor (http://www.ywamhongkong.org/cor) * 3600 people heard a clear presentation of the Gospel * 85 people decided to give their lives to Jesus * 20 people made re-commitments to follow Jesus * and 4 people were miraculously healed from sickness or injury by Jesus! * YWAM Hockey trip to East Asia * January 9 - 27 to reconnect with teams they’ve work with in the past * YWAM Hockey News about Trip to East Asia (http://ywamhockey.blogspot.com/2011/01/ywam-hockey-news-flash-happy-new-years.html) * Update from YWAM Organic * http://ywamorganic.org/ (http://ywamorganic.org/) * Married Couples working together in YWAM * On Working Together by Miranda Heathcote (http://heathcotesafari.blogspot.com/2010/12/on-working-together.html) * Support Raising Resources * YWAM Madison Fundraising (http://www.ywammadison.org/dts/fundraising/) * Next week we will talk to you about some interesting uses of technology around the world and some thoughts on how we can us them in YWAM Music

 Episode 033 – YWAM GLT Meetings, Flooding in Colombia, Water Filter Distribution in Pakistan and more… | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 35:36

YWAM Podcast episode 33 – We bring you reports from the YWAM Global Leadership Team Meetings, talk about recent flooding in Colombia, look at Water Filter Distribution in Pakistan, link to a YWAM Thailand Regional Gathering, See how YWAM Ethiopia plans to build a school and we hear how to be a trader... Stories: * Reports from the GLT * Read all the reports in English, French, Portuguese and Korean at ywamlife.com (http://ywamlife.com) * Change in structure from the current President, International Director and International Chairman, to an eldership structure. The eldership team will include the existing president John Dawson, the International Director Ian Muir and the International Chairman Lynn Green. Future members will be appointed and then confirmed by the GLT. * Proposed 18th Value to Value Communication * New University of the Nations President * YWAM GENESIS Web-Site: New UofN President (http://www.go-genesis.com/headline/new-uofn-president) * Markus Steffen replaces Loren Cunningham as the president of the University of the Nations * Benny Prasad Kandukuri has now visited every nation on earth in 6-years and 6-months... * Flooding in Colombia * Hundreds dead and thousands left homeless without food, water or shelter * Read how YWAM Colombia is responding and find out how you can help (http://ywamnews.billhutchison.org/article/ywam-colombia-responds-to-massive-flooding/) * Be a trader * This video has been floating around, and I think it’s a real challenge to all of us with what we do, and with where we place our value. * Find out more about this campaign at www.rightnow.org (http://rightnow.org) * YWAM Pakistan Update * Desire to distribute 100,000 water filters * One water filter filters about 200 gallons a day and gives clean water for 10 people for 10 years and only costs $35.00. * Pure Hope Pakistan (http://purehopepakistan.com/) * YWAM Pittsburgh update from Liberia * YWAM Pittsburgh Update from Liberia - Part 2 (http://ywampittsburgh.blogspot.com/2010/12/liberia-update-part-2.html) * Liberia Team Update: 1760 salvations and 88 healings so far * YWAM Featured in ChristianityToday * Christianity Today - Youth With A Passion (http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/article_print.html?id=90317) * YWAM Northern Thailand Regional Staff Conference * 130 YWAMers from Northern Thailand * Theme of “Strength in Weakness” * YWAM Thailand - Strength in Weakness (http://www.ywamthai.org/news/articles/3079-strength-in-weakness.html) * YWAM Ethiopia Building a School * Looking at building a school for 250 students * Let's Build a School (http://thatwemightbeadopted.blogspot.com/2010/12/lets-build-school.html) * Flying car developed with a missions application in mind * Youth With A Mission Native Ministries - Maverick Flying Car (http://ywamfirstnations.org/maverick-flying-car/) * YWAM and Samaritan’s Purse are looking for medical volunteers. * YWAM on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/YouthWithAMission) * Medical Outreach Opportunities in Haiti with YWAM (http://www.ywamhaiti.org/ministries/medical-outreach/) * Not for Sale Campaign - Peru * A team from YWAM Germany for the Marriage of the Arts Outreach * Veronica’s House and a Vocational Centre * Safe house where people are safe and have somewhere to sleep and food to eat. It’s a place for people to learn skills to earn an income * Peru - Not for Sale: End Human Tafficking and Slavery (http://www.notforsalecampaign.org/projects/peru/)

 Episode 032 – YWAM Haiti, New Building for YWAM Winnipeg and more… | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 28:27

YWAM Podcast episode 32 - Bill Hutchison brings us an update on Haiti, tells us about some some upcoming schools, seminars and unique Discipleship Training Schools and YWAM Winnipeg picks up a new building for their new monastic community. Stories: * Update from Haiti * We have an update from Kristian Snow about the Homes of Hope project, an evangelistic event in Port-au-Prince and the slow rate of rebuilding in Haiti. * Still no results from the presidential election, please continue to pray. * YWAM Haiti is very keen for people to join with them helping the people of Haiti. They are looking for teams of people to come and help, and for individuals to come and join them. You can find out how at www.ywamhaiti.org (http://www.ywamhaiti.org) * YWAM Europe focused prayer for Ireland * YWAM Western Europe - Come Pray With Us (http://www.ywam.eu/news/come-and-pray-with-us/) * Desire to see new teams come and serve in Ireland * YWAM Knowledge Base Meet-up * First a bit about what the YWAM Knowledge Base is (audio) * YWAMKnowledgeBase:Sprint Brussels 2010 (http://www.ywamkb.net/kb/index.php/YWAMKnowledgeBase:Sprint_Brussels_2010) * December 6-7 in Brussels * If you can’t make it then connect via Skype * GENESIS Seminar * YWAM Ensenada, Mexio * February 7 - 18 2011 * GENESIS Seminar Schedule (http://www.go-genesis.com/schools/seminar-schedule) * YWAM 50th on GENESIS from Kona * November 30 - December 3 * We will hopefully be bringing you an interview from one of the participants in an upcoming episode of the YWAM Podcast. Unfortunately we were unable to hook one up before this recording. * If you were at the YWAM 50 celebrations please feel free to call our voicemail line at (403)879-4506 and leave us a message of your experience. * You can watch much of the celebrations at www.uofnkona.edu (http://www.uofnkona.edu) * YWAM Winnipeg Gets Donated a New Building * Winnipeg Free Press - Boarded Up Apartment Building to House Monastic Community (http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/life/faith/boarded-up-apartment-building-to-house-monastic-community-110900884.html) * Jamie Arpin-Ricci, pastor of Little Flowers Community and a leader with Winnipeg's Youth With a Mission team * Will be recording an interview with Jamie in the new year * One Story Workshop * One Story Workshop at YWAM Resonate - Woodcrest Campus (http://www.ywamresonate.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=352&Itemid=13) * January 11 - 19, 2011 * School of Writing * What is the YWAM School of Writing? (http://www.ywammadison.org/2010/11/writing-school/) * YWAM Resonate in Lindale, Texas * January 5 - March 31 * also offering workshops during the course if you can’t attend the full school * YWAM One Voice Kings Kids Team from Korea visits Alaska * Connecting Cultures in Christ: Team 5 - YWAM Korea Kings Kids Team (http://connectingculturesinc.blogspot.com/2010/08/team-5-ywam-korea-kings-kids-team.html) * News-Minor: Southeast Alaska Center advocates mission work (http://www.newsminer.com/view/full_story/9919212/article-Southeast-Alaska-center-advocates-mission-work?) * Biography of a YWAMer * ywam.org - Biography of a YWAMer (http://www.ywam.org/News-Stories/news/Biography-of-a-YWAMer) * The Battle Against Human Slavery * ywam.org - Facing Reality and Rising to Action (http://ywam.org/News-Stories/news/Facing-Reality-and-Rising-to-Action) * Go Green DTS in Costa Rica * A YWAM Discipleship Training School with a focus on environmental stewardship * YWAM Heredia, Costa Rica Discipleship Training Schools (http://www.ywamheredia.com/pages/Schools) * Rugby DTS in Oakridge New Zealand * YWAM Oakridge - Rugby DTS (http://www.ywam-oakridge.org.nz/schools/rugby-dts) Music: * Woje - Wrap Around * Link in the show notes to their Facebook Fan page

 Episode 031 – Haiti Cholera and Hurricane Update, New YWAM Resource Site, Australian Schoolies Outreach | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 30:59

Bill Hutchison (http://billhutchison.org) gives us an update on Haiti, tells us about a new YWAM Resource Web-site, a new ministry centre is dedicated in Orlando Florida, Schoolies Outreach is happening right now in Australia, we talk about an article ...


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