Episode 34 – Prayer Requests, Photo Resources, Steps of Justice and a message from John Dawson

YWAM Podcast show

Summary: (http://ywampodcast.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/YP-Artwork-150x150.jpg)Bill Hutchison (http://billhutchison.org) brings you different prayer requests from around the world, an interview with Phil Cunningham about Steps of Justice, a phone report about photography resources and we talk a little bit about the latest YWAM message from John Dawson. Stories: * Pray for haiti * Massive Election fraud in the election as can be heard from this report on CBC * Haiti Election Update from CBC (http://www.cbc.ca/world/story/2010/11/28/haiti-election-candidates457.html) * 3,333 people dead from Cholera * You can find out how to help at the YWAM Haiti web-site (http://ywamhaiti.org) * Pray for Sudan Referendum * Justin Long, YWAMer in Texas is putting together recent updates on the referendum on his web-site which we will link to in the show notes * Justin Long - Live Updated Stories from the Sudan Referendum (http://www.justinlong.org/2011/01/live-updated-story-sudan-referendum-draws-near/) * Steps of Justice Ministry * www.stepsofjustice.org (http://www.stepsofjustice.org/) * Follow Steps of Justice on Twitter (http://twitter.com/stepsofjustice) * Read a great article by Phil Cunningham about why he does what he does * Youth Specialties - Why I Live by Phil Cunningham (http://www.youthspecialties.com/articles/why-i-live-phil-cunningham/) * Follow Phil Cunningham on Twitter (http://twitter.com/PhilCunningham) * YWAM New Jersey DTC * YWAM New Jersey (http://www.ywamnj.org/) * Discipleship Training Course in English and Korean * 6-month part-time abridged DTS for working professionals * PhotoMission (please note that PhotoMission has since been closed) * Stock Photos for Christian Ministries and Missions * PhotoMission web-site * YWAM Photographers can sign up with their best photos to sell them on the site * Message from John Dawson * YWAM Life - A Message from John Dawson (http://ywamlife.com/News/Archive/A-message-from-John-Dawson) * About the transition from T3+ to an eldership model which includes Loren and Darlene Cunningham, John Dawson, Ian Muer, Lynn Green and Tom Hallace * Update on Tom Hallace * Suffered a mild heart attack and spent Christmas in the USA because he wasn’t well enough to travel * Is now back in Australia * Field Based School of Biblical Studies * e-learning for the SBS * YWAM eLearn Web-Site (http://home.ywamelearning.com/) * YWAM India Prayer Request * Prayer Request from YWAM in India (http://ywamnews.billhutchison.org/article/prayer-request-from-ywam-in-india/) * YWAM Madison University focus DTS sneak peak * YWAM MAdison - Sneak Peek into the University DTS (http://www.ywammadison.org/2010/12/university-dts-sneak-peek/) * February 4-6 * YWAM Hong Kong Christmas Outreach * http://www.ywamhongkong.org/cor (http://www.ywamhongkong.org/cor) * 3600 people heard a clear presentation of the Gospel * 85 people decided to give their lives to Jesus * 20 people made re-commitments to follow Jesus * and 4 people were miraculously healed from sickness or injury by Jesus! * YWAM Hockey trip to East Asia * January 9 - 27 to reconnect with teams they’ve work with in the past * YWAM Hockey News about Trip to East Asia (http://ywamhockey.blogspot.com/2011/01/ywam-hockey-news-flash-happy-new-years.html) * Update from YWAM Organic * http://ywamorganic.org/ (http://ywamorganic.org/) * Married Couples working together in YWAM * On Working Together by Miranda Heathcote (http://heathcotesafari.blogspot.com/2010/12/on-working-together.html) * Support Raising Resources * YWAM Madison Fundraising (http://www.ywammadison.org/dts/fundraising/) * Next week we will talk to you about some interesting uses of technology around the world and some thoughts on how we can us them in YWAM Music