Somalia Famine Relief Work, Norway Shootings, Follow Up in Haiti and Sports in YWAM

YWAM Podcast show

Summary: YWAM responds to the tragedy in Norway and the famine in Somalia, we follow up on what’s happening in Haiti, we see how an engineer in YWAM might change how our teams go into the missions field and talk a bit about sports in YWAM. Stories: * YWAM Acts in Somalia Food Crisis * YWAM Acts in Somalia Food Crisis ( * YWAM Haiti Update * YWAM Haiti ( * Relevant Magazine - Haiti: 18-months Later ( * YWAM Organic - July Stories * YWAM Organic ( * Building a Semi-Truck for YWAM Ministry * Vision 10810 - Building a Semi-Truck for Ministry ( * Lord Bates - The Olympic Truce * The Art of Peace - Making the Olympic Truce a Reality in 2012 ( * Papua New Guinea Cholera Outbreak * YWAM Ship Ministry to Papual New Guinea ( * Sports in YWAM * International YWAMer Focus on Sports Ministry * International YWAMer ( * YWAM College of the Arts and Sports ( * Personal Finance and Financial Stewardship Training in YWAM * Teaching Personal Finance and Financial Stewardship in Missions ( * Prayer for Norway * Statement from YWAM Norway about the Oslo Bombing and Utoeya Shootings/ ( Music: * Woje - The Other Way * Woje Music ( * Download a Free Single from Woje's New Album ( Free Audio Books: * Christian Audio Free Downloads (