Mexico City Outreach, New Ship Ministry, Summer Outreaches and an Interview with Cliff Ravenscraft

YWAM Podcast show

Summary: How to stop your ministry web-site being high jacked, Mega Cities outreach to Mexico City, a new YWAM ship ministry, and what opportunities does summer bring for your ministry? Stories: * Debt and Missions – A Toxic Mix ( * Do you advertise on your personal or ministry blog / web-site? * YWAM IT - Do Not Run Advertisements on your Ministry Web-Site ( * Discussions on YWAM IT ( * Having advertising on your web-site ( * YWAM Base Network set-up ( * Online and Network Security ( * Mega Cities * YWAM - Megacities – One Year. One City. One Message ( * Reminder about the opportunity to join in with the 2012 Megacities and Olympic Outreach in London * Forever 2012 YWAM Olympic Outreach ( * Mission Adventures have started up with summer having started in America * Mission Adventures - Changing Lives One Meal at a Time ( * YWAM Orlando (, Florida is hosting their first summer team * YWAM Ships - Orange County * New ship ministry being birthed on the West Coast of the USA in Orange County, California * Headed up by Brett Curtis * ( * Building a “virtual” staff * YWAM Orange County - Are You a YWAM Alumni with Skills and a Little Time? ( * YWAM Harpenden Ministering to the Mind Body Spirit Festival * YWAM Harpenden Team Ministers at Mind, Body, Spirit Festival ( * YWAM Harpenden celebrates 25-years * The YWAM Harpenden base was purchased in 1993 after donations from YWAM bases all over the world contributed to an essential payment and secured the campus. * Harpenden Youth Charity Marks 25-years ( * YWAM Biblical Core Course at YWAM Lausanne goes to various locations mentioned in the Bible during their BCC on Location * YWAM Lausuanne - Bible Core Course (BCC) on Location ( * YWAM DNA Infusion Training in Dunham, Quebec, Canada * August 7 - 20 * With guest speakers David Hamilton, Dawn Gauslin and Loren Cunningham * DNA Infusion at YWAM Dunham ( * Tell Us Your Story ( - Why we need to tell others about what God is doing in our lives. * Interview with Cliff Ravenscraft, the Podcast Answer Man * About Cliff Ravenscraft ( * Podcasting 101 - How Podcasting Works ( * Shows ( * Family From the Heart ( * Cliff is currently offering a 25% discount on all his video training products at ( Use Discount Code "summersale"