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Summary: Jillian Michaels, America's Health and Wellness guru, brings you the Jillian Michaels Show. An entertaining, inspirational, informative show that gives you tools to find health and happiness in all areas of your life.

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 Self Help that Harms & Sugar | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 46:24

There's taking good advice or there's getting caught in a cult-like movement. Sugar gets a bad rap! It's not the sugar that kills us, it's how much we're eating.

 Wasting Food & Myrtle Potter Fitness | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 54:12

Between "field & fork" half the world's harvest goes bad. How can we help? A way to start is with your shopping list. And "Your Trusted Voice in Health Care" Myrtle Potter returns to the studio with Jillian. Always amazing info from Myrtle. This time it's about staying safe with your medications. The Jillian takes call on fitness, nutrition, inspiration and overall wellness.

 Fitness & All About Milk | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 49:02

Jillian has a list of fun new doo dahs that can help turn things around. Next...Believe this...there is a whole lot to know about milk. These are alternatives, some good and some not so good. Then Jillian gets to your calls on diet, fitness, nutrition, inspiration and overall wellness.

 USO Fitness Tour & Dr. V and Our Bones | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 51:13

Completely inspired to do something more, Jillian has come up with a very cool project that will help the troops not only overseas, but when they come back home. Dr. Katja Van Herle (Board Certified UCLA Endocrinologist) joins Jillian to talk about osteoporosis. What an eye opener this segment is. Dr. V is very clear on what we have to do to stave off this incredibly debilitating bone crusher. You guys too! Then it's call time where Jillian answers questions on fitness, diet, nutrition and inspiration.

 Loving Your Home & All About Fear | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 48:16

Especially if you turn it into a restorative sanctuary. And it doesn't take much to make it that way. Then Jillian tackles fear. What a huge source of motivation it can be, however, it all depends on your attitude around it. Just enough time for some calls on fitness, nutrition, inspiration and overall wellness.

 Stop Snacking Tricks & Arthritis is Hitting us Younger | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 46:49

Jillian let's it out on how she gave into her cravings, but fought back with a few tricks before she got completely out of control. Arthritis is creeping into our lives. Especially women. Jillian explains how some attention to prevention can make a huge difference. The Jillian takes caller questions on fitness, nutrition, inspiration and overall wellness.

 Recovery after workouts & Myrtle Potter | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 49:21

Jillian gives some stellar info on how to recover after that workout. Then Jillian is joined again by the inspiring Myrtle Potter, also known as the "Trusted Voice in Health Care". This week it's the "5 Prescriptions You Won't Find in your Doctor's Bag". Myrtle lays out why our medical history is so incredibly vital, and more importantly that we have the right to have it. Jillian then takes calls on fitness, nutrition, inspiration and overall wellness.

 All About Faith & Dr. V's Top 7 | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 49:38

Jillian lets us know that sometimes life gives us a natural transition. And if you believe in it, then that's faith. Then Jillian speaks with the amazing Dr. Katja Van Herle (board certified UCLA endocrinologist) about the "Top 7 Foods You Should Enjoy Everyday."

 Our perception of food & Rogue Pharmacies | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 50:16

If we're told it's healthy, we automatically think it's bad. Jillian gives us a revealing look at the psychology of how our food tastes. Next, Christine Jones, General Counsel for GoDaddy is Jillian's guests with some great info on battling rogue pharmacies plaguing the Internet. They come into our lives without us even realizing it. Cristine not only has great info , but some real solid advice on how to protect your kids from them. Then Jillian gets the chance to answer caller's questions on fitness, nutrition, inspiration and overall fitness.

 Do it Yourself Medical Scans & Fat Loss | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 55:35

Nothing....Jillian repeats nothing, is better than going to your doctor for a check up, however there are some pretty cool self check ups you can do right at home. You want fat loss, not just weight loss. Jillian talks about maximizing your body composition, and then lays out an amazing workout to do just that. Then it's time for caller questions on diet, fitness, nutrition and inspiration. Check out how Jillian helps this one Mom of five squeeze a workout into her day.

 The stigma around therapy & the skinny on supplements | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 49:15

That's what therapy is all about. But there is such a stigma around it. Jillian explains why there is something so empowering about a journey of self exploration. Next, the straight goods on supplements. Jillian tosses out all the rhetoric floating around about vitamins and minerals. Jillian then takes caller questions from listeners, nutrition, inspiration and overall wellness.

 Jillian talks salt and Dr. V talks Potty | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 55:56

Jillian is joined once again by the amazing Dr. Katja Van Herle (board certified UCLA endocrinologist). We've been talking about doing this segment for a while with Dr. V so here we have it. "Top 7 Things In Your Toilet!" And just enough time to talk to a caller about some much needed advice on how to deal with family.

 All about 'UNLIMITED' and food Doc Mark Izzo | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 51:16

Then the Doctor of Food, Post's Mark Izzo joins Jillian to talk about the changes they are making to their products, the struggles they face doing so, and the options that are out there. And Jillian gets a chance to talk to callers about their questions on fitness, nutrition, inspiration and overall wellness.

 Debunking The Plateau and Myrtle Potter | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 53:40

Is there really such a thing as a plateau? Watch out...Jillian let's the dogs out on this one. Then a very smart and very cool woman joins Jillian. Myrtle Potter the Trusted Voice in Health Care talks about the "5 Prescriptions Your Doctor Won't Give You." This is info you do not want to miss. Jillian then takes caller questions on fitness, nutrition, inspiration and overall wellness.

 Not so great workout trends & Maria Rodale | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 48:35

Jillian is not so happy with the latest trend of working out in your bare feet. Get your kicks on!! Plus the most asked question for Jillian..."Can I spot reduce?" Then joining Jillian is Maria Rodale, CEO of Rodale Inc., the world's largest publisher of advice and information on health, wellness and the environment. A very cool woman. Jillian then takes caller questions on diet, fitness, and inspiration.


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